How to Grow Hostas Indoors: 6 Tips, Tricks, and Guide

Indoor crops have the wonderful potential to transform your interior, bringing in a lively vibe. An case in point of superb evergreen plants that you can increase indoors is the hostas plant. These are unique plants with a extensive assortment of foliage that adds colour to any place.

Hostas are mainly grown in gardens exterior the house. But recently they’ve grow to be the satisfaction and pleasure for hundreds of houseplant fans. It’s fairly possible to expand hostas indoors and learn how to have a thriving plant all year spherical. The plant has certain wants you need to fulfill for it to prosper.

In this post, you can learn all you require to expand hostas indoors successfully.

Growing Hostas Indoors Successfully

Hostas are some of the loveliest plants you can increase in your backyard garden. Nonetheless, it is also attainable to develop them indoors, supplied they have all their demands satisfied. These evergreen crops have so several varieties, so it is crucial to know which you want to develop indoors.

They range in terms of color, from a deep inexperienced to a light shade of yellow leaves. It’s not uncommon to even appear throughout some unusual shades of grey and blue hostas. These leaves have a exclusive texture with veins operating from a single conclude to the other.

In a backyard, it is less complicated to develop hostas. But, that doesn’t disqualify developing them in a container. Hostas prosper in massive containers, so that has to be at the leading of your checklist when arranging to carry some indoors.

Image Credit: John Matychuk, Unsplash

Requirements for Hostas Grown as Houseplants

As a houseplant, there are certain needs that you need to meet to develop hostas efficiently.


When developing in a yard outside, hostas thrive beneath a shade. Too considerably solar publicity will burn up the leaves, major to discoloration. You have to consider this shade need when increasing hostas as houseplants.

Indoors means much less direct solar publicity, which is outstanding for hostas, specifically when winter rolls around. But this does not imply hostas will not call for light when expanding indoors.

Vegetation want mild for photosynthesis and hostas are no exception. For that reason, you can select an spot in the property where there’s sufficient indirect mild to location the plant pot. This region will ensure the hostas get all the mild they require with no getting their leaves burned by immediate sunshine publicity.

If you discover the leaves of your hostas turning brown, examine the sun exposure. Most likely that portion of the residence will get too a lot direct sunlight for numerous hrs. In this kind of a situation, it’s far better to move the Hosta to an additional component of the home.

Temperature and Humidity

Hostas aren’t picky about the conditions in your residence. They can thrive supplied they get sufficient indirect light to maintain expanding.

Even so, it’s worth noting that these are perennial plants. This signifies they will go through 6 months of dormancy every single yr. It occurs when temperatures drop beneath 42F. This is the time you have to deliver your hostas growing outdoors indoors.

In the course of the dormancy period, the leaves will tumble, which is the same thing that occurs to all perennials. When they arrive alive after far more, you can sustain standard temperature and humidity.


Hostas need lots of h2o to increase. This gets to be even more essential when you grow them in a container. It is important to preserve this plant moist, specially when temperatures are higher on hot days. Check out the soil and drinking water when you notice the best portion receiving dry.

The container need to have proper drainage holes. If there’s tons of drinking water gathering at the bottom of the container, it can direct to root rot and other problems.

The thought is to develop hostas in moist soil. This is not the same as moist soil, which can trigger much more hurt than great for the houseplant. It is attainable to stimulate winter dormancy in Hostas when the time is proper. All you need to have to do is cut back on watering or h2o evenly.


A great fertilizer will supply hostas with all the vitamins and minerals they require for suitable development. The ideal kind of fertilizer is a slow-release variety that retains feeding the indoor plant for some time. Or, you can also use a water-soluble fertilizer when watering the plant.

Hostas expanding indoors in a container require a bit much more fertilizer than those in an out of doors backyard. Frequent watering washes out most of the vitamins in the soil. Therefore, it is critical to incorporate fertilizer every single other 7 days for the duration of the growing months.


Repotting Hostas
Image Credit: Ostranitsa Stanislav, Shutterstock

Hostas do much better in large containers. Soon after some time, you have to repot them as a way to encourage and maintain expansion. It is far better to alter pots every two to three several years.

Start by taking the plant off the aged pot and take away soil from around the roots. Fetch a greater pot and insert some shredded bark at the base to shield the root. Soon after that, you can incorporate some natural soil to the pot.

Plant the hostas in the pot and top up with soil until finally you cover all the roots. Press the soil making use of your fingers, then h2o the plant just before returning it indoors. It’s achievable to use the repotting time to divide the hostas into many a lot more houseplants if it is also large for your liking.

The 6 Tips & Tricks for Growing Hostas Indoors

Hostas prosper in a garden, but that does not indicate you can’t develop them indoors. All you want are a couple of tips and tips detailed in this article to make this function.

1. Keep the Pot Away from Heating Vent

Hostas really like indirect mild publicity since it will help them make foods and thrive. But these vegetation aren’t tolerant to heat. So, it’s much better to select a place in the residence absent from the vents. As you choose a place in the house away from direct sunshine, also refrain from too significantly heat publicity, which can guide to wilting.

2. Only Water the Soil, Not the Leaves

Watering vegetation like hostas is critical for their survival. This plant thrives in moist soil. Nonetheless, you have to be mindful about how you water it. Only h2o the base part or use the submerging strategy.

Steer clear of watering the leaves and stem as this encourages condition. Submerging will assist the soil take in water from underneath, but you can also water the base.

3. Pick the Right Potting Soil

A very good potting soil is a savior for hostas since it aids the plant retain dampness. Hostas require top quality potting soil, which may well indicate dishing out some much more funds at the backyard shop.

Even so, the soil is exceptional in retaining dampness and also curbs fertilizer washing absent when you water the plant. The much more fertilizer the soil retains, the healthier the hostas you have growing in your house.

4. Avoid Incandescent Light Bulbs

Hostas require some mild exposure indoors. In the wintertime months, mild turns into restricted, and you might want to substitute organic light with some expand lights. As you do so, make sure you really don't get incandescent mild bulbs since these emit heaps of heat. As mentioned over, as well significantly heat will trigger the plant to wilt and even dry.

5. Ensure the Plant Isn’t Root-Bound

Several other plants develop their roots vertically, but the opposite is correct for hostas. Their roots expand horizontally, which is a recipe for disaster simply because of root-bound. The greatest way to avoid your plant acquiring choked by the roots is to repot it when you observe it is outgrown the pot.

Repotting enables you to unbind the soil and also prune the roots. This provides the hostas a new lease of lifestyle and a likelihood to preserve increasing as soon as the dormancy phase passes.

6. Always Ensure the Plant Goes Dormant

Outside the house, hostas will most likely go dormant on their personal when the temperatures commence to drop. Nevertheless, indoor hostas need to have a small bit of aid when it is time for dormancy. It can be very tempting to skip the dormancy period, but this can have an effect on its wellness top even to dying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the lifespan of hostas?

The situations indoors are considerably much better and let houseplants to have lengthier lifespans. For instance, Hostas, underneath appropriate care, can reside for up to 3 a long time. All you have to do is ensure you meet up with all the specifications and the reward will be a wholesome indoor plant.

What is the bloom season for hostas?

The joy of proudly owning a houseplant is viewing it bloom. Hostas do produce flowers, and this occurs from mid to late summer time. Presented the broad range of hostas, there are several hues that you can assume.

How does one propagate hostas?

Propagation makes it attainable to have loads of other houseplants from a single mother. When you want to propagate hostas, you can use cuttings. But considering that hostas generate vegetation, you can separate them and replant the babies in one more pot.

How does lack of moisture affect hostas?

If you at any time come throughout hostas with stunted growth, most most likely it is lacking enough moisture. Hostas require moist soil to hold growing following the dormancy interval. Also, you have to feed them fertilizer, specially when growing in containers.


Hostas appear in a broad range and are outstanding for your indoor plant selection. These plants prosper outside, but you have to incorporate far more TLC when increasing as houseplants. By following the requirements in this post collectively with the suggestions, you can have healthful Hosta crops for numerous several years.



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