How To Paint Concrete In 8 Easy Steps

Concrete flooring is producing a resurgence in homes, as properly as in industrial and practical options. The content is hardwearing, tough, and it can be manufactured to search gorgeous and intriguing basically by painting it. Even even though concrete is porous, it is really quite straightforward to paint.

Making ready the area and patching any holes are possibly the most tough aspects of the process, but with our eight-action manual to painting concrete underneath, you will be ready to end this Do-it-yourself task rapidly and with the minimum of fuss.

Materials and Tools

  • Concrete patch
  • Concrete sealant
  • Detergent
  • Long-handled brush
  • Masonry paint
  • Paint roller
  • Roller tray
  • Trowel
  • Warm water
How To Paint Concrete In 8 Easy Steps
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How To Paint Concrete: The Process

1. Prepare the Concrete

Concrete not only receives filthy but is susceptible to algae, moss, and lichen. All of these organisms can make the concrete seem filthy, and they absolutely need to have removing prior to you begin portray, or you will see very poor results from the paint job. Luckily, concrete is simple to clear. Use warm water and detergent and a extended-dealt with brush to sweep dust and particles absent. Guarantee you have completely cleared away anything at all from the surface area of the concrete which includes weeds and plants.

How To Paint Concrete In 8 Easy Steps
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2. Remove Oil and Grease

Oil and grease can lead to discoloration of paint, which means that if you paint an oil-stained concrete flooring, patches of it can alter shade over time and depart you with an oddly discolored patina. Use a remedy like tri-sodium phosphate and blend it with drinking water according to the ratio on the packaging directions. Apply it to the surface area, brush it in, and then enable it to dry.

3. Fill Holes and Cracks

Concrete is a difficult surface, but it can grow to be chipped, particularly when used as a garage flooring or on the driveway. Methods are also vulnerable to currently being chipped if hit with hefty objects, and quick modifications in temperature can also cracks to show up. It is crucial that you fill any holes or cracks that have appeared on the surface of the floor ahead of portray. Use a concrete patching product and stick to the tips on the packaging to mix and apply it. Let the patch to dry completely before moving in, or sealant and paint will just soak into it.

How To Paint Concrete In 8 Easy Steps
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4. Apply Sealant to Indoor Concrete

Concrete is utilized for indoor and outside applications. If you are painting an indoor concrete, utilize concrete sealant. It isn’t low-cost, but it does cease moisture from coming up through the cement and ruining your new paint work. Even though you can apply sealant to outdoor concrete, it is not truly needed.

5. Apply Primer

Concrete is a porous floor and if you use paint right to it, a good deal of the paint will be soaked up by the concrete. Primer dries and sits on the surface of the concrete, giving the paint one thing to adhere to and protecting against it from being soaked up by the concrete ground. It could get two coats of primer to get the best benefits, and you need to permit the first coat dry prior to implementing the second.

6. Apply Paint Using a Roller And Leave It To Dry

When the 2nd coat of primer has totally dried, you can start off to paint the area. It is much more successful and efficient to use a roller for this work. Use a slender layer of paint. You will be incorporating two or a few layers, in total, so you don’t have to fear about covering every single tiny speck of concrete at this phase. Once the paint has been utilized, permit it to dry, ideally for a working day but usually subsequent the paint guidelines.

How To Paint Concrete In 8 Easy Steps
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7. Apply a Second and Subsequent Coats

Once the 1st coat has dried, use a 2nd coat. After once more, apply a slender layer simply because this can aid avoid pooling and drips. If you are including a 3rd layer to make certain complete coverage, enable the 2nd coat dry entirely prior to introducing the closing layer.

8. Wait 24 Hours

When the closing layer has been used, it also wants to be remaining to dry as completely as feasible. This will typically consider 24 several hours, but you might want to wait around two or 3 days ahead of you start putting products like toolchests and worktables on leading of it. This will avoid circles and marks forming on the paint occupation.

How To Paint Concrete In 8 Easy Steps
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How Do You Prepare Concrete For Painting?

Concrete very first needs cleansing before any oil and grease is taken off. Then it need to be sealed prior to getting primed. This procedure, including drying moments, can get forty eight hours, with one more 48 hrs for the true portray. If you are painting out of doors concrete, this indicates attempting to uncover a period of four times when it is not likely to rain.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Concrete Steps?

Many types of paint can crack and peel when utilized to concrete. This is since concrete contracts and expands as it gets moist and dries out, and also with sudden temperature modifications. If the paint is also firm, it is unable to shift with the concrete and cracks. Masonry paint is an elastomeric paint, which indicates that it does transfer with the concrete as it shifts, preventing ugly peeling from ruining your paint task.

Do I Need To Prime Concrete Before Painting?

Concrete is a hugely porous materials, which poses numerous problems when it arrives to portray. First of all, the concrete alone is likely to maintain some dampness, which can trigger the thinning of paint that you apply, but even a lot more of a dilemma is that the porous surface area will soak up the paint in some areas and not other individuals which will give an uneven complete.

Primer basically evens out the porosity of the area so that you get a uniform end so although you do not have to implement primer if you aren’t involved with the finished seem, it is a good idea if you don’t want the paint to look patchy as shortly as it dries.


Concrete can be utilised as a flooring floor inside and outdoors. It is tough, fairly low-cost, and can be poured into area. It can also be painted to defend it or to give it a different end. Painting concrete isn’t that difficult but you will need to clean it, get rid of any oil and grease, and then apply a primer to make certain that the paint requires and does not grow to be patchy.

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