How to Paint Countertops in 9 Easy Steps

Portray counter tops is a fantastic way to spruce up your kitchen, and it is not a hard task to undertake. If you are seeking for an straightforward undertaking that you can comprehensive in a handful of times, hold reading this step-by-stage manual to painting a countertop. We go over every thing, from location up to cleaning up, so you can have a program to follow.

Before Painting a Countertop

Get Prepared

Prior to you get started, the greatest thing that you can do is get all your gear together, so you really don't have to make any surprising stops. This venture will demand you to safeguard surfaces that you really do not want to paint, sand the to-be-painted surface area, utilize primer and paint, and cleanse up. You will also need to have to shield by yourself and put on safety equipment. Listed here is a listing of a number of items that you will require.

Tools and Materials
  • Vinyl gloves (or similar)
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape
  • 9-inch paint roller
  • 9-inch roller covers
  • Trim brush
  • Paint tray
  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • Primer
  • High-gloss acrylic paint
  • Water-based acrylic paint
  • Mineral spirits

How to Paint Countertops

1. Suit Up

When you have your components completely ready, it’s time to go well with up for your venture. You will want to guarantee that there is a lot of ventilation since the primer and acrylic paint can have a robust odor. Open home windows and fans may be essential even though working with the paint. We also suggest donning a protecting dust mask to defend your lungs whilst sanding and even when painting. A lot of of us have dust masks lying about, and vinyl, nitrile, or latex gloves will aid safeguard your skin whilst you operate. We also advise security goggles since paint rollers tend to get paint just about everywhere, and you do not want it in your eyes.

2. Sand the Surface

A great location to begin is by sanding the surface area of the counter. Sanding will support eliminate any grime and grime and clean the surface area to get ready it for new paint. It will also aid the new paint adhere much better, and it’s particularly useful when preparing a counter with a high gloss. Modern electric orbital sanders can make the job a lot quicker, but you can use a sanding block or even just a piece of sandpaper if you have a lot of endurance and don’t mind placing in the elbow grease. Make sure you get the total surface ahead of relocating on to the up coming phase.

3. Clean the Area

After you sand the countertop, thoroughly clean the location effectively to take away any dust and permit it to dry. Numerous authorities recommend wiping down the region making use of mineral spirits and a lint-free cotton cloth to get rid of the dust, but you should not have a dilemma just making use of h2o. Keep in mind that any slight imperfections on the area, like dust, will be far more visible when protected with paint.

4. Painting Preparation

With the counter cleaned, you can put together to paint. Cover any surfaces that you don’t want to paint with plastic or newspaper. Painter’s tape will support maintain almost everything in area and make thoroughly clean edges in which the counter fulfills the wall. Don't forget that rollers can splatter paint very a distance, especially if you rush, so make certain the flooring and walls are lined.

5. Apply Primer

You will need to have to apply primer to the countertop to get it all set for the paint in the up coming phase. Used roller to apply the primer evenly over the whole surface in a single go. Do not cease in the middle to consider a split and start yet again. Let the primer dry for at the very least six to eight hrs prior to moving on to the following stage.

6. Apply the Paint

In the next step, you will implement your paint the identical way that you utilized the primer: in 1 shot without any breaks that may permit the top edge of the paint to dry ahead of you finish. Use the trim brush to get in any tight regions, and enable it dry for at minimum 6 hrs ahead of moving on.

7. Apply a Second Coat of Paint

For this step, you are going to be repeating Step 7 to implement a 2nd coat to the surface of your counter. A next coat will help the paint be far more sturdy, and the colour will appear a lot more vivid. Let at least 6 hrs for the paint to dry.

8. Apply a Top Coat

The subsequent stage in portray your countertop is to incorporate a topcoat. Most authorities advocate obvious large-gloss acrylic paint. This paint is extremely sturdy, can face up to the hefty use encountered by a countertop, and provides a shiny gloss.

9. Clean Up

All that is still left of your project now is to clear up your brushes and rollers and remove the painter’s tape, plastic, and newspaper protecting the walls and other surfaces. Stage back again and admire your function!


While it could appear like there are very a handful of actions needed to paint a countertop, it isn’t that tough. As long as you get all your materials jointly very first and go slowly but consistently, you can have the project accomplished in a handful of times. Sanding the area is the most hard since it needs lots of elbow grease, especially if you are not making use of an electric powered sander or the counter is old and has numerous flaws. Even so, a painted countertop is not as well hard to alter if you really don't like it.

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