How to Use a Band Saw – 13 Tips and Tricks

Band saws are a comparatively secure resource. They’re also versatile, generating them a well-liked addition to any severe woodworker’s shop. Other than the preliminary set up, there’s not considerably necessary to make basic curved cuts.

Nonetheless, if you are fascinated in having your band noticed game to the following stage, we have provided some valuable suggestions and methods that will have you reducing like a professional in no time at all!

Before You Start Cutting

Just before you get into it, you are going to want to decide on the correct observed for your software. If you are chopping in a shop, you are going to both want a ground-mounted or bench-mounted observed. A vertical band observed will be the best option if you’re seeking to make unique and precise curved cuts.

If you will be employing the noticed in the field as an electrician or plumber, for case in point. Then a moveable handheld band observed will be a wonderful addition to your device package.

Band saw blades
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Another bonus with band saws is their protection. That does not mean you really do not require to wear any protecting gear, though. Some things to make certain you have handy are:

  • Hearing protection
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves (optional, depending on material)
  • Dust mask (optional, depending on material)

Inspecting the Saw

In addition to the safety material, guarantee you are examining the components of the band noticed often to minimize the danger of something vital failing although you are in the risk zone producing a lower.

  • Check the wheels that the blade runs on for wear.
  • Ensure the blade is sharp and not worn out.
  • Ensure tension on the blade is correct and adjust speed for the task at hand.
  • Check to make sure guards are in place for the cut.
  • Ensure there are no tripping hazards around the saw.

How to Use a Band Saw – 13 Tips and Tricks

1. Relief Cuts

If you are creating a complex curved lower, it will be much cleaner if you make many relief cuts into the piece you are doing work on. There is no established amount because it will differ on the specific reduce you are producing.

Primarily, a aid minimize is a lower straight into where you will be generating your contour cut. The notion is that as you do the contouring, more compact items fall absent. This allows the blade to transfer freely and not bind up on a chunk of wooden that won’t fall away.

ruler in the band saw table
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2. Nonferrous Materials With a Wood Blade

If you require to make cuts on issues like aluminum or copper and have a fine-toothed chopping blade, it’s not a difficulty and usually will not harm your blade. But prior to cutting steel, verify if your blade has hardened tooth. If they aren’t, even softer metals will boring it a lot quicker. Nonetheless, it will do the occupation irrespective.

3. Cut Outside the Line

You’ve measured your piece and drawn the line. Now, when it will come to slicing, minimize outdoors the line. It could be tempting to minimize on the line or inside of, as then it’s reduce-to-size. Nonetheless, even a ending blade with good tooth will depart marks on the wooden. So chopping outside the line leaves you some content you can end with a sander or sandpaper.

bandsaw cutting metal
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4. Replace the Dull Blade

Blades are a single of the most expensive ongoing costs connected to any observed. That’s just the way it works. However, when it comes to a band noticed, how effectively it operates genuinely is dependent on how good the blade is. The quality of the cut goes downhill swiftly with a uninteresting blade. So, replacing it as shortly as it starts getting uninteresting is suggested.

In some circumstances, a blade isn’t really uninteresting but dirty. So, prior to you throw it out. Validate it’s actually uninteresting and not covered with filth or pitch. If it is filthy, toss it in a can of blade cleaner and let it soak. This may well provide it again to lifestyle for some more cutting.

5. Loosen the Blade

Band saw blades are adjustable. Various cuts may possibly require you to have the blade tighter or looser. Nevertheless, if you’re not likely to cut everything for a few days, release the tension on the blade. This is one way to increase the lifestyle of the blade and the tensioning factors.

bandsaw cut
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6. Change Blades

Generally, most producers don’t market electrical power instruments with the ideal add-ons. Band saws are no different. The blade it comes with will do the task, but it won’t be the optimum top quality you can get normally, it will be a common-purpose blade.

An example of an update would be to get a fantastic-toothed blade with a high number of enamel for every inch (TPI). This will give you a cleanse, finishing cut.

7. Switch Out the Guide Blocks

Just previously mentioned where the blade operates via the observed, two steel blocks preserve the blade aligned and managing straight. On more mature saws (and some new types) these are manufactured from steel, and they trigger the blade to warmth up some thing fierce.

Olsen Amazing Blocks are made from a different content that creates significantly less friction and doesn’t result in as significantly heat to develop up. Switching these guide blocks out can substantially improve a blade’s life.

close up bandsaw mill
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8. Start Shallow When Cutting

If you are contouring a piece of wood with a shallow and deep angle to the lower, commence with the shallow lower. This will help with a cleaner reduce. If you have two shallow angles that meet in the center. Start chopping from every facet and satisfy in the middle for a wonderful minimize.

9. Round the Blade

When you’re producing tons of tight curved cuts rounding the toothless facet of the blade can help reduce vibration when chopping. Switch the observed on and use a blade ending stone to do this. Begin by grinding the edges of the back again of the blade, then spherical it. You’ll only have to do this as soon as for each blade.

close up craftsman cutting wood using bandsaw
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10. Make a Bigger Table

The stock 12 to fourteen-inch table might be sufficient based on what you’re chopping. But in most instances, generating an outsized desk tends to make a huge distinction in the top quality of cuts you can make.

Minimize a piece of plywood or MDF to the preferred dimension for your table. Then lower a blade slot on it with the band observed. After you have it the place you want it, drill holes via the new table and aged table and attach it with nuts and bolts.

Pro idea: Make sure the holes are countersunk, so you have a one hundred% easy surface on your new band noticed table.

11. Reveal as Little Blade as Possible

If you read through your saw’s guide, it will probably inform you to hold the desk adjusted as close as possible to the guidebook. There are a couple of motives for this.

The main reason is improved basic safety. When the wooden you’re cutting is close to the guide, there is nominal blade exposed to cut you. The other reason for this is to generate a more specific minimize. When the wood is close to the information, there is significantly less opportunity that the blade will wander or cut crooked.

blue metal band saw
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12. Lubricate the Blade

Use an suitable lubricant on the blade. Typically a wax adhere is used for band noticed blade lubrication. This guarantees easy slicing by lowering vibration and friction when cutting. It also aids reduce the warmth produced, thus bettering the lifespan of your blade.

13. Tension and Alignment

When it comes to the blades on a band noticed, the pressure and alignment of the blade are crucial. You really do not want the blade too unfastened or tight, and you want it aligned for straight cuts. This is something you need to check out each time ahead of working with the saw.

Wood band saw
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Closing Thoughts

Band saws are an amazing addition to your woodworking or metalworking store. If you follow some (or all) of these helpful ideas, it will increase the quality of your chopping, lengthen the lifestyle of your blades and your saw, and you will be as protected as achievable.


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