How To Remove A Door Knob Without Screws In 4 Steps

Some people will have you contemplating that getting rid of a lockset is a procedure that is as intricate as inventing a microprocessor. When in truth, it is genuinely not that hard. As a issue of truth, if you know what exactly you are performing, it will get you at most 15–20 minutes to get the occupation carried out.

Of program, as a rookie, you are expected to take far more time—and it’s not since men and women really don't have religion in your locksmith capabilities. Even if you’re effectively-acquainted, there is nonetheless the problem of figuring out which sort of lock choice you are working with.

Is it a door knob with screws? Or one that doesn’t have any?

Properly, today’s article will be concentrating on individuals that really do not have any screws. Or need to we say, they do, but the screws are so nicely concealed that you’ll think they really do not. And just so we’re clear, these measures do not apply to the 1 that will come with seen screws. Their removing method is considerably distinct.

Tools Needed

Tools & materials
  • Pair of gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Safety footwear
  • Paper clip
  • Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver

How To Remove A Door Knob Without Screws (4 Steps)

1. Put On Your Protective Gear

In our line of perform, we imagine men and women are normally far more successful and happier if they entirely comprehend protection processes and are cognizant of possible dangers. Making confident you are nicely guarded just before embarking on any Do-it-yourself task is a responsible factor to do, as it will minimize the danger of incurring an injury. Even if it seems like straightforward function, just place on your protecting dress in. You can never ever know what destiny has in keep for you.

Design gloves are frequently developed to make it less difficult for end users to grip or really feel the different parts of their working instruments. So even if you’re sweaty, these slippery fingers will not drop grip and in the end cause an accident.

The eyewear will shield your eyes from anything floating in the air, and the protection-toe put on will shield your toes from tools slipping or those lying about on the floor.

How To Remove A Door Knob Without Screws In 4 Steps
Image Credit: chellestein, Pixabay

2. Search For a Hidden Slot

At this stage, you are going to be 100% specific that the door knob you’re searching at is not the common variety. If it had screws, they’d be seen and you’d have observed them previously. So what we’re now searching for, is a little hole. And if we’re not mistaken, this tiny gap need to be at the knob’s neck.

When you uncover it, it will both have a little screw on the within or some thing that seems like a button. If it’s a button, just hit it, and the knob will appropriate away become unfastened. But if there’s a small screw, you are going to very first have to unfasten it.

Side note:

It’s important to just take note of the reality that doorway knobs occur in various designs. That signifies our model won’t usually be related to yours. As pointed out, yours might arrive with a very small loosening screw, whereas ours doesn’t. And if which is not sufficient to get you worried, finding the mentioned screw could show to be a problem. Just really don't fret if that’s the scenario.

What you want to do is appear for a paper clip, straighten it, and then push it inside of that gap. If you are not able to find a clip, use a pin or everything that can go in there. As the clip goes in, gently pull the knob out.

3. Remove the Hidden Screw

Pulling the knob out whilst pushing the clip in will sooner or later expose the screw’s head. And you will be able to inform if it is the sort of screw created to be unscrewed utilizing a flat-head screwdriver or the Philips 1.

Also, considering that we’re working with little components below, your drivers have to be modest in measurement. Really do not force everything into something, or else, you will lead to a whole lot of hurt that could conclude up getting costly.

Now, loosen the screw and then change the manage counterclockwise a handful of times. If it is free to a point where it looks like it could slide down without having assist, pull it out. It will detach by itself from the door.

4. Utilize Your Allen Wrench

We have seasoned and even listened to of situations where the knob’s spindle “kind of feels stuck.” Do not yank it out, if that is what’s occurring on your finish. Just look for something that resembles a go over plate and pry it out. It should be at the back of the knob.

When it arrives to prying anything at all, we really like making use of the Allen wrench. Some individuals prefer using the claw side of the hammer, but we uncover the wrench fairly successful because it arrives in sizes that can match virtually anything at all.

Choose a single that can go by means of that room easily, and it will get the task done.

Wrap up

The cause why some door knobs are costlier than other people is simply because a whole lot of perform goes into producing them appear extravagant. We don’t know if you know this, but guaranteeing individuals mounting screws keep concealed is no easy feat! Hopefully, we’ve aided you eliminate your doorknob with no any screws, but if you have any further guidelines please permit us know in the feedback underneath.

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