How To Hang Plants From the Ceiling: 6 Tips and Tricks

Home plants have become a popular trend in residence décor, and not only do they offer a present day and calming aesthetic, but they can also support give your well being a improve by purifying the air. Even though the greenery occupying every single corner and shelf can appear like a beautiful indoor forest, it can just take up as well much place.

Hanging plants from your ceiling is a fantastic way to conserve space even though merging character into your property, generating a inexperienced haven. There are a handful of alternatives to hold your crops in a protected way that’s suitable to your dwelling conditions. You might be leasing a house, and drilling holes into the ceiling could not be an choice.

We have place collectively a number of tips and tricks for you, but arranging ahead of you begin can aid make certain that your plant is protected and gets the appropriate volume of light to prosper

Before you start:

Pick Your Plant

Pick a plant that will prosper in your certain atmosphere, if possible minimal maintenance, to stay away from achieving up or getting down your crops often. A draping or hanging plant is also a wonderful choice, as they appear beautiful cascading down like a environmentally friendly waterfall. Select a pet-friendly plant considering that some typical indoor plants are poisonous to dogs and cats.

Here are some ideas for plants that thrive in hanging baskets:
  • String of Pearls: These succulents grow over the edge of the pot like cascading beads and look great from high ceilings.
  • Pathos: The pathos is a popular indoor plant, and when it is well watered and cared for, its leaves grow into long, creeping vines that are very effective for hanging.
  • Spider plants: Spider plants are great indoor plants and are perfect for hanging pots, especially macrame hangers.
  • Air Plants: Air plants are small plants that draw moisture from the air. They’re ideal for hanging because they don’t require soil and can be misted with a spray bottle for watering.

Choose the Best Pot

Light-weight plastic pots are an outstanding selection for hanging vegetation, as long as they are pots that can drain as well. Rope plant hangers occur in various types and lengths, and crops look fantastic hanging from them. Think about your aesthetic as effectively as how reduced you want the plant to dangle from the ceiling.

Find the Right Location

Decide in which in your residence you would like your plant to cling. Preserve in brain how a lot gentle your plant demands and how much light-weight hits the location that you pick. Some crops prosper in lower light problems, while some need a reasonable sum of gentle and will do effectively hanging in front of a south-going through window.

When you have decided on your crops and the hanger that will showcase them, all that’s still left is to get your supplies and hold them up!

hanging plants on ceiling
Image Credit: after_moon, Shutterstock

Below are some suggestions and tips to contemplate just before you begin drilling:

1. Choose the Right Hook

Selecting the correct hook will depend on the size and excess weight of your plant and the sort of ceiling you are hanging your plant from. A hook screw is the most typical indoor hanging planter choice. One particular finish has a hook for hanging products, whilst the other has a screw installed into the stud or ceiling joists for a safe hold. A toggle bolt is an additional exceptional selection. On one particular finish of a toggle bolt is a spring-loaded anchor, and on the other is a bolt. The anchor expands driving the ceiling to offer a company grip. They perform very best on drywall or exactly where a stud installation is not feasible.

2. Install Your Hook According to Your Ceiling Material

Putting in a plant hook right into a stud or joist provides a organization grip. Drill your pilot gap a bit further than the threaded shaft’s size, insert the screw into the hole and tighten it until the hook’s base is flush with the ceiling. For drywall, because there is no beam or stud to drill into, a toggle bolt is greatest. Discover a hollow location in the ceiling and drill a hole the dimensions of the prime of the toggle bolt when it is closed. Insert the bolt by way of the gap by pinching the wings and tighten it until finally it is flush with the ceiling.

3. Use an Exposed Beam or Pipe and An S Hook to Avoid Drilling

An S-hook is a straightforward way to hold vegetation if you have uncovered beams or pipes and do not want to drill holes. Loop the S-hook close to the pipe and dangle the planter from the other stop. The hooks are easily movable, supplying you much more imaginative flexibility with your hanging planter.

hanging plant
Image Credit: Printeboek, Pixabay

4. Use a Tension Rod or Curtain Rod to Avoid Drilling

If your home has a skylight or gaps with openings and you want to avoid drilling, you can use a curtain or tension rod to bridge the gap. The spring-operated rod will come with an inside spring, which you compress to set up it. The spring is then held in place by inserting the rod above the opening. Rubber caps at the finishes defend the complete and can assistance the weight of a number of crops.

5. Use Magnetic Hooks for Exposed Metal Beams

If your condominium has uncovered steel beams, a magnetic hook is a great way to hold your plant from the ceiling considering that it can hold the fat of your plant, and you can stay away from drilling holes.

6. Use Adhesive Hooks or Suction Cup Hooks

If you intend to hold the plants from the ceiling, prepare the hooks vertically. All you need to have to do is cleanse the floor of dust and dust. These hooks are perfect for light-weight plants and are a wonderful alternative to drilling holes in the ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Hanging a plant from the ceiling can make your space really feel warm and inviting with out cluttering the corners or shelf space, but it also does not always suggest you want to drill a hole. Devote time locating a ceiling joist for ideal strength and locating a location with an adequate volume of sunshine for the plant you chose. Regardless of whether you want to make a floating backyard with numerous hanging crops or a single cascading piece that steals the interest of the room, you can be assured that your hanging planters are safely and properly installed.



Highlighted Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay