How to Install a Door Knob in 7 Steps (with Pictures)

One of the easiest and most effective methods to change the physical appearance of a area is by swapping out the doorway knob. Of course, it is not constantly about appearance occasionally, you just want to insert or get rid of a lock to a area or get other advanced attributes.

Possibly way, you are going to need to have to know how to get rid of the old doorway knob and how to get the new a single in location. The great information is that it is not a difficult task, and with a complete guide like this, we’re self-confident that you can get it completed.

So, just maintain reading through, as we wander you through almost everything that you need to know. We’ll help you get that new door knob set up in no time.

Tools You’ll Need

The last thing that you want to do is get midway through a occupation only to comprehend that you really do not have what you need. Right here are all the instruments you want, so you will not have to make final-minute outings to the components store:

*Not often required

How to Install a Door Knob in 7 Steps (with Pictures)
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Preparing Your Workspace

Whilst replacing a doorway knob isn’t the most sophisticated job in the planet, there are several tiny components involved.

You will also need room to function on equally sides of the door, so it’s very best to do a bit of prep function and make certain that you have a clean operating region. Commence by clearing a space close to equally sides of the doorway. You need to be capable to open up and shut the door without having hitting everything.

Next, we advocate utilizing a tiny worktable or at the very least environment aside a clean cloth to set the hardware on. This helps keep issues from rolling absent whilst you’re operating, and it’ll preserve you a ton of aggravation when you are looking for some thing particular.

When you have these two issues fulfilled and all the tools you require, you’re all set to start changing the door knob!

Replacing Your Door Knob (7 Steps)

This is a basic procedure, so just stick to each and every stage, and you are going to have your new doorway knob put in in no time.

1. Remove the Old Door Knob, Latch, and Strike Plate

The specific steps to remove your outdated door knob will differ based on its type, but the procedure is similar for most varieties. Examine the outer areas of the two knobs for screws. If you can see screws, remove them if you can’t, there’s a cover plate that you will require to carefully pry off before eliminating the screws. To take away the latch and strike plate, you are going to need to have to open up the doorway and just take out the two to 4 screws holding it in spot. After you have all the screws out, you need to be ready to start pulling out components.

Gently pull on each knobs even though rocking them back and forth, and you must be able to get them to independent. As soon as the knobs are out, you can pull the latch and strike plate out from the aspect of the doorway.

How to Install a Door Knob in 7 Steps (with Pictures)
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2. Set Up Your New Latch/Latch Plate

Now that you have the outdated doorway knob and components out, it is time to get the alternative completely ready. New door knobs should arrive with all new hardware, but if not, you can reuse hardware if it’s the same type of door knob.

To established up the new latch and plate, basically slide the latch by way of the latch plate. The component that is seen from the door ought to slide by way of the finish of the latch plate.

3. Install the Latch and Latch Plate

After you established up the two items, setting up them is a relatively uncomplicated method. Thrust the again of the latch through the opening on the side of the door. The latch should have a rounded or angled element that demands to drive against the doorway when you are opening and closing it.

If it’s backward, basically flip the latch or reinstall the latch in the latch plate so it pushes from the door frame accurately.

Do your very best to line up the holes for the screws with the current holes, but really do not tension out also much if they don’t line up. Just make sure that they’re not close jointly. Otherwise, when you go to put in the screws, the opening will be also massive and it will not maintain the latch in spot.

Just before installing the screws, make sure that the latch sits flush from the door. This stops it from hitting the body when you shut the doorway. If the latch is not sitting down flush, use a block of wood and a hammer to faucet the latch plate into spot.

Once the latch plate is flush and you can line up the holes, put in the screws. You have now completed putting in the latch and latch plate!

How to Install a Door Knob in 7 Steps (with Pictures)
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4. Install the First Door Knob

When you appear in the region in which the doorway knob goes, you should be able to see an opening on the latch the place you require to line up the mechanism on the knob. Normally, this opening is a square, but technically, it can be any shape in addition to a circle.

Line up the mechanism with the opening on the latch, and press it by way of. The knob need to rest flush towards the door. If it doesn’t, just gently rock the knob back and forth although pushing it into spot.

5. Install the Second Door Knob

When you have the latch and very first door knob in place, it’s time to set up the next knob. It’s an similar method to the 1st door knob, but you require to guarantee that the screw holes line up with every single other. Because most doorknobs have two screw holes, this normally isn’t an problem, but if there is only a single, make certain that they’re on the same side.

Once you have each door knobs in spot, thrust them with each other and set up the screws. You must be capable to thrust the screw most of the way in spot with your fingers, but to end the procedure, you will need to use your screwdriver.

Get the two screws started ahead of tightening them down entirely normally, it may twist the door knobs and make it extremely hard to put in the next screw. As soon as you have started out equally screws, tighten them down so they’re each comfortable.

How to Install a Door Knob in 7 Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Hans, Pixabay

6. Test It!

Now that the latch, latch plate, and door knobs are in area, it’s time to see if all your difficult work compensated off. The door must open up and near with the handles now, so test it out. If the door opens and closes as it must, then you did every little thing correct!

7. Secure Loose Hardware and Add Final Touches

When the screws are in spot and the doorway is functioning the way that it ought to, what else do you require to do? This step is all about the aesthetics. Occasionally when you’re eliminating or installing a new door knob, it can direct to chipping or other modest damages.

During this action, apply a bit of complete to the affected spot with a paintbrush, and permit it dry. Once it dries, inspect the location if it looks great, you are completely ready to go on to your next task!

Can You Fix a Door Knob?

Whilst you can fix specific door knobs, the method is frequently a lot more of a headache than it is worth. Door knobs are reasonably inexpensive, and the restore method can be challenging.

Possibly way, you will nevertheless want to eliminate the entire door knob assembly to attempt to determine out what’s likely on. Sometimes, you can resolve the dilemma with a can of WD-40, and other moments, broken parts dictate that you will have to substitute it.

Are All Door Knobs the Same Size?

The limited response is no. Door knobs typically range from two 3/8″ to 2 ¾” in diameter. But whilst there’s a big difference in the dimension of the doorway knob by itself, it is normally just an aesthetic distinction.

The measurement of the hole alone must remain the identical, and this allows you to improve or downgrade the measurement of your door knob without having worrying about whether it will fit in your door. Just hold in head that the regular doorway knob only suits doors that are among 1 3/8″ and one ¾” thick.

If you have a thicker or thinner doorway, you’ll need to have to make investments in distinct hardware for a substitute door knob. Normally, a normal doorway knob that you can locate at your neighborhood components store must do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Often it is the easiest adjustments that can make the most significant variations. That’s often the scenario with doorknobs, and ideally, at this level, you have a extensive comprehending of what you need to do to swap yours out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the new door knob and overhaul the search of your area these days!

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