How to Start a Craftsman Lawn Mower: 5 Tips & Tricks

Craftsman garden mowers are 1 of the most common lawn mower versions and for a excellent reason. They provide outstanding overall performance regardless of whether you program on employing it when a 7 days or every other thirty day period. Its powerful motor also makes certain the blades’ speed is substantial, ensuing in a cleanse and tidy garden.

In this article, we’ll search at some tips on beginning your Craftsman lawnmower.

How to Start a Craftsman Lawn Mower

The craftsman lawn mower has been all around for many years. It is also recognized as a garden tractor and is the very best product for men and women with over 1 acre of land that require mowing.

The 5 Tips & Tricks on Starting a Craftsman Lawn Mower

1. Thorough Check

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Starting up the craftsman lawn mower is not as difficult as individuals usually believe. Learning to maneuver it is even less difficult. Stick to the following suggestions to guarantee you start your garden mower correctly:

Very first issues 1st: prior to you start off the motor, there are many elements you need to have to consider

  • Do you have enough fuel in your tank?
  • Is anything trapped in the blades?
  • Is the PTO lever off?

The parking brake need to also be turned on with the chock handle activated.

  • Thorough Check Step 1

Ensure that the blades are not caught on to anything. Running the garden mower with anything at all caught on the blades can injury them, which might be a bit costly to repair.

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  • Thorough Check Step 2

Check out the fuel and oil amounts in the garden mower.

The gasoline need to be indicated on the gas gauge if you use a tractor craftsman lawn mower. However, you may well have to manually verify the gasoline degree for the craftsman to drive lawn mowers. Primarily, the fuel must not be much less than a quarter tank entire.

To examine the oil, open the oil cap at the best of the motor, and use the dipstick to see the oil amounts. The dipstick usually has marking on it that assists you know the specific amount of the oil. If the oil amounts are lower, insert them just before employing the garden mower.

The advisable type of oil arrives with the manual and, in some situations, could be indicated on the oil cap.

  • Thorough Check Step 3

If you are but to connect the spark plug wire to the spark plug, make sure you do so. They should be positioned on the front of the motor. After that, spot the steel cap hooked up to the wire to the metal tip part of the spark plug and ensure it is securely fixed.

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  • Thorough Check Step 4

Change the key in the clockwise route to start off the engine and release it as soon as it commences. Then, ensure you deactivate the throttle and set it to the quickly place.

2. Driving

The Craftsman driving garden mower has a steering wheel similar to most vehicles. This can make turning and maneuvering the garden mower fairly straightforward. Keep in mind that the transmission on your garden mower will decide how you are going to drive it.

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  • Hydrostatic

The hydrostatic transmitter is the most popular since it is less complicated to work. 1st, you need to have to commence it and spot the throttle lever in the quickly situation like you would with all craftsman garden mowers. Then, release the brake by urgent the parking brake pedal to move the craftsman garden mower.

The lawn mower has allowances for relocating ahead or reversing. To move ahead, shift the speed management lever forward and again in the direction of the operator to reverse it. Pushing the lever further will improve the forward or reverse velocity relying on the route you thrust it. To end the garden mower, move the velocity handle lever to a neutral position.

  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The CVT transmission is much more difficult to drive than the hydraulic 1. Nevertheless, beginning the motor is equivalent. Press on the brake pedal to shift from parking following beginning the motor. Following, move the throttle to the quick position and shift the shift lever into the forward or reverse situation, based on the course you want to go.

Rotary Lawn Mower
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  • Foot Controlled Variable Transmission (FCVT)

Beginning the motor of the FCVT transmission is essentially the same as with all other variations. Action on the brake pedal to release the parking brake and move the throttle to the fast placement. To shift ahead, change the lever ahead and backward to reverse.

Like the CVT transmission choice, the harder you press the pedal, the faster the mower movers. To completely end the mower, remove your foot from the travel pedal and push on the brake. Flip off the motor by turning the important anti-clockwise, and cease after the motor stops managing.

3. Changing the Filters

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Some Craftsman lawn mowers have a filter, although other people don’t. So, you need to establish the filter kind on your garden mower if it is outfitted with one. A filter is essential in protecting against any filth and dust from getting into the carburetor and engine. Replacing it assures your oil stays thoroughly clean and the motor does not get ruined.

If your mower has a pleated filter, you have to change it with a new one quickly right after it gets soiled. In the circumstance of a foam air filter, you can clean it with sizzling drinking water and some detergent and allow it air dry prior to reinstalling.

Have a piece of rag/ bowl at the ready to catch any oil that could leak when you get rid of the filter. To take away the filter, switch counterclockwise and allow the oil to drain into the drain pan. Wipe the gasket on the new filter with a bit of fresh engine oil ahead of placing it back again.

4. Changing the Cutting Height

Craftsman lawn mowers let you to established the mower to the chopping height you want your garden to be. Whether you want short or lengthy grass, you can pick the needed top need on your mower.

To do this, go the deck carry lever to the notch symbolizing the height you want on your garden. You can adjust it as significantly as you want to given that it does not have a distinct time limit.

5. Engaging the Blades

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Craftsman garden mowers occur with excellent chopping blades. Ahead of you interact the blades, make certain they are not caught on to everything that can pull them aside or injury them. Working the blades whilst connected to anything else could also trigger injury to any bystander if they undertaking the item at large velocity.

To interact the mower blades, place the throttle lever in the fast position and move the PTO into the ‘PTO ON’ situation. For prime functionality, press the throttle lever in the quick performance.

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Ways You Can Improve the Performance of Your Craftsman Lawn Mower

If you want your craftsman mower to very last longer, maintaining it is essential. Right here are some effective ideas.

1. Replace the Oil Often

Engine oil need to be changed at the very least each and every time the garden mower is utilized or following hitting the twenty five-hour-use mark. Thoroughly clean oil ought to be golden brown, as with motor vehicle oil. On the other hand, outdated, filthy oil is darker and black.

2. Replace the Spark Plug

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Most people disregard how essential a spark plug is in the garden mower. Nevertheless, it is a single of the crucial elements of running a lawn mower properly. Even if a mower appears to be functioning fantastic, you need to check the sparks every single time to stop them from receiving burnt and slowing down the mower.

3. Monitor the Condition of the Blades

A sharp blade is the most vital part of a craftsman’s garden mower. If you want the reduce on your garden to be uniform, take into account sharpening your blades routinely. If they are dull and destroyed and can not be repaired, they want to be changed with new types.

Significant harm to the blades, these kinds of as bends and dents, can cause severe incidents for the duration of the operation. So, often exchange the first blades with the manufacturer’s recommended blades.

Universal blades are not advisable for Craftsman lawn mowers thanks to protection troubles.

4. Check the Tire Pressure

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Like autos, keeping steady tire strain is important for craftsman garden mowers. Use a tire strain gauge frequently to ensure the force is regular, as very poor tire stress will lead to uneven chopping.


Starting a Craftsman garden mower is quite straightforward and can be accomplished by a person with no prior lawn mower or motor vehicle knowledge. Nevertheless, children ought to be kept absent from lawn mowers because they can lead to severe injuries or, in some instances, loss of life. In accordance to study, ninety Americans die every year from lawn mower-triggered accidents.

The good news is that most lawn mowers arrive with manuals with nicely-comprehensive recommendations on how to operate and drive the lawn mower. For a secure and sensible experience, ensure you go through the safeguards.


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