How to Stop Cats from Pooping in Your Yard: 9 Potential Methods

Gardening can be this sort of a gratifying action! You go to the plant store or nursery, choose the seeds or bulbs you want to increase. Then, you meticulously cultivate the soil on arms and knees, sweat stinging the eyes, dirt staining your clothes—it’s a labor of adore.

So, it can be aggravating when cats make a decision that all your challenging perform is going to be utilised as the community toilet. Your backyard is a spot of peace, not poop! If this circumstance would seem familiar, carry on reading this write-up. We will go in excess of how to get people pesky kitties to go away your bad petunias alone and restore harmony to the neighborhood.

How to Stop Cats from Pooping in Your Yard (9 Methods)

1. Remove Existing Cat Droppings

How to Stop Cats from Pooping in Your Yard: 9 Potential Methods
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Nicely, this is uncomfortable.

If you have searched for techniques to get rid of cat poop, the odds are that there is cat poop in your garden correct now. When cats odor the feces of other cats, they believe that they have located the rest room, and they do their company there as nicely. You are likely to need to have to discover an aged set of dish gloves that you will not miss and do the filthy!

2. When Life Hands You Lemons, Use Them

Now that you’ve obtained the backyard garden cleaned, it’s time to throw jointly some deterrents. A single cheap, straightforward way to discourage cats from defecating in your backyard is to throw lemon peelings on the topsoil. Cats are actually not fond of any citrus, so oranges and limes will work just fine as properly. A cat’s perception of odor is really sensitive, and the sourness of these fruits is a terrific way to keep people kitties away.

3.  Build a Fence

How to Stop Cats from Pooping in Your Yard: 9 Potential Methods
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In some situations, you can opt to build a tiny fence close to your yard. This is not a guaranteed way to hold cats out of the garden, as they do have a tendency to enjoy climbing. It is, nevertheless, a fantastic way to support other deterrents.

Cats generally really do not usually like to expend strength if there isn’t some reward like, for occasion, a good delicate garden to poop in. Putting up an obstacle is a wonderful way to support your other endeavours.

4. Plant Prickly Plants

Some crops have obtained this all figured out on their own. Planting thorny plants like rose bushes or even cacti, if you like them, is a great method. Do not be concerned cats—especially outdoor cats—are acknowledged to be very informed of their environment. They won’t harm on their own climbing into thorn bushes they will just keep away, which is what we want.

5. Use Chicken Wire to Seal the Yard

How to Stop Cats from Pooping in Your Yard: 9 Potential Methods
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If your property or backyard spot is effectively fenced off, then you may possibly be able to stop them from acquiring in at all. Hen wire mesh is a fantastic substance for plugging the holes in among the base of your fence and the floor. This steel mesh was designed for this exact objective, but with one more animal, from the place it receives its name.

This will perform if you have a large fence surrounding the backyard garden spot. Nonetheless, it is not ideal if you do not know specifically how the cats are getting in. In that situation, you’re probably much better off employing another deterrent.

6. Place Lemongrass in the Garden

This is a wonderful, all-natural way to preserve people feline foes out of the backyard. Inserting lemongrass in your backyard garden works in significantly the same way lemon peels do. The wonderful issue about lemongrass in the yard is that it is not a whole eyesore, and it is fairly efficient at trying to keep kitties from invading.

7. Make a Vinegar Spray

How to Stop Cats from Pooping in Your Yard: 9 Potential Methods
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This is one of our favorite choices. It’s low cost, powerful, and deters more than just the cats. All you need to have is some white vinegar, drinking water, and an old spray bottle, cleaned out. Blend some heat h2o and vinegar together in the spray bottle and spray the garden with it. The ratio of drinking water to vinegar does not want to be exact. Some people identified that 1 cup of h2o and 50 percent a cup of vinegar work good.

8. Motion Activated Sound System

If you have a couple of bucks to spare, you can purchase a neat piece of equipment at most big gardening retailers. A motion-activated sound program performs like a pet whistle. When the sensor is tripped, it emits a large frequency that only the cats (and puppies) can listen to, and they really do not like it one little bit. If you have the cash, it is fairly successful.

9. Make it Uncomfortable

One cause that cats are pooping in your backyard is that they feel it’s a fantastic spot to poop! If you know cats, you know that they like to be relaxed. A excellent way to do this is to lay twigs down on the soil. Cats are finicky about what type of surface area they walk on, so producing it a small bit thick with twigs is a excellent way to discourage them.


If you backyard, then you know how a lot function is already associated. Trying to keep pests and pesky critters out of your vegetation is component of the deal, so contemplate it a element of the challenge! With a small ingenuity—and a valuable article—you can have your yard and get pleasure from it too, totally free of cat poop.

Don’t forget to enable us know what performs (and what doesn’t) down in the remarks.

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