How To Install a Door: Steps for Interior and Exterior Doors

Installing a new door can be a daunting task, but so too can the value tag for obtaining a specialist to do it. While the procedure for putting in interior and exterior doorways is concerned, they are doable by homeowners with the correct resources and the proper directions.

This post will go over how to set up pre-hung inside doors as effectively as brand name new exterior doors. Whether you are hunting to swap out an previous bed room door or want to intestine your entire entryway, these steps will go over each procedures in depth. Swapping an inside door will take ten measures while redoing an exterior entryway normally takes seventeen methods.

Below is how you can install any door in just a couple of measures.

Preparation for Interior Door Installation

This report addresses how to install a pre-hung interior door. That means the doorway will come prepped by the company for the ideal attainable benefits. It is possible to hang a non-prepped slab and construct a new frame from component components, but that method is considerably a lot more involved. This method will only cover pre-hung doorways.

In purchase to hold a pre-hung interior door, you will want to gather some supplies prior to you get started. You will want the pursuing:

  • Level
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Miter saw
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Wood shims
  • Replacement trim
  • Replacement door
  • Pry bar
  • Finish nails
  • Wood screws

You may also need to have the following optional resources:

  • New door hardware
  • Nail gun
  • Air compressor
  • Untreated 2×4
  • Untreated 2×6

Make sure you have collected all of the appropriate materials before starting. Cleanse and prep the workspace.

Installing a pre-hung inside door will get among a few and 6 hrs. The talent level necessary is intermediate. The expense will depend on what kind of doorway you are changing and whether or not you already have the suitable instruments. If you do not need to acquire any equipment and only need to get resources, the expense will be in between $two hundred and $three hundred, including the door alone.

The 10 Steps For Installing an Interior Door

1. Remove the old door

The first step to putting in a new door is to remove the previous door. 1st, pry absent the casing from both facet of the door. The casing will expose a hole in between the door jamb and the body of the property. You need to pry out of the previous door from the frame. If you run into issues, you might require to use a saw to cut by way of the old nails to totally free the door. Most interior doorways ought to arrive loose with a hammer and pry bar. As soon as the door is free, and the opening is bare, it is time to go on to phase two.

How To Install a Door: Steps for Interior and Exterior Doors
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2. Measure and prep rough opening

The resulting hole is recognized as the tough opening. It is very good to evaluate the rough opening to ensure that you bought the appropriate substitution doorway. The tough opening measurement will have an further couple of inches over the stated size of the replacement doorway. Consider diligent measurements and assess the tough opening measurement to the dimension of the alternative door. If the rough opening is smaller than the door you bought, then you have a large difficulty correct off the bat. You can always construct out a minor little bit of space, but you cannot trim down a pre-hung doorway to suit.

After you verify your measurements, go through and take away any scraps, previous shims, and nails that may nevertheless be existing and make confident the opening is smooth and totally free of debris.

3. Check floor and walls

If your outdated doorway was obtaining issues with its swing or was usually acquiring jammed, it may possibly be a difficulty with your walls or flooring. With the outdated doorway out of the way, now is a perfect time to make sure that everything is stage. Examine the partitions for symptoms of injury, look at the studs, and verify for warping or termite hurt. Warped partitions can affect a new doorway the very same as an aged door.

Likewise, use a degree and check out to make certain that the ground is stage. A slanted flooring will adjust how you install your doorway so that it swings freely. Fixing a non-amount ground is an associated method that requires an completely individual job. If you do not want to amount the floor, make a notice of the slant so you can hold your doorway to accommodate the floor.

Disregarding troubles with unlevel flooring or destroyed walls can direct to your new door struggling from the identical problems as your aged doorway.

How To Install a Door: Steps for Interior and Exterior Doors
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4. Fit door into the opening

Following, fit the pre-hung door into the opening. In buy to keep the doorway off the ground, established the doorway on shims to the peak that you want the doorway to swing at. Be certain the bottom of the doorway slab clears any carpet, flooring, or transitions that might be existing beneath the door. You can tack the door into place with modest nails to keep it from transferring for the duration of the up coming two measures.

5. Check gaps and shim

Now, check the doorway position. Shim the door beginning on the hinge aspect, creating certain that the doorway is plumb and degree. Be confident to verify the amount every time you add a shim. Insert shims to modify the door situation until finally it is in a best situation.

Shift to the prime of the doorway and then to the latch aspect of the doorway. Each facet must be entirely plumb. Make confident you have a shim above and under the strike plate as properly as 6 inches from the bottom of the door.

The shims will be sticking out from the wall soon after this step. That is how it is intended to search.

6. Secure door frame to wall

After the door is shimmed appropriately, it is time to protected the doorway in place. Nail through the door body, into the shims, and into the adjacent wall studs. The doorway will be secured via the shims, which will hold the door body and the studs together for a firm match. As you protected the door, beginning on the hinge facet, be positive that your nailing is not disturbing the harmony of the doorway. Be sure almost everything remains snug and plumb during this step.

Go about the doorway and nail by means of the frame just about everywhere that you set shims.

7. Check door swing

Now that the doorway is in area, test the swing of the door. Make certain the top is still good. Make sure the doorway swings properly. You really do not want the doorway catching on everything. You do not want the door to be slanted or loose. The door will not latch without the hardware mounted, and you are just checking to make sure that the doorway swings freely. Indicators of a issue incorporate a doorway the place the slab swings open up by itself or in a natural way falls one way or the other without having being pushed.

8. Cut the shims

Right after the doorway is hanging and swinging correctly, it is time to minimize the shims. Making use of the reciprocating saw, meticulously minimize the shims down so that they are flush with the wall. The shims need to be flush so that the trim can cover the openings without having any concerns.

9. Install trim

Now that the shims are cut and out of the way, you can install the new trim. Just take the substitution trim and measure it to dimension. You will need to cut the corners at a 45-degree angle. Reduce the two vertical legs being confident to reduce one finish at a forty five. Next, lower the horizontal best piece to measurement. Again, be positive to cut every stop at a forty five to suit with the vertical jamb legs. Do this for each sides of the doorway.

As soon as the trim is cut, location it in excess of the hole in between the doorway and the wall, ensuring that everything fits together. Soon after almost everything suits right, you can nail the trim in area with complete nails. You can nail the trim by hand but utilizing a nail gun is a lot more quickly. If you have certain types of floors, baseboards, or quarter-spherical, you may require to cut the doorway trim or baseboards with a jigsaw to suit with the new trim. Trimming the new casing to measurement is crucial to make certain that everything matches together.

How To Install a Door: Steps for Interior and Exterior Doors
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10. Install the hardware

The final action is to set up the doorway hardware. This consists of door stops and knobs. If you bought new door hardware, now is the time to go in advance and put in it. If you did not get new hardware, set the aged components on to the new doorway. Make certain that the strike traces up with the manage so that the knob spins freely and the door opens effectively. On a pre-hung door, everything must line up with no any concerns.

The doorway need to now be completely installed and purposeful. Use the manage to open the doorway and shut the doorway multiple times. If you adopted all of the steps with no running into any unforeseen troubles, it should be functioning as supposed.

Preparation for Exterior Door Installation

Setting up an exterior doorway can be an concerned procedure that needs several several hours and a whole lot of components. In buy to get the greatest final results attainable, you should get up all of the necessary materials and set aside a entire day to get the job accomplished. Leaving an exterior doorway open or unfinished can permit weather into a dried-in home, which means that the task wants to be completed in a well timed fashion to avoid concerns.

Below are the standard supplies essential to total the occupation.

  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Caulk gun
  • Level
  • Pry bar
  • Razor knife
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Replacement door
  • Replacement interior trim
  • Replacement exterior trim
  • Galvanized nails
  • Finish nails
  • 3” exterior screws
  • Wood shims
  • Expanding foam
  • Caulk
  • Metal flashing
  • Flexible flashing

Optional materials:

  • Nail gun
  • Air compressor
  • Shop-vac
  • Pressure-treated 2×6 or 2×8

The cost of the occupation is likely to heavily rely on the value of the substitute door. Some exterior doors can be located for as small as $300 or go as large as $two,500. The expense of the supplies essential should be $two hundred or significantly less.

The complexity of the work is rated as intermediate to advanced. The occupation will get the better part of a total day—up to 12 hours.

The 17 Steps For Installing an Exterior Door

1. Remove existing door

Prior to putting in a fresh exterior doorway, you will have to just take out the previous doorway. To start off, take away the authentic door from its hinges and established it aside. Use your drill to undo the screws holding the doorway in area.

2. Remove trim and jambs

Following the door is off the hinges and out of the way, it is time to consider out the jambs and the trim. Making use of your hammer and pry bar, get started getting rid of the aged jamb from the home. Take away the exterior trim in purchase to get among the jamb and the home. Next, eliminate the interior trim also making use of your pry bar. You will have to use your reciprocating observed to hack through the aged nails and screws holding the door in place. Make positive to get all of the jamb, the old sill, and all of the trim off the opening and transfer it out of the way.

How To Install a Door: Steps for Interior and Exterior Doors
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3. Measure and prep rough opening

Now, evaluate your rough opening. This will tell you what you are doing work with and guarantee that you bought the appropriate measurement doorway. Prep the opening. Get rid of any old nails, screws, wood fragments, and other debris that may possibly be left in the opening. This is a great time to vacuum up any dust that may well have unfold into your property making use of your store vac. Normally, clear and prep the region for the coming measures.

4. Prep sill and check the floor

If your door comes with a detached sill, now is the time to install it. Verify the area in which the new sill will be set up. This is a widespread spot to spot rot. Outdated doorways are susceptible to possessing rot underneath them. If the sill area is rotted out, you will have to change the outdated wood, so you have a refreshing solid foundation to set the new doorway. Also, check out the floor inside your residence under and about the door simply because it could also be suffering from h2o damage or rot. With the door out of the way, this is the best time to seem for these types of damages.

5. Flash sill and frame, install sill

The subsequent action involves flashing the opening to defend from potential water damage. Using your flexible flashing, protect the spot the place you are heading to install the sill. Go over all of the wood to avert h2o harm. Also, verify the steel flashing above the doorway to make confident it is intact. If you do not see any steel flashing, you will need to set up some to stop water from managing onto your new door.

After the foundation is solidly flashed, put in the sill by placing it and screwing it into the flooring.

6. Caulk the studs

Now, caulk the studs around the doorway. If you have a masonry property, you will coat it with a waterproofing agent made for brick. The caulk will prevent drinking water from going from exterior into the house and receiving driving the doorway and into the wall.

Steps 5 and six are crucial to safeguard the entire location from out of doors weathering and h2o.

7. Place new door in the opening

Going from best to base, place the new door into the opening. If the opening is a regular size and if you requested the right doorway, it must suit tightly into the area. Make sure the door is stage in the opening and that every little thing suits as it should just before transferring on to the following step.

8. Tack in new door

Given that exterior doors are a lot heavier than interior doorways tacking them in is essential to retaining every little thing in location. Using little tack nails, nail the doorway into area just to hold it from falling during the subsequent measures. If the door is the appropriate dimension, it must match snugly adequate only to need a couple of small tack nails to keep it in location.

9. Shim hinge side

Always commence by shimming the hinge aspect of the door. Location shims together the length and make positive that the doorway is hanging correctly. You want to make certain the whole unit stays plumb all through this process. When you have the hinge aspect properly plumb and centered properly, screw through the jambs into the studs and safe the hinge facet of the door.

10. Shim latch side

Now it is time to shim the latch aspect. Include shims till the latch side is plumb. Do not put shims inside six inches of the latch but make positive you have a shim above and underneath the latch. Shim the door changing as you go until finally the whole device is plumb and centered. Then shim the leading of the door. As soon as you are carried out, the total device need to be plumb and swinging appropriately.

11. Check the jamb

Verify the jamb. Make positive the whole doorway is nevertheless plumb following screwing the unit into the residence. If the door has moved for the duration of this process, you will need to have to go back again and change until it is correct. This stage is essential to making certain the doorway turns out effectively in the finish.

12. Insulate the door

Soon after you are content with the door’s situation, it is time to insulate the doorway. Use your spray foam spray into the hole amongst the door and the home. You want to protect the complete opening so that you can't see from exterior to within. This will insulate your home and protect it from the outside the house air. Spray the foam, permit it harden, and then sand down if necessary so the complete define is flush. The bottom sill should already be flashed and secure from our previously methods. Do not fail to remember to insulate the best of the door as properly as the sides.

How To Install a Door: Steps for Interior and Exterior Doors
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13. Install hinges

If your doorway arrived pre-hung, the hinges would presently be put in and primarily completely ready to go. It is suggested to sink one particular anchor screw for every hinge that goes via the doorway frame, the shims, and into the wall. In order to do that, even if the hinges are previously in, take away the best screw from each and every hinge and exchange it with an anchor screw lengthy sufficient to go by means of to the bordering wall. If the wall is masonry, that screw will be a tapcon.

14. Install the hardware

It is time to install the components. You can replace the components or reuse present components if it is still in good condition. Established the manage in location and screw it down limited. Make certain that the latch matches and that the mechanism moves freely and operates properly. Set up the deadbolt if you require to do that individually.

15. Cut shims

Using a reciprocating observed, lower the shims down. The shims will need to have to be flush with the encompassing doorway and wall in get to appropriately install the trim. Shims that are not reduce to be flush will adhere out and hamper the installation of the crucial trim.

16. Install trim

Trim wants to be set up on equally the inside of and outside of an exterior door. The inside trim will be standard primed door trim used for any indoor cased opening. The exterior trim can be cement board, cedar, or PVC brickmould. The exterior trim has to be climate resistant in order to avoid rot in the potential.

Reduce the interior trim employing your miter noticed to length equally horizontally throughout the leading of the doorway and vertically, generating confident that the lengths are ample to fully protect the gap between the doorway jamb and the body of the home. Minimize the tails at a 45-degree angle so that the vertical legs in shape into the horizontal leg. When everything suits, end nail the trim into spot possibly by hand or with a nail gun.

The exterior trim can be mounted in different ways. Using 1×4 or 1×6 trim will eliminate the need for forty five cuts. The entryway can be coated and constructed out in a assortment of diverse approaches, but the principle is the same. Go over the gaps and costume up the opening no matter what materials you select to use.

17. Check the door

The previous thing to do is to check out the doorway. This is a essential action for an exterior door. Make certain there are no gaps exactly where you can see daylight. Any gaps in an exterior doorway will direct to weather seeping into the home. Make certain the doorway swings freely and closes securely. Check the components to make confident that the doorway can open up, lock, and unlock with out any concerns. If every thing seems and feels excellent, the task is concluded. It is time to appreciate your new entryway.


These measures will ensure that you can effectively put in and exchange both interior and exterior doorways. This is not the least difficult residence improvement undertaking to deal with, but it is doable by common home owners. It just requires time and attention to detail. If you adhere to these measures, you are just a handful of hrs away from enjoying refreshing doorways inside and exterior.

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