How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass: 6 Natural Methods

Canine pee—it’s what they do. Sadly, dog pee can have some critical repercussions for your lawn. Repeated exposure to canine pee can lead to grass dying. If you see large brown places cropping up where your pet likes to do its company, it is most likely that the urine is hurting your grass.

This can be a aggravating incidence. Certainly, no 1 needs their puppy to pee inside of, but they also really do not want to see their dog’s pee killing grass both. Listed here is how to quit pet urine from killing grass normally.

The 6 Natural Methods to Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass

1.  Keep Your Dog Hydrated

How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass: 6 Natural Methods
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One of the least difficult and most normal approaches to keep dog pee from killing your grass is to make certain that your dog is hydrated. Dogs with excellent hydration have more dilute urine. The more dilute the urine, the less potent the grass-killing abilities are. Concentrated canine urine kills grass much quicker and is a end result of a dog not drinking ample. Be confident to preserve your dog’s bowl filled with great, clean h2o around the clock. Better yet, this technique is completely cost-free.

The only issue is the a lot more hydrated a canine is, the more they are likely to have to urinate. Far better hydration can sometimes lead to dogs to have accidents inside of because their regimen is heading to incorporate a lot more repeated toilet breaks.

  • Easy to do
  • Free
  • Less potent urine
  • Can lead to accidents
  • More frequent urination

2. Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass: 6 Natural Methods
Image Credit: creative2usa, Pixabay

The up coming greatest point to keeping your pet hydrated is to hold your lawn hydrated. A lively, healthy lawn is considerably more robust and able to face up to the adverse effects of pet urine in excess of time. Grass that is presently dry, harmful, or dying will respond significantly much more strongly to recurring publicity to canine urine, accelerating the procedure. A hydrated dog furthermore a hydrated lawn ought to get treatment of the situation naturally.

But not absolutely everyone has the time to water their lawn regularly, and while filling a canine bowl does not use that much h2o, soaking a lawn does. The further water usage and time necessary to preserve a lawn environmentally friendly and healthful may be far more than some can manage.

  • Easy to do
  • Grass will look and feel great
  • High water use
  • Time-consuming

3. Plant Hardier Grass

How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass: 6 Natural Methods
Image Credit: ArtisticOperations, Pixabay

If introducing water to your puppy and garden is not doing the trick, it may be time for a new lawn. Not all grasses are produced equivalent. Some grass is considerably hardier than other kinds. Altering to a far more robust species of grass can fix a whole lot of these concerns, but it is not always simple to do.

Ripping out a garden and replacing the grass can be carried out by pros for a substantial price, or you can consider and reseed the dying patches with new grass seed. But the new grass may possibly not consider appropriate away. If you can productively pull off the transfer, the final results will be well worth it.

The greatest grasses for puppy yards are Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and Bermuda grass. The problem is none of these grasses are particularly delicate. They will reside lengthier, though.

  • Can eliminate all dog-lawn problems
  • Will make your lawn more resilient in general
  • Expensive
  • Difficult

4. Create a Designated Doggy Area

How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass: 6 Natural Methods
Image Credit: Nata-Ap, Pixabay

One way to remove the problem of dog pee killing grass is to basically include it. Dogs have to pee, we know this. Why not direct them to a certain region to take treatment of enterprise? Making a designated doggy zone or puppy property will assist preserve you and your canine pleased. Whilst the pet yard may possibly not seem wonderful, the injury will be contained to 1 manageable spot leaving you to generate the garden of your desires all over the place else.

Puppy yards can characteristic artificial turf to keep it seeking green. You can place down rock or sand in an spot to catch the urine. You can even add a bush, tree, or fake hearth hydrant to entice them to do their business on something other than your lovely lawn.

This technique is normal and successful, but it will require some coaching. You will have to educate the pet to use the dog property, or you will have to just take them to the selected spot each and every time they have to pee.

  • Contains the damage to one area
  • You can be fun and creative with the design
  • Can be expensive
  • Requires training the dog

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5. Avoid Using Fertilizers

How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass: 6 Natural Methods
Image Credit: Mariakray, Pixabay

Fertilizer is not something that individuals often feel about when they are grimacing in excess of a dog pee ravaged garden, but it can enjoy a massive part. Fertilizer consists of higher nitrogen stages, which is the same content in canine pee that harms grass. Nitrogen fertilizer in addition nitrogen canine urine qualified prospects to nitrogen overload, killing the grass. If you uncover that your dog’s urine is triggering brown spots on regions that you preserve fertilized, reducing the use of fertilizers may help the nitrogen harmony return to a more healthy point out, preserving the grass.

Nonetheless, this strategy arrives with some combined final results. Some individuals have noted it operating fabulously, even though other people have said that taking away the fertilizer didn’t help at all. Outcomes may fluctuate, but it is really worth a shot.

  • Saves money on fertilizer
  • Subtracting something is easier than adding
  • It might not be super effective

6. Immediately Rinse The Area

How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass: 6 Natural Methods
Image Credit: 3345557, Pixabay

The very last issue to consider, if all else fails, is to instantly rinse the areas that your dogs pee on frequently. If you permit your canines out every working day after evening meal, stick to them exterior with a hose and soak the areas they are peeing on. The drinking water will assist drain the urine into the soil more quickly, which will assist disperse the hazardous effects.

This approach returns excellent outcomes, but it is extremely labor-intensive. Rinsing is most effective if you catch the region immediately, meaning you have to adhere to your puppy about every single time you permit them into the lawn. Some individuals may uncover that fun and doable, but other individuals are heading to find that this strategy is a chore not really worth pursuing.

  • Very effective
  • Helps keep the lawn hydrated
  • Labor intensive
  • Requires daily upkeep

Why Is My Dog’s Pee Killing My Grass?

Now that we have coated some exceptional strategies on how to stop pet urine from killing grass naturally, the question is, why does dog pee eliminate grass at all? The answer lies in the chemical composition of canine urine. A dog’s pee is tremendous concentrated compared to other animals, and it is very high in nitrogen. For their dimensions, puppies pee an awful great deal, and all of that nitrogen overloads the grass and kills it. The grass is made up of hundreds of very small stalks. The plants them selves are not quite resilient, and they prosper only in massive numbers. It does not take considerably nitrogen from dog urine to kill personal items of grass. More than time, this result spreads and prospects to the lifeless brown spots that people detest so significantly.

Should I Give My Dog Additives Or Supplements To Help?

Seek advice from your veterinarian. It is ill-advised to just take dietary and health care advice from on-line web sites that aren’t operate by accredited vets. Not all canine are the very same, and no a single will know your dog’s well being greater than your vet. There are a good deal of individuals on the web who say just insert this or sprinkle that into your dog’s diet plan, but except if they are veterinarians, it is dangerous to have faith in their guidance.

Veterinarians know pet pee. They also know about puppy diet. If there is something you can give to your pet to aid mellow out the harmful outcomes of their urine, the vet will know.


With a minor little bit of strategizing and a minor bit of operate, your lawn need to begin to bounce again. Whether you generate a new doggy oasis for them to do their enterprise or simply give them more water, there is an successful technique that will correct your lawn woes. And do not get annoyed with your beloved pet they’re just attempting to do their enterprise in peace. They really do not know any far better.

Featured Graphic Credit: MolnarSzabolcsErdely, Pixabay