How to Use a Composting Toilet – Step-by-Step Guide

In the earlier ten years or so, more men and women have been trying to locate substitute strategies and approaches of getting eco-pleasant and reducing the utilization of any environmentally damaging squander and products.

A single of these methods for eco-friendly dwelling is the composting rest room. In accordance to investigation, an typical particular person flushes 2,650 gallons of drinking water each and every year.

Composting bathroom is a method for harvesting human waste and turning it into compost via organic processes and decomposition. It is the most eco-pleasant way to offer with human waste considering that it does not call for flushing, does not incorporate to air pollution, and is extremely cheap to make. You can even make it oneself with no skills needed. In the finish, you have secure, odorless compost that you can even use in your yard.

This post will present you how to use a composting toilet since numerous of us doubt the practicality of each day use of such an invention.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Composting Toilet

1. Preparing the toilet before use

How to Use a Composting Toilet – Step-by-Step Guide
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Prior to using the rest room for the 1st time, you must line the base of the container with a carbon-prosperous material (about one inch layer) such as dried peat moss, straw, or sawdust. Sawdust is the most widespread solution considering that it is excellent for absorbing humidity. The mixture of chemicals helps speed up the process that will later split down the squander content to compost.

2. Separating liquids from solids

Most compost bathrooms are developed to distribute urine in the proper route in the rest room method as soon as you sit on the toilet. There will be two chambers in the bathroom, a single for sound and one particular for liquid waste. Some bathrooms have a lever that immediately separates the two chambers when you sit. We will want to hold these two divided to minimize any unneeded odor and ensure that a wholesome aerobic bacterium develops and later on gets secure fertilizer. Right after ending with the solid deposit and cleaning oneself, you may possibly toss the toilet paper in the bin. Make sure that it is biodegradable.

3. Stirring mechanism and drying

How to Use a Composting Toilet – Step-by-Step Guide
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Some folks choose to have an in-built admirer in the lavatory. Every single time you use the toilet, you can flip on the fan for about 5-ten minutes, and that’s an additional phase to ensuring an odorless toilet. Some composting bathrooms also have a stirring mechanism that mixes the squander and sawdust from time to time. For urine, it is relatively crucial to make the proper circumstances, dry air and warmth make urine evaporate, and the result is a moist content suited for the compost. Each possibilities are acceptable for drying the waste enough to velocity up the procedure, which will spend off in the long operate.

4. Emptying routine

You must empty the squander every two-three weeks. As for the liquid waste, you can unload it every 2nd or third day to avoid odor. Since not making use of any drinking water for this task is vital, folks discovered other tips to mask the odor. For a scent that arrives from the urine bin, you can use two spoons of sugar, and when you want to clear the urine bin thoroughly, the very best remedy is putting a three-inch layer of vinegar, one-inch layer of rocks, and shaking till you cleanse all the leftover urine. Vinegar also performs for strong wastes. You can make it from 2 ounces of vinegar and drinking water and use it from a spray bottle.

5. Disposing of the waste

How to Use a Composting Toilet – Step-by-Step Guide
Single flush toilet.

The previous stage is the most vital 1. You must collect all the waste into a single sizable composting pile. You can use a biodegradable bag for this phase considering that it will decay with simplicity and not lead to the compost in any way. A plastic bag is unwanted we do not want any plastic mixing with our natural and organic content. For the composting pile to be prepared and safe for use, it must produce for at least a year. This time period will differ because of to weather and minimal temperatures. The temperature should reach at minimum 122°F for one week to wipe out all the pathogens. If you do not meet up with these circumstances, the compost pile should sit for yet another yr.

How often should you empty a composting toilet?

Many individuals question how usually they need to empty a composting bathroom, so we’re listed here to provide you with an solution. Emptying the toilet depends on the amount of folks utilizing it. You can drain the urine bin every single second or third day, although the container for strong waste can very last up to 90 utilizes.

Do composting toilets smell bad?

A composting bathroom can scent negative, but that doesn’t always come about. If you adhere to all the actions appropriately and make the appropriate problems, odors won’t be a problem. The most vital evaluate to stick to is to make certain the sound and liquid do not blend. The developed-in fan will be there for that additional guarantee.

How to Use a Composting Toilet – Step-by-Step Guide

How can you use the compost waste?

Suppose the compost pile has broken down significantly to search like abundant topsoil that resembles soil and blended in the presently set up compost with other organic and natural waste. In that case, it is entirely secure to use in your garden and even edible vegetation. It will be a fantastic fertilizer that will assist your plants increase.

Advantages and disadvantages

Composting toilets have several benefits, but it has some disadvantages as effectively. Look at the record underneath to locate out the most crucial professionals and downsides of composting bathrooms.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Lower costs
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Requires more maintenance
  • If the system is not controlled adequately, it can lead to serious health hazards
  • It may have slight odors
  • Impractical

So, it is important to be completely informed on all the methods and safety measures to just take. In the conclude, all the rewards that we’ve pointed out are considerably more satisfying than employing a normal toilet.


If you’re pondering of changing your habits and if you want to add to aiding the atmosphere and culture increase, composting is a wonderful apply to comply with. Compost bathrooms are a fantastic way to employ your squander and fertilize your yard in a secure and eco-welcoming way. By adhering to these easy tips, you will understand how to use a compost toilet in no time. With a controlled setting, there shouldn’t be any troubles or phase-backs. If you ever need a reminder, you can return to this post. Ideally, this will help you be a lot more sustainable and live a greener life.

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