How to Paint Plastic in 7 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Whether or not it is for touching up a scratch on a automobile, or giving a dull old plastic planter new existence, there are about a million and one factors you may want or require to paint plastic.

The only problem is that it is not porous like wooden or even metallic (of course, steel is porous). That doesn’t indicate it can’t be accomplished, though! Adhere to these 7 simple measures to make brief operate out of your up coming plastic painting venture.

How to Paint Plastic in 7 Easy Steps!

1. Protect the Area and Yourself

How you go about this is going to rely on the location that you are functioning in, and the measurement of the undertaking. It is essential to usually make sure that you have great ventilation when functioning with paint, as it can emit fumes that are not great for you. Just open some home windows and change on a admirer.

Next, it is time to safeguard the region by itself.  Generally, laying down some cardboard, or even functioning inside a box that has its prime and 1 aspect eliminated, are completely good indicates of protecting your workspace.

2. Clean the Plastic

The subsequent thing you need to have to do is to clean the plastic. It may possibly not seem logical if you’ve jumped ahead and read the subsequent stage, but it is vital.

Filth and even tougher to remove oils avert the paint from curing to the plastic correctly, and the effect is apparent. Start with some dish soap and warm drinking water and give it a great once-above. Up coming, it is time to get ready the surface.

3. Lightly Sand the Surface

Employing some 180–220 grit, or fine-grained sandpaper, you need to have to buff up the area. The trick right here is to rough the plastic up, just a minor little bit, without having heading as well hard and scratching it.

This part of the method is how we get all around the deficiency of porousness that makes plastic so difficult to paint. This improves the floor just a small little bit to allow the paint to bond to it effectively. Be positive to dress in a dust mask and use a dry fabric to wipe away the plastic ‘dust’ when you are finished, or greater yet, a vacuum.

4. Remove any Oils

Now it’s time for the last little bit of cleansing. As soon as you’ve made the plastic a minor rougher, it’s time to go over it with possibly mineral drinking water or isopropyl (rubbing alcoholic beverages). This performs to remove any oils and fine dust that may possibly have been still left above from the sanding process.

Drying time will vary relying on which you use—otherwise, just wipe it down with a cleanse dry cloth, and we’re virtually ready to paint!

5. Further Preparation – Taping

If you are only painting parts of the piece, you will want to place some security around the borders of the area to paint. Masking tape works excellent and won’t go away any residue. If you are doing work on a vehicle, there are items accessible to shield the glass and paint of your car.

6. Apply Primer

How to Paint Plastic in 7 Easy Steps (With Pictures)
Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain, pxhere

If you are altering from 1 powerful shade to yet another, you could want to apply a primer coat very first. Primer is typically grey or white and is developed to cover the preexisting colour. If the piece you are painting is white obvious, you may possibly not require to utilize a primer coat. Enable it dry in your effectively ventilated workspace.

7. Paint!

As soon as your primer coat has dried sufficiently, it is ultimately time to begin painting. Regardless of whether you determine to go with spray paint or a brush on is completely up to you! Brushes are likely to go away the texture of the brush guiding, so if you are looking for a far more even coat, a spraypaint item might be the way to go.

You’ll want to set at least 2–3 coats, or much more if you didn’t key it. Let it dry right away. In the morning you can remove the tape, and you are accomplished! A freshly painted—er, what ever it is! Stunning!


Portray plastic does come with its possess unique set of problems, but if you follow some simple actions, you can paint just about no matter what plastic you want! There are a ton of exciting arts, crafts, and fixes that you can utilize these measures to. Constantly bear in mind to be mindful and have fun!

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Highlighted Picture Credit score: motointermedia, Pixabay