How to Program a Garage Door Opener in 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Garage door openers are one of these products that we seldom feel about. Even though we use them several instances a working day, we speedily strike the garage door opener with out pondering about it. When a garage doorway opener breaks or distant gets dropped, it is obvious how typically these gadgets are utilised.

If you have recently bought a new garage doorway opener or remote, you will need to program it appropriately. The good news is, programming a new garage door opener in fact is not hard. On the opposite, most garage doorway opener brands are created with the user in head and only just take minutes to plan.

In this report, learn how to system the garage doorway opener in 5 straightforward measures.

What You’ll Need

  • Garage door opener
  • Garage door opener remote
  • Ladder

It’s critical to notice that the garage doorway opener and garage doorway opener distant require to belong to the same brand until you have a universal solution.

Garage Door Opener Remote Control

The occupation of the garage doorway is to open up and shut so that you can accessibility the garage when essential or shield it when you go away. Garage doorway openers make this easy because they will open up and shut the garage doorway for you. For maximum comfort, you will want a distant control so you can control the garage opener from either aspect.

This is an critical simple fact to know because you will need to get the garage door opener and distant speaking for it to be programmed. In other words and phrases, your goal is to join the new remote management to the garage door opener so that it can be utilised.

This is what you will need to do:

How to Program a Garage Door Opener (5 Steps)

1. Get a New Garage Door Remote

The initial point you require to do is to purchase a new garage door remote. The remote management manufacturer need to match the model of your garage door opener. For example, get a Liftmaster management if you have a Liftmaster opener.

It should be clearly labeled on the two the handle and the garage door opener what the manufacturer is. If the makes do not match, you need to return the recently acquired garage door distant and get a new one particular that matches.

2. Climb on a Ladder to Be Next to the Garage Door Opener

Now, it is time for the filthy work. Seize a ladder and climb up following to your garage doorway opener. The garage door opener is the real device connected to the garage doorway. It is often at the stop of the observe in your garage.

3. Find the “Learn” Button on the Garage Door Opener

Even though you are still standing on the ladder, locate the understand button on the garage door opener. Virtually all present day garage doorway openers have this kind of a button. This button will frequently be on the facet of the opener, but you may possibly need to have to go the gentle cover if you can’t uncover it.

4. Press the “Learn” Button

Now that you know in which the understand button is positioned, push it until it commences blinking. As soon as the light is flashing, push the open button located on the distant control. Frequently, you will have to hold out thirty seconds among pressing the garage doorway opener’s understand button and urgent the open button on the manage. Hold out a moment or so for the two to pair.

5. Test the Remote

Following you have waited a minute, press the open button again on your remote handle. If the garage doorway opens, you have programmed your remote, and it is ready to go. If not, repeat Phase four until the pair is programmed.

Can I Program Any Remote to My Garage Door?

No. You can not program any remote to your garage door. Practically all garage doorway openers must be utilised with a remote handle of the very same model. For example, Genie garage door openers require a Genie manage, whereas Craftsman garage doorway openers need a Craftsman handle.

That becoming explained, there are universal garage door openers. Common garage doorway openers can be programmed to any distant for comfort. Universal garage door openers and controllers will be plainly marked as these kinds of.


Programming a garage doorway opener is not hard. About the only extra unit you will require is a ladder to access the garage doorway opener. Other than that, you are fundamentally just pushing buttons so that the two parts are paired.

If pairing is not doing work, double-verify to make confident you have the proper brands. From there, read through guidelines for your manufacturer specifically. At times, specific brands have weird guidelines or hiccups that demand particular recommendations, but this does not come about frequently.

Using the five steps earlier mentioned, you need to be capable to software your garage doorway opener in next to no time!

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