How to Install Metal Landscape Edging in 4 Simple Steps

Metal is getting more than the edging entire world with its supreme toughness and broad array of customization choices. You can use steel for straight traces, curves, and angles alike. Set up is a little bit challenging, but it’s no more difficult than numerous Do-it-yourself positions. Let’s examine out what you are going to want to install metallic landscape edging and how specifically to go about undertaking it.

Before You Start

The very first buy of business is to make a decision no matter whether you are likely with metal or aluminum edging. Steel is considerably more powerful nevertheless heavier, although aluminum is light and adaptable. If you want steel, you are going to have to get coated metal, or else it’ll rust in the rain. Aluminum, on the other hand, does not produce a rusty patina.

For edging that sticks up an inch or a lot more out of the floor, go with metal. Edging that sticks out as well much is more vulnerable to getting backed into by a vehicle. Aluminum edging would get wrecked, while metal would be more most likely to survive these kinds of an effect. If you are established on aluminum, we’d suggest going with the thickest range offered.

Prior to you purchase your edging, you want to evaluate the location to get an thought of how much substance you want. Curves and angles may want to be fabricated, which you can both buy or do your self. Aluminum edging is easier to operate with, even though steel is considerably more difficult to cut and bend.

To put in your edging, you are going to need to have to obtain some materials. It is greatest to get every thing with each other beforehand, so you really do not have to go hunting for products as you operate. Some of the things you’ll want include:

  • Tape measure
  • Straight-edged shovel or spade
  • Mallet
  • Edging
  • Scrap wood block

How to Install Metal Landscape Edging in 4 Simple Steps

1. Dig A Trench

digging soil
Image Credit: Goumbik, Pixabay

Metal edging is narrower than other types of edging since its spikes are vertical. This indicates you only have to dig a slender trench. If the soil is dry or challenging, you can soften it by spraying it totally with a drinking water hose.

Location your shovel’s straight edge right down into the soil, making use of your foot to action down and generate a notch. Use this approach to dig a trench together the total duration of your backyard mattress or garden. You can also use a trowel, but making use of a shovel or spade will save you from possessing to get on your fingers and knees.

To decide how deep you should dig, just take the edging’s peak and include an inch to account for its spikes. The best of the trench ought to be lower than your lawnmower blades if you’re edging a lawn. For ornamental edging that is made to protrude, go through the connected guidelines to discover out how deep to dig.

2. Fit Your Edging

fitting metal edging
Image Credit: Beekeepx, Shutterstock

Dependent on your edging, one particular facet ought to experience toward the garden or backyard garden mattress. Place your edging in the trench together the length of the area, overlapping items as necessary. If you have U-shaped sleeves that provide as overlaps, place them above the edging as needed and fit them evenly. Really don't push anything as well firmly into the trench yet because you could need to have to alter things even though you perform.

Once you have your edging laid out and overlapped, go back and make confident you’re content with how it seems and matches jointly.

3. Install the Edging

installing metal edging
Image Credit: Michael Vi, Shutterstock

Maintain a scrap wood block above the first piece of edging and lightly faucet down on it with your mallet to drive it to your wanted depth. We propose holding the middle or reverse facet that you’re hammering, or to have a helper keep it for you although you hammer the initial piece down. Once the edging is pushed down, keep on together its duration with your block and mallet.

When you reach overlaps, ensure they’re accurately placed before hammering them into place. Some edging calls for attaching the overlaps or connectors to stakes, which might or may not be supplied. Go through any guidelines that came with your edging components for far more thorough info.

4. Backfill the Trench

landscape with metal edging
Image Credit: Jen Petrie, Shutterstock

When the whole size of edging is secured to your satisfaction, use your shovel or spade to scrape the excess dust again into the trench. It’ll be a tight fit due to the fact of the edging, but you can tamp down the dust together the edging with the edge of your shovel. Spread or dispose of any further grime when you’re completed.

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Metal edging is durable, extended-lasting, and comes in a huge selection of shades and designs. Not like other Do-it-yourself employment, this one requires no specific abilities and little tools. If you want, you can end edging your garden or backyard garden in excess of the weekend!

Showcased Image Credit history: Beekeepx, Shutterstock