How to Paint Car Rims in 5 Easy Steps

The wheels can make or break your automobile. On the a single hand, a great set of wheels can change a junker into a respectable journey. On the other hand, broken and rusted wheels can lead to an or else cleanse auto search like a mess.

So that your motor vehicle seems its ideal, it is a good notion to discover how to paint auto rims. Portray the rims can assist to remodel your motor vehicle and preserve it searching modern, cleanse, and appealing.

Beneath, you will discover how prep the auto rims and how to paint them in five steps. This post walks you by way of every thing you want and what you require to do to get a professional end.

What You’ll Need

Just like any other project, you are going to need to obtain some materials before painting the rims. If you do not have the correct supplies, the task might be not possible, or it could occur out significantly less than eye-catching. Here is what you will need to have to productively paint your auto rims:

  • Wheel cleaner
  • Wire brush
  • Extra-fine and super-fine grit sandpaper
  • Steel wool
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Painter’s tape
  • Plastic or newspaper for covering tire
  • Drop cloth
  • Clean rags
  • Paint respirator mask
  • Automotive wheel primer
  • Automotive wheel paint
  • Automotive wheel clearcoat
How to Paint Car Rims in 5 Easy Steps
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How to Paint Car Rims in 5 Easy Steps

1. Prep the Rims

If you want your paint job to appear like pros did it, you want to prep the rims 1st. Slapping on a layer of paint with out prepping the rims will lead to the final job to seem downright awful. This truth means that prepping your rims is just as important as the genuine paint work. Even even though this stage has a number of sub-measures, all of the pointers are crucial for the method.

Support the Vehicle

First issues initial, help the vehicle so that you can take away its wheels although you are portray the rims. This prep stage is a lot more difficult to achieve if you really don't have the appropriate components. Just before buying your resources, it is a very good notion to know how you will assistance the car throughout the portray procedure.

If you can not find a way to assist your automobile, you will have to employ a professional to paint the rims for you as an alternative.

How to Paint Car Rims in 5 Easy Steps
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Clean the Wheels

When you affirm that you have a way to assist the automobile, you are going to require to clear the wheels. Get started by unbolting and getting rid of them from the automobile. Cleanse the rims employing a degreaser on both sides. You have to be diligent in cleaning the whole rim. Even a single speck of dirt can destroy the paint work.

If there is any rust or destroyed complete, you’ll want to eliminate that as effectively. You can scrub the affected area absent employing a wire brush. Sand the region using additional-wonderful grit sandpaper. Seize the tremendous-good sandpaper and scrub the affected area again. To produce a blemish-totally free surface area, rub the location with metal wool soon after it is completely sanded.

You are going to need to wash the wheels once more. Wash them making use of the degreaser and dry them totally. Right after the rims are dry, utilize rubbing alcohol to the area. Paint thinner or mineral spirits will work also. Examine the surface area to make certain you didn’t overlook anything.

Protect the Tires

The last point you need to do during the prep stage is to safeguard the tires from obtaining undesirable paint. Use painter’s tape or some other related materials to defend the rubber tires. Add the tape about the wheels’ complete circumference, like beneath the lip of the rim. Really don't neglect to protect the valve stem.

Ultimately, it’s time to paint your automobile rims. Pick an region that is pollen-cost-free and has great ventilation. Even if the area has great ventilation, still put on a respirator mask to defend your lungs from the harmful toxins of the paint. You are now all set to paint your rims!

2. Prime the Rims

So that the paint grips the rim and seems to be cleanse, apply an automotive wheel primer. Make confident that the primer you select is suited for your rim sort, no matter whether it be metal, aluminum, or magnesium. Spray a light coat of the primer on the rims. Make positive you get in between the wheel spokes. Repeat this two more times but allow the primer to dry in in between every single layer.

3. Paint the Rims

Once the third layer of primer is entirely dry, you can paint the rims. It’s best to adhere to the directions on the spray paint can you select. The recommendations on the can should inform you the ideal spray distance, application strategy, and necessary amount of coats. Enable the paint to dry prior to introducing an additional layer.

To make your paint job look as skilled as attainable, do not overlook the interior side of the rims. Ignoring this component of the rim will trigger your paint occupation to appear excellent from a single angle but negative from yet another.

4. Add Protection

Right after you’re completed portray the rims, you must utilize a obvious coat as a protective end. It’s a very good thought to insert two or 3 levels of this obvious coat. Just like with the last two steps, make positive the very clear coat dries totally prior to including one more layer.

5. Reinstall the Wheels

The final stage for portray your automobile rims is putting the wheel back on the vehicle. Take away any protective materials that are all around the rubber tires and bolt the wheels onto your car once more. Be cautious when you are making use of a bolt or wrench so that you really do not ruin the new finish.

How to Paint Car Rims in 5 Easy Steps
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How Long Does It Take to Paint Rims?

To get a expert and cleanse-seeking paint job, anticipate to devote a minimum of three to 4 hours portray your rims. This might consider far more time if you go specifically sluggish or make positive all the detail operate is excellent. Allot an acceptable amount of time on your fingers so you can end the paint task correctly.

Final Thoughts

Painting your vehicle’s rims is not tough, but it definitely isn’t something you should do on a whim. You will need to have to get all the acceptable resources and have adequate time to complete the activity. Do not neglect about detailing and take your time to get the most appealing finish.

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