How to Reset the Maintenance Light On a Toyota Camry in 5 Easy Steps

Possessing the servicing light arrive on in your Camry can be bothersome and aggravating. The glowing light-weight can be a distraction. There are a lot of causes why an individual may possibly want to flip their routine maintenance gentle off. Some men and women alter their own oil, some oil alter specialists will not reset the gentle, and at times the light-weight arrives on in between your individual routine maintenance cycle. Whatever the explanation, the gentle can be reset at house by the car’s operator.

These 5 steps will operate for Camrys of all types from various eras. The method only normally takes a couple of minutes, and afterward, you will not have to be concerned about the routine maintenance light any more time. Here is how to reset the servicing light on a Toyota Camry in five simple steps.


  • What you need: the car key
  • Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Complexity: Easy

To reset the servicing gentle on your Toyota Camry, you just want to have the capability to put the auto in the ON place and a important. Any individual with a essential and the right knowledge can reset the routine maintenance light-weight on a Toyota Camry, no make a difference what year.

Why Is the Maintenance Light On?

The maintenance light on the Toyota Camry will occur on right after the auto operates a particular amount of miles. Usually, the gentle arrives on in between 4,500 and 5,500 miles. The miles are determined by the car’s odometer. The mild serves as a continual reminder to have your auto serviced. You need to not reset the servicing mild until you give the required routine maintenance on your car. The servicing gentle serves as a reminder to get your oil changed and have your car seemed at by a skilled.

The maintenance gentle is diverse from the verify engine gentle. The upkeep light on a Toyota Camry usually claims MAINT REQD or one thing related. The examine engine light seems like an engine. The examine motor mild denotes a dilemma in the auto that demands to be fixed. The maintenance light-weight is not linked to some thing that is broken. It is only linked to the odometer looking through on your car.

How to Reset the Maintenance Reminder on an Old Generation Camry

These steps function for previous design Toyota Camrys built prior to 2018. The new model Camrys have a various method connected to the car’s personal computer method. You can discover the brief recommendations for the new Camrys below.

1. Turn the Key to Position One

Ignition car key
Image Credit: Frank Leuderalbert, Unsplash

The initial step is to turn the crucial to situation one. That is the first segment of the starter ring. Turn the key to this place but do not flip it any farther.

2. Press and Hold the Odometer Button

odometer button
Image Credit: Supakorn Angaumnuaysiri, Shutterstock

With the important in the initial placement, push and hold the odometer button. The odometer button is a stick that protrudes from the dashboard in the base corner. The head of the adhere has a button that will help reset odometer outings and cycle through diverse odometer readings. Push that button and hold it down. Do not release the odometer button.

3. Turn the Key to Position Two

hand turning car key to start the car
Image Credit: Anutr Yossundara, Shutterstock

Subsequent, flip the essential to place two. That is the final situation ahead of you crank the crucial to start the car. Do not start the auto. You should keep on to have the odometer button pressed as you change the key to the up coming placement.

4. Hold Odometer Button Until Light Flashes

car odometer showing mileage
Image Credit: BonnyJodwin, Pixabay

With the crucial in position two, look at the sprint. The upkeep mild must flash and change off. Don't forget, the upkeep light-weight is the MAINT REQD light-weight. Occasionally the odometer flashes instead of the routine maintenance mild. The ideal wager is to hold the odometer button for ten seconds for the greatest outcomes. Soon after the odometer or routine maintenance light-weight flashes, you can launch the button.

5. Start the Car

driver starting the car engine
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The previous stage is to start off the car. The maintenance gentle ought to now be off, and it need to remain off. It ought to not illuminate once more for an additional 5,000 miles. You ought to only reset the upkeep light-weight when the car has acquired an oil adjust in get to maintain your auto on the very best upkeep plan feasible.

How to Reset the Maintenance Reminder on New Camrys

Resetting the routine maintenance gentle on a Camry constructed from 2018 right up until the current is more easy than the older versions. The maintenance mild on the new product Camrys is related to the car’s personal computer. To reset the servicing gentle, you have to scroll by way of the car’s configurations on the central console.

  1. Turn the Camry to the ON position.
  2. Scroll to SETTINGS using the arrows on the steering wheel. Press OK.
  3. In SETTINGS, scroll to VEHICLE SETTINGS. Press OK.
  5. It will ask you to reset it. Press YES.

Right after you notify the automobile to reset the info, the light-weight and linked messages will change off and continue being off until the odometer rolls over around 5,000 much more miles.

Check The Manual and Computer Settings

When in doubt, verify the owner’s manual or the car’s settings by means of the central console. The owner’s guide must have far more exact info about your certain make and product of Camry that could be somewhat various. If any of these methods fall short to work, the very best guess is to repeat them. Attempting yet again will normally generate a constructive consequence. It is simple to unintentionally overlook a single of the steps and cause the mild to stay on. Following a few of tries, it should function with no any issues.


It only will take five methods to reset the upkeep mild on both more mature design Camrys and newer model Camrys. The previous product Camrys require an odometer reset employing the key, while the new Camrys just need to have to reset the upkeep routine by way of the car’s pc. Equally techniques can be carried out in just a number of minutes and will banish the pesky upkeep messages for one more pair of months.

Featured Image Credit score: 2018 Toyota Camry (ASV70R) Ascent sedan | Image Credit score: EurovisionNim, Wikimedia Commons CC-BY SA four.