How to Install Landscape Edging in 5 Simple Steps

As opposed to some landscape tasks, edging is generally a easy Do it yourself job that most house owners can deal with with no any difficulties. Whether or not you’re undertaking it for aesthetic or sensible purposes, there are many diverse landscape edging supplies and types.

Aesthetically, the edging aids outline backyard beds and can add a wonderful contact to the overall design and style. And practically speaking, edging retains almost everything contained as lengthy as you pick 1 specifically developed for that.

Before You Start: Preparing for Landscape Edging

There are a few of things to do before you start off digging up your garden for the new edging. The 1st point you require to do is strategy where it’s likely. Drawing it out on paper is a helpful part of planning. When you have figured out exactly in which the edging is likely, use some marking paint to draw it out this is helpful when you start off digging.

One more issue you’ll want to do is figure out which edging materials you are heading to use. This will figure out factors like how deep your trench needs to be. You’ll also want to contemplate if this edging is merely to appear excellent or regardless of whether you want it to preserve specified vegetation contained.

How to Install Landscape Edging in 5 Simple Steps

These measures might range marginally depending on which distinct edging material you go with, but they won’t adjust significantly.

1. Dig the Trench

Image Credit: Goumbik, Pixabay

Once you’ve laid out exactly where the edge will be, you’ll need to have to dig a little trench. Depth-sensible, you are going to want it to be all around 4–6 inches deep.

A spade shovel will do if you really do not have a particular instrument for digging the trench. Even a trowel will do the occupation, but that’ll be hard on your hand unless of course it’s a small spot that you are undertaking.

2. Place Edging into Trench

man installing bricks
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If you’re using paver bricks or one thing like that, fill the bottom of the trench with sand. The sand allows you level the bricks, so you have a great straight border all around your garden.

After the trench is prepared, put the edging into the trench in accordance to the kind of substance. If you’re making use of a plastic edge, make sure that the edging sticking up is even. And if it is bricks, level the sand and stack them up.

3. Backfill Trench

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Using the filth you dug out, backfill close to the new edging. This is what retains it in location. Bricks will not require a great deal of backfill to be reliable. But if you are utilizing a slender, plastic edging, you are going to need to maintain it in location as you backfill.

4. Tamp Freshly Filled Soil

garden brick pathway
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Your boot will be ample to tamp the freshly crammed soil. Make sure that you’re thorough with tamping simply because that will assist avoid more motion of the edging.

5. Finishing with Water

close up person using a sprinkler hose
Image Credit: Steve DiMatteo, Unsplash

As soon as you have every little thing in place and you’re satisfied with how it looks, spray down the location with a garden hose. You really don't want to soak the ground, but making use of a realistic quantity of h2o helps almost everything settle in additional and can make for a nicer end.


Do I have to use landscape edging?

bricks flower bed
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In several instances, landscape edging is purely cosmetic. Nevertheless, there are scenarios in which the edge safeguards and is made up of some elements of your backyard. It all depends on what you’re developing in the yard. For illustration, one thing that likes to spread could proceed spreading out to your lawn with no edging.

What’s the best way to dig a trench for landscape edging?

The ideal way really boils down to the most practical or easiest way. And this relies upon on how prolonged and how deep of a trench you require. If it’s a reasonably modest backyard garden mattress, a hand trowel may be the most hassle-free tool, or probably a spade. However, if it is a prolonged trench line or you want to commit in bigger resources, there are gas-powered and electrical tools made for digging landscape edging trenches.

How deep does the landscape edging have to be?

There is no true set reply for the depth of landscape edging. Normally 4–6 inches is loads. But depending on which edging content you are making use of, you could need to have to go as deep as eight or 9 inches.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! Five basic steps to landscape edging. Don't forget to strategy the edging route just before digging the trench. It’ll be a waste of time to refill it and could demand replanting some grass if this is new landscaping.



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