How to Paint Furniture in 13 Easy Steps

Furniture can get a excellent deal of abuse, specifically if you have children and animals. Even the greatest top quality finishes can begin to deteriorate right after a couple of a long time. Painting your furniture can be a wonderful way to boost its look, and it’s less complicated than staining simply because it usually doesn’t require as much preparation. If you are considering painting your household furniture and would like to know the ideal way to get commenced, hold reading as we supply you with a phase-by-phase information that walks you via everything from planning to clean-up.

Painting Your Furniture in 13 Easy Steps

How to Paint Furniture in 13 Easy Steps
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Preparation is the important to success. Gathering the components and equipment that you require before you get commenced will help you get completed faster, as you will not need to end unexpectedly.

Tools and Materials

  • 180-grit and 220-grit sandpaper or sponge
  • Putty knife
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • 4-inch foam roller
  • Wood filler
  • Primmer
  • Painter’s tape
  • Safety mask
  • Wood glue

1. Remove Any Drawers and Doors

Once you have the equipment and materials, you are completely ready to get started. Initial, take away any drawers and doorways, as this makes it possible for better access to the whole floor. Also, eliminate any legs or stands. You can paint these sections separately.

2. Repair Loose Joints

If you recognize bent or damaged hinges, it is a very good time to replace them. You can also include glue to free joints, tighten screws, and perform any other maintenance.

3. Fill Any Holes or Dents With Wood Filler

With the routine maintenance concluded, seem more than the furniture and fill any holes and dents with wooden filler. You will require to hold out several hrs, typically until finally the subsequent working day, to permit it to dry before you can carry on.

4. Sand

If you require to get rid of wood filler or easy a tough surface, use a hundred and eighty-grit sandpaper to help get it finished swiftly. Use 220-grit to eliminate an old end and put together the surface for painting. When sanding, often wear a basic safety mask to safeguard your lungs from dust particles.

5. Clean

When the floor is sleek, use a damp fabric to wipe it down to remove any dust particles, and give it 1 hour or 2 to dry.

Painting the Furniture

6. Choose Your Work Area

How to Paint Furniture in 13 Easy Steps
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Now that the household furniture is completely ready to paint, it is essential to choose an spot large sufficient that you can walk around the entire undertaking. It should have plenty of ventilation, and there should not be as well considerably sunshine, which can result in the paint to dry too swiftly.

7. Add Artificial Lighting

Include plenty of synthetic lighting to your operate environment so you can see any flaws or difficulties quickly and plainly. For instance, gentle coming from only 1 resource can create severe shadows that make it difficult to paint successfully.

8. Make a Strategy

No make a difference the measurement of the furniture you are painting, you will want a approach. Most things will want to be flipped to paint the other aspect, and creating a prepare will assist you established aside sufficient time for every coat to dry. In our experience, people without a strategy tend to shift also swiftly, creating blemishes.

9. Apply the Primer

Some individuals might select not to use a primer, but it can assist develop a significantly much better finish due to the fact it offers a far better surface for the paint, which will aid it adhere. It also aids include preceding finishes, so they don’t show via your new coloration, and it will support prevent the paint from currently being absorbed into new wooden. Apply the primer little by little and cautiously, creating sure not to skip any places. Use a brush on spherical surfaces and challenging-to-achieve locations and a roller on flat surfaces.

10. Apply the Paint

As soon as the primer is applied and dry, you can commence portray. Transfer gradually, and use a paintbrush for spherical surfaces and hard-to-get to places and a little roller on flat surfaces. Be careful not to implement also much paint, or it will drip. Don’t fear about brush marks, as the paint will normally level by itself as it dries. Stick to your prepare, and as the paint dries, flip the furnishings to entry new places.

How to Paint Furniture in 13 Easy Steps
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11. Inspect

Once you have used your first coat and let it dry, you can examine the household furniture meticulously. If you observe any drips, you can meticulously use sandpaper or razor blades to eliminate them without having detrimental the bordering paint. You can then touch up these regions with a small amount of fresh paint.

12. Additional Coats

Inspecting the furnishings will also inform you if it demands additional coats of paint. If you can see the prior color or something that you really do not like displaying by way of, you will want to use further coats to include it. Stick to your technique, so you do not miss any places, and the paint will continue to be even, creating a higher-top quality, specialist-looking complete.

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Whilst several actions are essential for painting furniture, many of them are very straightforward. It can be a tiny difficult to complete the sanding if it’s a massive piece of home furniture, but it will be less complicated if you don’t try out to operate also quickly. Primer and paint only require consideration to detail so you really don't get drips, uneven surfaces, or missed places. Suitable lighting assists way too.

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