How to Paint Bathroom Tiles in 11 Easy Steps

Tiles are eye-catching and extremely tough. Numerous people will locate no genuine need to have to exchange them in their whole lifetime, as they require tiny upkeep. Nonetheless, the draw back to these kinds of longevity is that you may possibly get tired of seeking at the very same factor every single day. This is particularly correct if you weren’t the a single who installed it and it’s not some thing that you like, anyway. Painting can be a very good solution, but numerous people are not certain if there are specific actions that they need to have to take or special paint to purchase owing to the challenging surface and humid atmosphere. If this seems like your predicament, keep reading as we give you with a stage-by-phase guide to portray rest room tile.

The 11 Steps for Painting Bathroom Tiles

Materials and Tools
  • Paint
  • Abrasive cleaner
  • Primer
  • Sponge
  • Soft cloth
  • Dish detergent
  • Fan
  • Dust mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Safety gloves
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic sheet
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  • Putty knife
How to Paint Bathroom Tiles in 11 Easy Steps
Image Credit: tookapic, Pixabay

1. Clean and Prepare Your Tile

The 1st phase in portray rest room tile is to thoroughly clean up the spot to remove any filth and mild stains. We recommend utilizing a gentle fabric, dish soap, and drinking water in this preliminary phase, as the primary point is to wipe away the unfastened particles. Dish soap like Dawn will support break up oils and grease.

2. Abrasive Cleaner

When you get the preliminary cleaning out of the way, it will be time to use a stronger abrasive cleaner to eliminate any stains, mildew, and soap scum that might continue being. Generally, you wouldn’t want to use something abrasive on tile, but considering that you are about to paint it, any mild scratches that arise as a end result will assist prepare the floor. You can use your preferred brand of abrasive cleaner, but something for lifting stains will perform greatest.

3. Remove the Abrasive Cleaner

With the dirt and grime taken off, you will also need to eliminate the cleaner. Numerous brands of abrasive cleaner leave residue guiding, and it can take a lot more than one particular good rinse to get rid of it all. Also, wipe down the area with a sponge or damp cloth. Any residue can avert the paint from sticking, so it is crucial to get it all off.

How to Paint Bathroom Tiles in 11 Easy Steps
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4. Allow to Dry

With all the filth and cleaner taken off, let the tile dry entirely just before proceeding. We advise wiping it down with a dry fabric before providing it 4 to five hrs to air dry. Open the windows if you can so there is loads of ventilation, or use a supporter to move the air around.

5. Sand the Surface

In this step, you will use one hundred eighty-grit sandpaper to sand the area carefully. The goal right here is not to dig into the tile or reshape it in any way, only to eliminate the gloss on prime. Quite gentle force is all that is essential. You need to eliminate the gloss on all the tiles that you intend to paint so the paint will stick effectively. It could be tempting to use power resources, like a hand sander, to get the task accomplished quicker, but it’s also straightforward to just take off too much of the surface area, so only use these tools if you have experience and truly feel that you can take away the gloss without undertaking added hurt.


We recommend putting on security gear whilst you total this phase because the sanding will put little particles in the air that can wind up in your eyes or lungs. A facemask can help defend the lungs, and a very good pair of protection goggles will shield your eyes. It is also a good concept to use security gloves while cleansing and sanding to defend your pores and skin.

6. Clean and Dry

With the gloss taken off from the tile, do an additional round of wiping down the tile with a moist cloth to take away any dust. With the dust eradicated, enable numerous hrs for the surface area to dry in good ventilation, and the floor will be ready for painting.

How to Paint Bathroom Tiles in 11 Easy Steps
Image Credit: GregoryButler, Pixabay

7. Cover Non-paintable Surfaces

With the area prepared to paint, it is time to begin covering any surfaces that you really do not want to paint with newspaper or a plastic sheet. If you need to have to, maintain the masking in spot employing masking tape or painter’s tape, which won’t leave residue powering when you take away it. Really do not neglect to include the ground, as paint has a way of splattering.

8. Prime the Tile

You will want to paint a latex primer onto the tile. If you are not common with primer, it is merely a thick paint that sticks well to many surfaces, such as tile. It assists obscure any underlying shade while delivering a great base for your paint, which will assist it stick much better and have a more time lifespan. Paint the complete area that you intend to paint with the primer, and let it to dry right away.

9. Lightly Sand the Primer

Once the primer dries, it is a excellent notion to go above it evenly with the sandpaper once again to remove any imperfections. Many men and women skip this action, but if there are any drips, bubbles, or rough patches, the paint on best will accent them rather of conceal them. So, it’s essential to examine the surface area carefully and sand absent any blemishes before relocating on to obtain the very best achievable end.

10. Paint the Tile

Now it’s last but not least time to paint the tiles with latex paint. You can choose any coloration you like or even a number of hues. Most individuals will decide on a gloss paint or at minimum a semi-gloss in excess of the tile to hold the surface area straightforward to thoroughly clean and considerably less most likely to allow mildew or mildew to grow. Numerous makes will supply bathroom paints with additives that give enhanced moisture resistance and other bonuses. Use a paintbrush in the corners and a roller on huge flat surfaces for a nice even coat. Carefully wipe absent any surplus or drips with a damp fabric and a putty knife.


When you are portray, it’s crucial to wear safety goggles to help maintain paint out of your eyes. It is also important to make sure that there is plenty of air flow, as many of these paints give off poisonous fumes when wet. You may want to contemplate donning a safety mask, especially if you have bronchial asthma or other lung-related troubles. It’s also a excellent notion to put on protecting garments and a hat, as paint can get quite messy.

11. Let Dry

Right after you paint the surface area, you will want to enable it time to dry. The recommendations on the can of paint will give you the bare minimum hold out time, but we recommend permitting it sit as long as possible. When it’s dry, you can remove the newspaper or plastic coverings and get started to use the region yet again. Your venture is done!



Even though portray tiles requires a little bit of elbow grease to comprehensive and will likely consider far more than a day, it’s not difficult, and you really don't want expertise to do well. Interest to depth, endurance, and time invested obtaining large-high quality paint and primer are all that is needed. Removing the gloss with out urgent way too hard and reshaping the tile is the most tough part, specially in the corners and other hard-to-reach locations, but we believe that you will be far more than content with the consequence if you adhere to these methods carefully.

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