How to Neutralize Rabbit Urine on Grass in 4 Steps

Rabbits are usually considered of as sweet and cuddly critters. We really don't normally hook up lifeless grass or terrible smells with them either. Whether or not you have a pet rabbit you let engage in exterior, or there are wild rabbits in your location, there may possibly appear a time when they start to harm your garden. It is not overly difficult to get rid of the odor or neutralize their urine, but some treatment have to be taken so that you don’t injury your lawn a lot more than them.

Depending on how considerably these small critters visit your property will figure out how often you need to consider these actions. If you have a pet rabbit that you enable to perform outdoors, a modest pen to keep it contained to a particular area is valuable. Then you know exactly exactly where to clean the grass. If it is wild rabbits in your property, both do the total lawn or try and see where they are shelling out most of their time.

Before you begin, you’ll need:

Resources: Gypsum or lime, spray bottle, white vinegar, h2o hose

The 4 Steps to Neutralize Rabbit Urine on Grass in 4 Steps

1. Initial Spray of Area(s)

Following figuring out the place rabbits are urinating on your lawn, the first stage to neutralizing the rabbit urine is by spraying it down with h2o. You are going to want to make confident you are soaking each affected region completely. Even so, make certain not to oversoak the grass and cause swimming pools to kind, as this will trigger far more injury to your lawn than the rabbit urine.

How to Neutralize Rabbit Urine on Grass in 4 Steps
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2. Second Spray

Hold out roughly 4 or 5 several hours, then soak the afflicted places again. In essence, what you are carrying out is diluting and washing absent any urine so it doesn’t eliminate your grass. Following this second spray, there should not be any urine still left to trigger brown places on your lawn. Keep in mind that you might have to soak the floor considerably less than your initial spray due to the fact h2o swimming pools will probably sort faster.

3. Gypsum or Lime

Even following two washes, there will most likely be salt residue left from the urine that can nevertheless result in your grass to melt away or increase poorly in the region. You can support to counteract this or avoid it by sprinkling gypsum or lime in the influenced places. Both one of these will neutralize the urine residue.

In addition to the neutralizing effect, the gypsum or lime will also improve the top quality of the soil. So, if the spot doesn’t have grass or the grass is brown, then reseeding it will probably be far more effective. Both merchandise will be conveniently offered at most garden facilities.

How to Neutralize Rabbit Urine on Grass in 4 Steps
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4. Neutralize the Smell

Rabbit urine has a distinctive and unpleasant smell. With any luck ,, with the numerous rinses, that smell will be washed absent. However, if you also have rabbits urinating in your mulched lawn locations or sidewalks, then there is a a lot more aggressive action you can consider to neutralize the smell.

Blend equivalent elements drinking water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the mulched places and sidewalks. Hold in brain this will potentially damage your lawn, so it is only suited for non-grass places. The in addition aspect is that it neutralizes the scent much more effectively and does not call for as significantly drinking water. Also, removing the smell discourages new rabbits from utilizing the region as their rest room.

Why is it Important to Neutralize Rabbit Urine?

Rabbit urine causes brown places on the grass in the exact same way that canine urine does. This is known as grass burn. In essence, rabbit urine is quite acidic and has a large concentration of nitrogen. Because rabbits typically urinate in the very same location over and in excess of, this repeated publicity on your grass triggers grass melt away, or “bunny melt away,” as they phone it in some areas.

Homemade Rabbit Repellant

Sometimes, rabbits can turn into a nuisance and may possibly need one thing to discourage them from coming close to. There are industrial options offered, but like numerous professional items, there is not a emphasis on eco-welcoming or chemical-totally free formulation. Some of these varieties of rabbit repellants can in fact have ingredients that are also dangerous to your other 4-legged loved ones members.

There are several homemade repellant recipes. Rabbits have a keen sense of odor, so as soon as you uncover the right scents, it is easy to hold them from coming about. Also, they are recurring creatures, so as soon as you discourage a rabbit from coming about, it actually begins to cease normally.

Cayenne pepper, tabasco sauce, water, and dish soap is one particular frequent home made formula. Combine all the substances in a spray bottle, give it a shake, and allow sit for a couple of days. After it’s prepared, spray it on the plants in your yard or other regions in the garden that you are trying to hold rabbits out of.

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Evidence indicates that rabbit droppings make good fertilizer for a garden. So, there is a fine line amongst allowing wild rabbits to get pleasure from your garden and lawn and keeping them from creating “bunny burn” on the grass. If you uncover they are a lot more of a nuisance than a help, now you have a pair of effortless methods to deal with their urine and some data to help keep them away.

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