How to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

Spray paint is a common household merchandise that you can locate nearly wherever. Although you can use this hassle-free item to increase or decorate your home, it can also be challenging to get rid of. Spray paint is no ordinary paint. When it comes into get in touch with with other surfaces, such as drywall, it normally takes a although to split down and dissolve for the injury to disappear.

Maybe you’re wondering how you will get spray paint out of your wall. These six measures will help you get spray paint off the wall, making certain it goes again to hunting as excellent as new. We’ll also briefly go over how to get rid of spray paint from other surfaces.

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What to Know Before Removing Spray Paint from a Wall

Spray paint is aerosol-primarily based paint that comes in a can and is introduced in a good spray when you press a valve button. It is employed for craft and art assignments.

You might choose to eliminate the spray paint from a wall or other surface area for different reasons. For instance, you could be employing it for graffiti artwork, or you adjust your thoughts on the coloration of your wall.

If this is the scenario, you want to determine what spray paint has been used on the wall. This way, you can decide on the correct strategy of eliminating it.

How to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

What Tools Do You Need?

You should have the right tools to get rid of spray paint from a wall. Make sure you use the acceptable resources for the task. You may have some of these equipment. But, if you really do not, you might evaluate costs to see if buying them would preserve you money above calling a professional. Right here are a number of equipment you might need to have.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall

Spray paint can make a wonderful statement when completed accurately. But, it can be difficult to remove the spray paint with out detrimental or ruining the first portray.

Understanding to take away spray paint from a wall requires a handful of measures and some hard work. But, with these directions, the method will be much simpler. Listed here are the actions to adhere to.

1. Clean the Wall

Cleansing the wall may be sufficient to take away spray paint if it is nevertheless moist. Normally, moist spray paint has a shiny physical appearance.

Start by cleaning the wall with detergent and water using a gentle fabric. Wipe down the region you want to eliminate the spray paint and the surrounding area.

Go away a modest sum of soap residue guiding to soften the spray paint. It will make eliminating it much simpler.

How to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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2. Test the Paint Remover

There are a lot of products in the marketplace. They guarantee to take away spray paint and other sorts of paint very easily. But not all work as advertised. Do a fast take a look at initial to make certain you’re employing a product that will do the occupation.

Before you commence, test a little region initial to make sure that the paint remover will not damage your wall. Wait at the very least fifteen to twenty minutes and see if the paint remover has damaged the area or not.

If the wall is destroyed, cease utilizing it quickly and contemplate a distinct solution. If not, move forward to use the paint remover.

You can take away spray paint from a wall in several methods. But, the quickest and most powerful approach will depend on the type of surface you are working with.

When merged with the proper equipment, removing spray paint is straightforward, quick, and simple. All you require is a tiny time and tolerance!

3. Apply the Paint Remover and Scrub the Area

Initial, use the suggested quantity of chemical paint remover to the area of your wall that wants cleaning. Use rubber gloves and function in a well-ventilated spot if you are working with chemical strippers.

After you have applied the paint remover, permit it to loosen the spray paint. It can consider a handful of minutes or an hour. It is dependent on the solution. After you are ready, use a rigid wire brush to scrub off the loosened paint.

It can be challenging perform, so consider regular breaks. Attach a broom handle to your brush with duct tape if you need to have further leverage.

When you’ve finished scrubbing off all the free paint, wipe down the area exactly where the spray paint was with a moist cloth and permit it to dry.

If there is nonetheless some spray paint remaining on the wall soon after you have scrubbed it with a graffiti remover, implement a layer of WD-40 to it. Allow it sit for 20 minutes before wiping it off. It will loosen any excessive paint and make cleaning it even easier.

How to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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4. Scrape Off the Spray Paint if You Can’t Scrub

If scrubbing will not get rid of spray paint on your wall, use a paint scraper to scrape away as considerably of the dried spray paint as feasible. It’s significantly simpler if you cannot scrub away all the spray paint.

A putty knife is an instance of a paint scraper that must work to scrape off dried spray paint. Scraping off the spray paint includes taking off a layer of the paint beneath the spray paint. It signifies you are going to be stripping the wall.

Scrape the paint gently until most of it has been removed. Your wall will be thoroughly clean but considerably broken.

Do not push the scraper way too difficult towards the painted region due to the fact this will cause much more damage to your wall. Also, it’ll make it more demanding to get rid of the spray paint.

5. Fix the Damage Caused

When you’re by way of scraping the wall, it’ll be left with a bit of mess. Restore the mess you have produced soon after scraping off the spray paint. Fixing it is as essential as acquiring rid of the spray paint on your wall.

Fill any holes, scrapes, or gouges made on your wall with putty. Making use of putty is effortless. The only point you need to do is apply the putty and disseminate it into location.

Make certain it is smooth and looks seamless with the wall. Soon after implementing and smoothing the putty on your wall, it need to seem as excellent as new.

How to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: PIRO4D, Pixabay

6. Paint Your Wall Again

Repaint the entire wall if you want it to be cleanse. Also, repainting will remove any traces of spray paint and make your wall show up as excellent as new.

Once you are accomplished getting rid of the spray paint and fixing the damage caused by scraping your wall, repaint it. The paint sticks to the wall much better. It also creates a clean finish and a all-natural physical appearance.

Your wall should show up brand name new if you are by way of with all these procedures. If you had made the decision to utilize paint on the spray paint on your wall with out removing it, it would have taken several coats to conceal the spray paint. But, it would nevertheless be obvious.

How Do You Remove Spray Paint from Different Surfaces?

There are different degrees of issues when eliminating spray paint from different surfaces, and we will attempt to cover them.

§  Hands/Skin

For spray paint on pores and skin, thoroughly clean with mineral spirits and then wash with cleaning soap and h2o. Use acetone to get the last bits of paint off, and lube up your pores and skin with lotion.

For dried-on paint on skin, soak your arms in heat soapy water ahead of scraping the dried paint away with a plastic scraper. Soak yet again and use a scrub brush to get rid of the rest of the paint. Wash with cleaning soap and lube up with lotion.

§  Glass

The ideal technique to take away spray paint from glass is employing a nail polish remover, lacquer thinner, or paint thinner. It’s since they include acetone.

Guarantee you soak a clean rag in any of the previously mentioned items. Then, smear it on the dried spray paint for a couple of minutes. Scrub the acetone absent when it starts off getting loose.

If the spray paint has been on there for far more than a week, consider employing an abrasive materials, such as steel wool, to remove it from the glass.

How to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: motointermedia, Pixabay

§  Metal

To get rid of spray paint from metallic, steer clear of utilizing any sharp equipment these kinds of as knives or razor blades, as they can scratch the area. Use a putty knife alternatively.

Wipe the scraped location with a wet rag and dip cotton balls in acetone nail polish remover to remove any remaining paint. You can also use liquor to the influenced spot with a cleanse fabric if you really don't have acetone nail polish remover.

If some of the spray paint stays right after scraping, dip an aged toothbrush in nail polish remover and rub it more than the remaining paint till it will come off. Rinse the metal with h2o and dry it with a rag just before repainting the area if needed.

§  Wood

You can use an acetone-dependent nail polish remover to get rid of spray paint from wood. Soak a rag in it. Then, dampen the region the place the spray paint is. Let it sit for a few minutes prior to scrubbing with a toothbrush or old toothpaste tube.

Is there any residue still left in excess of afterward? If yes, use yet another rag dipped in acetone just before wiping with water as common following cleansing up all traces of solvent.

§  Fabric/Clothes

Use rubbing alcoholic beverages. Blot the stain with a cloth soaked in rubbing liquor right up until it no longer transfers to the fabric. Combine 1 portion drinking water with two parts rubbing alcohol and pour it immediately onto the stain in a spray bottle if it’s a greater paint stain.

Allow the answer to soak into the cloth for 10–15 minutes, then rinse. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone.

Also, you can use vinegar and dish soap. For huge or stubborn stains, deal with them with a combination of two tablespoons of dish soap, one particular tablespoon of white vinegar, and ½ cup heat water.

Pour or spray the blend onto the stain and enable it to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary right up until the stain is long gone.

§  Carpet

If you are making an attempt to take away spray paint from your carpet, you need to use an exceptional stain removing remedy and a stiff brush. The initial stage is to blot the location with a cleanse fabric or paper towels.

Blotting aids take up the spray paint on the carpet. It’ll avert further damage. You can also use a stiff brush on the location to assist loosen any dust or other supplies that might be trapped in the carpet fibers.

Apart from, you can use three% hydrogen peroxide to clean the spray paint stain on your carpet. It’s also vital to act fast when taking away spray paint from the carpet. It is since it can lead to long lasting injury if remaining for long.

Why Is It Challenging to Remove Spray Paint from a Wall?

It is not just the paint but the floor. If you’re getting rid of spray paint from a wall, make sure you use a item safe for the wall’s surface. You might need to have to analysis this one particular. Abrasive products can damage the wall’s end, and some chemicals can react with wall resources.

Spray paint is engineered to be sturdy and prolonged-lasting. The paint might have bonded to your wall with far more power than it would have if applied with a brush or roller. So, it won’t occur off simply.

Spray paint has a thick regularity, equivalent to that of latex paint. It means that it will not arrive off the wall effortlessly. Generally, it requires many programs of an ideal solvent to take away a layer of spray paint.


Spray paint is a wonderful device. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and there are countless numbers of hues to pick from. But occasionally, we have small control in excess of the place it ends up.

No matter whether your kid sprayed the wall or you have been portray the outside of your house and had paint leftover, you will still require to get rid of it. The good information is removing spray paint is possible as extended as you know what you are performing.

Below, we have given you six actions to follow when cleansing up your spray-painted wall. As we said, it’s not an easy activity, but with ample persistence and elbow grease, it’ll ultimately be cleaner than at any time prior to.

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