How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself: 14 Tips & Tricks

Though there are some products, like double wardrobes and couches, that you should not shift by yourself, it is possible to safely and securely and efficiently move a good deal of furniture items without having calling for support from friends or loved ones. Planning is crucial to relocating just about any piece of furniture, regardless of whether you are rearranging a solitary place or attempting to transfer chairs and other things into a removing van.

Underneath, we have highlighted 14 ideas and tips to support you transfer hefty furnishings by by yourself. But if you are in question or are having difficulties, usually err on the aspect of caution and hold out right up until you have help.

The 14 Tips To Move Heavy Furniture Yourself:


1. Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately is not only critical for protection but it can support you shift items more very easily. Stay away from garments that are as well free-fitting, or you can get chair legs and other protrusions caught in your apparel. Dress in trainers with a good grip or operate sneakers to shield your ft. Slippery sneakers will avert you from obtaining a very good grip, which can direct to mishaps and accidents. Consider wearing work gloves to assist enhance hand grip and shield your knuckles and fingers from knocks and bangs.

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2. Clear a Path

Whether or not you are shifting furniture from one space to one more or into a removal van, guarantee that you have a distinct route by means of. If you are getting to squeeze among other pieces of home furniture and there are boxes in the way, you will battle to get the household furniture through, so you are far more probably to drop products, knock walls, and lead to harm.

3. Empty Everything Out

When striving to go drawers, wardrobes, and other parts of furniture that incorporate objects, eliminate them prior to you commence. A single t-shirt might not weigh significantly, but it is stunning just how large a wardrobe full of clothes can be.

4. Take Furniture Apart

Whether or not it is a flat-packed wardrobe, modular couch, or your mattress, most pieces of furnishings can be taken apart to some extent. After you have taken off the screws and other fasteners, put them in a Ziploc bag and tape it to the household furniture it arrived from. That way, if you are pulling numerous pieces of home furniture aside you won’t be remaining with a massive pile of screws and no idea the place they arrived from.

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5. Protect Delicate Furniture

Use plastic or products like rugs and blankets to wrap all around delicate furniture. Pay out specific interest to corners and edges because these are most most likely to strike walls and other obstructions. Not only will this aid protect the household furniture, but it will stop scrapes and other injury to the walls.

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6. Use Furniture Slides

Furnishings slides go underneath large items of furniture so that you can far more simply slide them along the hard ground. They really do not generally perform on carpets or soft flooring, but if you do have a challenging flooring, you can even make your very own makeshift slides out of items of cardboard. Alternatively, commercial slides are affordable and arrive in packs.

7. Use Mat and Rug Slides

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If you have rugs and mats, you can use these to fashion your personal furniture slides. Place a large mat below a wardrobe a single corner at a time, and you may possibly be in a position to pull the wardrobe into situation without harmful the ground and without having having to attempt to elevate the whole weight of the wardrobe.

8. Get a Dolly

A two-wheeled dolly can make moving sets of drawers and some large items a lot easier. The foundation of the dolly goes beneath the item, and you tilt it again so that your arms and physique just take the bodyweight whilst the wheels of the dolly make it less complicated to move the item.

9. Use 4-Wheel Dollies

4-wheel dollies are beneficial for even heavier and bigger things that won’t suit on a two-wheel dolly, and you can use numerous to move products like wardrobes. Make certain that the item you’re shifting is secure and there is no threat of it rocking from side to side or falling from the dollies.

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10. Use a Lifting Strap

Lifting straps are commonly utilised for big things that are really large and let you to distribute the excess weight across your upper entire body and again. They can also be valuable for lifting things that are uncomfortable and do not have lips or grips to get hold of.

11. Move Chairs in an “L” Shape

When you are striving to go chairs out of or into a place, move them in an “L” shape by primarily twisting them about the corner. Stage the back of the chair into the room and, as you go into the location, transfer the again about and into the place of the space. This will permit you to get chairs by way of doorways when they won’t in shape straight in.

12. Move Couches on Their End

Relying on the duration of a sofa, it might be possible to put it on its stop and use a slide or a dolly and just drive it right into or out of a place. It does depend on the dimensions of the couch and the measurement of the doorway, but even if it doesn’t really match since it is also tall after on its stop, you could be able to tilt the couch for an less difficult in shape.

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13. Lift Objects into the Van With a Hydraulic Lift Table

A lot of relocating vans have a hydraulic tail raise and if the van you are employing has a single, use it. Alternatively, you can employ hydraulic lift tables that in essence do the very same occupation. Location the table flush to the again of the van, location the merchandise on the desk so it is secure, and then use the hydraulic controls to carry it up to the degree of the van.

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14. Use the Truck Ramp

Individuals vehicles that do not have a hydraulic elevate could have a ramp as an alternative. Even though not as easy as employing a hydraulic tail lift or desk, a long ramp has a fairly shallow incline so that you can carry or press items up and into the van. In which offered, make certain you use it.


Relocating household furniture can be a complicated activity, especially if you have to do it by yourself. Regardless of whether you’re moving a couch or a set of drawers, it may possibly be possible to move the home furniture with no obtaining to get in touch with a friend or loved ones member for support. The tips earlier mentioned should help you shift large furniture on your possess, but if you are having difficulties, the furnishings you’re moving is especially heavy, or you want to tackle stairs, you should enlist the assist of an assistant.


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