How to Hang a Shower Curtain in 5 Steps

A shower curtain in the bathroom is an crucial product. Not only does it appear excellent, but it stops water from splashing on the floors and guards your privateness.

A new shower curtain demands to be set up adhering to a number of easy steps. In this write-up, you can discover all about the vital measures of setting up a shower curtain in your washroom. Hold looking through to find out more.

How to Hang a Shower Curtain in 5 Steps

There are a number of effortless measures that you need to just take when installing a new shower curtain in a rest room. 1st, you want a rod. There are two types of rods that you can use for the very best results: mounted rods or rigidity rods.

Under is a action-by-step method to stick to:

1.  Measure and Mark the Installation Height

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Use a measuring tape to measure the installation peak of the rod in your toilet. 1st, confirm the measurements of the curtain. Most common curtains are a best square measuring seventy four inches on every side.

Making use of these curtain measurements, establish the length among the base of the curtain and the ground area. It is very best to always go away two inches of area in between the curtain and the ground. This stops as well considerably moisture from accumulating on it. If you have a tub, make sure the curtain hangs 5 inches from its edge.

On the specific partitions, evaluate the room where the rod will be mounted. Guarantee that it is 4 inches a lot more than the curtain width and make any adjustments that you need to make. Use a marker to mark exactly where the curtain rod will be on each ends of the lavatory partitions.

2. Install a Mounted Rod

If you are using a mounted rod, you first have to established it up. This requires permanent installation on the wall of the rest room. Verify the established you have for the mounted rod that will come with the acceptable volume of screws and brackets to follow the installation suggestions.

Examine the place you marked the set up peak and drill the wall to install the first bracket. Soon after correcting the bracket on 1 aspect, you can move forward to the other facet.

Following that, resolve the rod on the mounting brackets and make certain that it is firmly set up on the wall. Confirm the energy of the mounted rod before hanging the curtain.

3. Using a Tension Rod

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If you desire a pressure rod, it has its own set up method. A tension rod will have two interlocking shafts. Start off by finding the position where the shafts fit with each other and area your hands on equally sides.

Twist the rigidity rod in a counterclockwise way to enhance its duration. Preserve growing the tension rod right up until its finishes strike the places you marked on the wall at first. Preserve adjusting the point the place both ends rest right up until you have a powerful setup.

Proceed to increase the rod until you have a steady hold. Check to see that the rod is established firmly on the wall before you start hanging the curtain. The rod have to come to feel secure on the wall, or you chance it falling down later.

4. Add Curtain Hooks to the Shower Rod

Curtain hooks must be hung before you hand the shower curtain. Most standard rods need a dozen hooks, which is how you uncover them packaged at the shop.

Standard curtain hooks open up and close very easily as you insert every single to the curtain rod. Check out to see that all the hooks slide from stop to end with ease.

5. Hang the Curtain

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Examine your curtain for the holes you’ll use to hold it up. Start to place it on the hooks and snap every hook shut as you commence. The hooks will keep the curtain up and make it easy to slide from conclude to end. If you are making use of a clear liner, you can line it up with the shower curtain ahead of you place equally on the hooks.

As you thread the shower curtain and liner on the hooks, examine for any patterns. Any visible style should confront outward exactly where the individual who walks into the lavatory can take pleasure in it. After that, inspect your work ahead of you depart the toilet.

Check to see that both the shower curtain and rod are secured nicely. Confirm that the rods are straight and the curtain moves from end to conclude with ease. If you see the rod leaning, the curtain is too large for it. If not, you’re excellent to go.

Should a Shower Curtain Touch the Floor?

Some individuals may possibly prefer the shower curtain touching the floor instead than hanging a couple of inches from it. But is this the best way to do it? Should you get a prolonged shower curtain or set up it in a way that it touches the floor?

Possessing the rest room curtain touching the floor may seem far better. Even so, aesthetics apart, this might not be the best way to put in bathroom curtains. Keep in mind, you want the set up in your rest room to be as sensible as achievable. Sadly, long curtains that contact the flooring and are hefty are not practical.

There is a larger opportunity of you tripping and slipping in the toilet when the curtain touches the ground. This is harmful in a wet bathroom, which is why leaving a number of inches from the ground works far better.

An additional problem that comes with wetness is mold and mildew. When the curtain touches the flooring, it leaves wetness all above. Since the water is warm and the lavatory is humid, this is the excellent setting for mould and mildew to develop.

These microorganisms pose a large wellness chance in your home and are far better prevented. Stop mildew and mildew from growing on your shower curtain by leaving about 2 inches amongst it and the flooring. Whilst the choice of peak is individual, think about the practicality and well being risks associated.

Is It Better for a Shower Curtain to Hang Inside or Outside the Bathtub?

Whether a shower curtain should dangle within or outside the bathtub is a individual decision. Nevertheless, always observe that when the curtain hangs out of the bathtub, you risk splashing h2o all over the place as you get a bathtub or a shower. Some h2o will stop up on the ground considering that the curtain drips on the exterior. Therefore, it may possibly be far better to keep the shower curtain within the bathtub.

Nonetheless, if you have a liner and a curtain hanging in your lavatory, issues can be distinct. Have the liner hanging in the bath and the curtain hanging out of it. The liner will preserve the humidity within whilst the curtain hangs outdoors as you like it.

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Should You Leave a Shower Curtain Open or Closed?

When getting a shower, it is better to shut the shower curtain. Its major purpose is to ensure drinking water will not splash all above the space. When you’re completed, you have to open the curtain and stage out of the bath. As you do so, keep in mind to close the curtain when far more.

At this time, the shower curtain is dripping damp. If you depart it open up, you risk mildew and mold forming on it. As a result, health-clever, it’s much better to depart the shower curtain shut when leaving the toilet. Plus, it appears much more aesthetically pleasing because the style is on entire screen.

Do Shower Curtains and Liners Hang From the Same Hooks?

In a toilet, you can dangle equally the shower curtain and liner from the exact same hooks. This is since you’re only location up 1 rod in the bathroom. So, both the curtain and liner cling on it making use of the very same hooks.

Some people do set up two rods for aesthetic needs, but it is all about private choices when developing your lavatory.


Installing a shower curtain demands only a small little bit of time and the items you want to use. Select no matter whether you want to install a mounted rod or a tension rod just before you begin. Constantly verify the measurements of the curtain and go away it 2 inches off the flooring.

It is far better for shower curtains not to touch the ground. Also, determine if you want to use a liner or not. A liner is much better if you want the shower curtain to cling outside the bath. When you use the lavatory, ensure you go away the shower curtain and liner shut to permit them to dry. This helps prevent mould and mildew progress.


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