How to Lay Out Fence Posts — 9 Tips and Tricks

If you want to have an even and sturdy fence, you want to efficiently layout the fence posts beforehand. Even however laying out posts might appear challenging at first, it’s really fairly effortless.

With the following nine suggestions and methods, you’ll be capable to structure your fence like a pro.

How to Layout Fence Posts — 9 Tips and Tricks

1. Check for Utilities Beforehand

Prior to you get commenced, make certain you know in which the utilities are located below the floor. This is a necessary action in most locations. Not only is this step legally necessary, but it will aid to defend yourself from injury although building the fence publish.

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2. Check Property Lines

You also want to check out out any house strains. The final issue you want is to begin creating your fence only to uncover out that you are on a person else’s home. You could need to have to get your area inspected to ensure the fence falls inside of your home strains.

3. Start at a Corner

As soon as you really start mapping your fence, start at a corner. Generate a stake into the ground at this corner. Consider of this as the starting up stage for your fence. Once you have the corner down, operate outward using a string to maintain the fencing in line.

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4. Use Strings

You are probably heading to perform with landscaping string. The string will create a straight line so that the fence is completely even and in line. To do this, wrap the strings all around every stake you set down. Then, stick to the subsequent few steps in this report.

5. Mark the Fence Line

The fence line is in which the genuine fence will lay. After you put a stake in the very first corner, begin putting stakes along the fence line and wrap a string around them. This will generate the fence line for the total perimeter.

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6. Mark the Corner and End Posts

You require to put stakes particularly at the corners and conclude posts. You do not want to have concerns about where the corner should be located after you have presently started out. Carry on to wrap the string all around all of these stakes.

7. Mark the Gate Posts

If there’s going to be a gate, make confident to mark your gate posts. You will stick to the very same techniques as described above, which includes the use of stakes and string.

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8. Mark Your Line Posts

The previous point you are likely to need to have to mark is the line posts. A line put up will support you know where the fence panels are found. You will want to know the width of your panels in get to mark the line submit effectively.

9. Set Parallel Lines

The very last point you need to do is established parallel lines. The parallel line must be three ft across from the authentic line. The goal of this line is to develop a line for the two sides of the fence. Follow all the strings from the previously mentioned markings to generate your parallel strains.

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What is the proper distance between fence posts?

The proper length among the fence posts is between 8–12 ft apart. This is a standard criterion, even though. You will require to match the length to the goal of your fence and your excellent fence.

How do you set fence posts at the same height?

The string is the magic formula to retaining a fence post in line, but it is also the magic formula for placing the posts at the exact same top. If you run a string from one particular publish to the following, you will have a straight line. Use a leveler to decide if the posts are the exact same peak. Modify the posts as necessary if they’re not.


By pursuing the 9 ideas and methods over, you will be in a position to lay out a fence post like a professional. Keep in mind to go sluggish and get your time to make confident the fence post structure appears excellent. Don’t be scared to redo any of the markings and perform if you need to have to.

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