How To Measure Door Hinges? What You Need To Know!

The point about a hinge is, the design and style does not subject very much. And it doesn’t matter because hinges are barely visible as soon as put in. You’ll in no way hear any person chat about how they located particular hinges aesthetically pleasing! That would just be bizarre. But what you are going to most likely listen to them speak about is the dimensions.

Door Hinge Size

Dimension matters when it comes to hinges. You have to know what the proper measurement is due to the fact, without having that measurement, you’ll never ever be capable to install a door that features appropriately.

If you don’t think us, do the math and you’ll see how it all provides up.  The body is intended to support the weight of the doorway. But to hold all that bodyweight in place, it will need to have some thing strong ample to hook up it to the door. So in essence, the hinge is just as crucial as the frame.

By the way, the door’s weight is not the only element value taking into account. There’s also the issue of how the hinge matches into the mortise. The mortise is sometimes known as the recess, and it’s the reduce typically discovered on the frame’s jamb, and the door. Its sole goal is to get the hinge to ensure these two components (the jamb and the door) are locked collectively.

Assuming you decide to go with a bigger hinge, fitting it into the mortise will be impossible. Except if you decide to also enlarge the mortise, which seems like as well considerably work, and if it is way too tiny, it will sink it.

Anyways, now that all that’s out of the way, let’s get to business.

Tools & materials
  • Phillips & flat-head screwdrivers
  • Utility knife
  • Paint
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws
  • Pencil
  • Protective eyewear, gloves, & closed-toe shoes

Before we start detaching and measuring hinges, we 1st require to make certain that we’re properly-protected. You can obviously see that the tools and components that we’ll be employing nowadays are not lethal in any way, Even so, basic safety is never ever a assure in development. Things can nonetheless go south in a scorching minute, and leave you questioning regardless of whether there are forces out there occupied doing work towards you.

So, you know the drill. Wear your shoes/boots, include your eyes, and don’t fail to remember about the gloves. If you can discover an old pair of denims and long sleeves to defend your arms and legs, great! Do that as effectively.

How To Measure Door Hinges? What You Need To Know!
Image Credit: On SET, Shutterstock

Measuring the Door Hinge (4 Steps)

1. Unfasten the screws

We cannot genuinely evaluate a hinge while it’s nevertheless attached to a doorway. And you can't just make a decision to evaluate one particular that resembles the one attached, because appears can be deceiving. To your eyes, people measurements could look related.

That leaves us with only one particular choice, and it’s to unfasten the screws connecting the middle hinge to the door. Have you discovered we have especially questioned you to detach the middle hinge? Which is since it’s the one that will lead to the the very least affect on the door’s security. You’ll want your screwdriver for that.

If the hinge is even now caught even right after eliminating the screws, use your utility knife to score along its outer edges. We’re not certain, but we believe the paint buildup could be a reason why your hinge is nonetheless stuck in the mortise. Soon after scoring, use your flat-head screwdriver to carefully pry it out.

2. Measuring the hinge

We have to be exact with the measurements and to do that, we can not be relocating about or constantly shifting. The hinge has to be laid on a flat floor, entirely distribute out. Then just take your tape evaluate and evaluate its size together with the buying width. The buying width is the measurement you get when you distribute out the hinge, and measure equally widths as one particular.

How To Measure Door Hinges? What You Need To Know!
Image Credit: Winkul, Pixabay

3. Measure the height

The top is the exact same as the size. And no, there is no this kind of point as “ordering height.” You are going to just have to evaluate 1, or both if you would like to be thorough. Based on expertise, we believe the size will be 3–4 inches. However, if the door is larger or heavier than normal, you could be working with hinges that are 4, five, or even 6 inches extended.

4. Measure the corner radius size

The corner of your hinge will be both a square or a radius. But because the radius is the most widespread function, we’ll operate with that right now. What we want you to do is to rest the hinge’s straightedge together its prime edge. The ultimate stage is to evaluate the length in between the radius’ base to that of the straightedge.


That is how you measure a hinge. The only issue that you now have to do is set it back again the way you located it or replace it with a new 1. We’ll end it listed here, but if you have any inquiries concerning this matter, truly feel totally free to attain out. Your responses are the explanation why we do what we do!

Featured Image Credit history: Kawin Ounprasertsuk, Shutterstock