How to Safely Dispose of Old Gas: What You Need to Know!

How to Safely Dispose of Old Gas: What You Need to Know!

There is heaps of factors to make certain that your garden mower, generator, or other machinery receives emptied of gas ahead of lengthy-term storage. If remaining within for way too long, the gas could perhaps go stale.

Gasoline in distinct only requires about 3 to 6 months to go poor when unused. You will comprehend this when you go to fire the motor up for the 1st mow of the season, and absolutely nothing occurs. The engine is lifeless.

So you are trapped with some previous gasoline. No dilemma! We have investigated this situation and have remedies for you. This write-up will go by way of how to inform if gasoline has long gone poor, how to dilute it (if you can), and how to properly get rid of it if you require to.

Can’t I just dump it?

How to Safely Dispose of Old Gas: What You Need to Know!
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No! There are numerous causes why this is not a good idea.

For 1, you may possibly get fined. Gasoline detected in your septic technique could leave you with a significant price tag to pay out, and it is harmful for your residence and your community.

Talking of water, gasoline is not simple to filter out of h2o. As a result, it is negative for the atmosphere all around you that demands the h2o to survive and thrive.

A hugely-combustible material like gas demands to be disposed of with fantastic treatment and attention, or disastrous fires could unintentionally ignite.

Disposal as a last resort: Try this first

Get a good look and smell

Is the fuel truly negative? Sometimes, seeing is believing.

Get the gasoline out of the tank to visually examine it. 1st, discover a spot that is effectively ventilated, as way too considerably inhaled gasoline is negative for your well being. Find a very clear, disposable container to pour the aged fuel into. If you would like, you can pour some more recent gas into one more obvious container to evaluate the two.

Gas that is also previous, or stale, seems to be muddy or darker than it ought to. Regular fuel is translucent. If you see rust or any particles floating in the gasoline, undoubtedly get rid of it. These particles can split your gasoline lines and clog your filter, causing even bigger difficulties than you commenced out with.

Yet another way to explain to if gasoline is stale is by its scent. Gasoline has a distinct odor cherished by some and hated by other individuals. All people is aware of the scent of gasoline. Old gasoline will have far more of a sour scent to it and not look like the typical gasoline odor. Again, we really do not want to be having deep whiffs of this. You will know with a swift odor, then cap the container right away.

Dilution as a solution

How to Safely Dispose of Old Gas: What You Need to Know!
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Of course, you can dilute aged gasoline with new fuel! If you get the proportions right, the amount of the previous gas included to the new gas will not impact the combustion required to start off your motor.

For a tiny piece of machinery with a modest tank, like your lawn mower, topping off a fifty percent tank or less of outdated gasoline with new gas can get your motor going just wonderful for your lawn operate. Soon after a whilst of utilizing the equipment, you can stay on the safe facet and incorporate a tiny much more fresh gas to the tank to maintain it going.

For a bigger quantity of previous gasoline, you can dilute a certain sum of outdated fuel straight into your automobile or truck. Follow these approximate dilution suggestions based on your vehicle’s fuel tank dimensions, making use of a suitable fuel can with a spout:

  • 9-gallon tank = at ¾ full, add ½ gallon of old gas
  • 12-gallon tank = at ¾ full, add ¾ gallon of old gas
  • 16-gallon tank = at nearly full, add 1 gallon of old gas

When you are diluting gas, or just trying to hold your fuel refreshing in the 1st location, fuel additives can be your friend. Question your regional auto provider store which fuel additives they advocate based on your situation.

Must dispose? Here’s how!

Safety first

Ventilation wants to be a precedence listed here, so make positive your workspace is either outside or extremely nicely ventilated.

Prepare oneself for spills ahead of they take place. Gasoline spills can direct to unforeseen combustion, so clear up spills rapidly with baking soda or kitty litter, then sweep it up following it has had time to take in.

If it receives on clothes, use baking soda initial to take up the spill, brush it away, then follow with some liquid dish soap ahead of laundering. Keep away from device drying right up until you are totally positive the gasoline is washed out.

Disposal best practices

How to Safely Dispose of Old Gas: What You Need to Know!
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You will need to have a funnel and container. Make confident to put the gasoline in a correct, government-authorized container. These normally appear crimson and have a yellow spout coming out of them, and typically keep up to 5 gallons of gas, also named “gas cans” or “jerry cans”. They can be purchased at automotive parts stores, gas stations, and home advancement retailers.

Carefully and little by little pour the outdated gasoline from the aged container to the new 1, or siphon it from your vehicle’s tank into the new gasoline can. The slower the far better, as quickly pours are most likely to cause spills.

When you are transporting the old gasoline, you might choose to set the gasoline can in a greater plastic container so gasoline doesn’t spill within your car. Push meticulously, and absolutely really do not smoke although driving the fuel all around.

Places that take old gas

Listed here are three things you can do to discover out who requires old gasoline in your location:

  • Start with a simple web search: “hazardous waste disposal center near me,” or try
  • Call your local waste services company.
  • Call your local fire department.

One particular of these alternatives is certain to inform you on in which to just take your outdated gasoline for secure disposal.


Can I let old gas evaporate?

It’s correct that gasoline, when exposed to oxygen, evaporates more than time. However, this is not a intelligent way to dispose of outdated gasoline. You need to expose the fuel to open up air, which also exposes it to achievable combustion. You could properly pour out a cup of gas at a time into a modest container and look at it evaporate, but this is not sensible, and leaving it unattended is unsafe.

Does AutoZone, or my local auto parts store, take old gas?

No, at minimum, it’s not very likely. It is not expense-effective or sensible for the automotive elements store to get your aged gasoline for you. They do not have the indicates to recycle the fuel.

How to Safely Dispose of Old Gas: What You Need to Know!


It is greatest to preserve fuel new in the very first location. Both completely vacant a tank prior to storing for a prolonged time, or include a fuel additive like a fuel stabilizer to preserve the fuel clean for more time. Or, just use up the fuel.

We know that lifestyle happens, fuel tanks get forgotten and gas turns stale. Now you know what to do with that old gasoline. As you have study, it is actually fairly rapid and easy to take it to a area that accepts previous gas.

We hope your workshop is less cluttered with it, your machinery is working far more effortlessly, and you are much happier for acquiring rid of it!

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