How to Use a Hacksaw: 5 Tips and Tricks

As lengthy as you don’t head functioning those arm muscle tissues, a hacksaw is 1 of the cheapest and least difficult instruments for little metallic and plastic chopping jobs. It is an superb tool for the DIYer to have in their kit, and it’s an daily resource for most electricians and plumbers.

If you have never ever picked up a hacksaw in your lifestyle, this guide is for you. We will stroll you by means of deciding on the proper hacksaw and producing your initial minimize. From there, it is just practice.

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Picking the Correct Hacksaw

Before you get to the chopping, you will need to have to make certain you have received the correct noticed (and blade) for the job. The most common variety of hacksaw consists of a frame and a blade. You can get driven hacksaws, but individuals are significantly a lot more pricey and advanced. For this information, we’ll emphasis on a very good outdated-fashioned sandwich-driven observed.

In addition to the hacksaw selection, you are going to need to have to guarantee you have the correct blade on it. Each and every blade is measured by its length and teeth per inch (TPI). For illustration, if you are slicing skinny aluminum, you are going to want a blade with about 28 to 32 TPI this will give you a wonderful reduce. Nonetheless, if you are cutting a PVC pipe or some thing similar, you will want no much more than fourteen or 16 TPI.

Handyman in overalls cutting metal tube with hacksaw
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Safety Precautions

The great point about a hacksaw is that there is not a great deal that can go wrong with it when you use it effectively. Nonetheless, it’s nevertheless a tool, and you must wear some personalized protective tools (PPE).

A pair of leather perform gloves or minimize-resistant gloves are a very good concept. The probabilities of any traveling debris is reduced. Nevertheless, when functioning with any device it’s normally a great notion to put on protection eyeglasses.

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How to Use a Hacksaw

For the sake of this guide, we’ve damaged down making a reduce with your hacksaw into 5 easy methods. Nonetheless, after you have manufactured a handful of cuts, you are going to be in a position to do this without considering about it.

1. Mark the Material

There are several techniques to mark metal. You can use a scribe tool or welder’s pencil if all else fails, a piece of inexperienced painter’s tape will do the trick. If you are chopping plastic, a black Sharpie will do the trick.

2. Secure the Material

Normally, making a reduce with a hacksaw can get a bit, so you usually want to secure the substance you are reducing. If the content moves, you could slip and minimize oneself, scratch the substance the place you really don't want to, or you could even crack the hacksaw’s blade.

A vise is the greatest resource for small metallic pipes to prevent them from relocating. However, for odd-shaped substance, you’re greater off utilizing a clamp and attaching it to a workbench or other secure surface area.

hacksaw cutting metal_Eugene Brennan_Pixabay
Image Credit: Eugene Brennan, Pixabay

3. Make Initial Cut

Don’t just commence sawing hard back and forth. Make a few of forward strokes with nominal force to develop a modest groove for the blade to sit in. This prevents the blade from “walking” along the material as you saw.

4. Build Speed

Once you have obtained the preliminary groove, decide up your velocity. Don't forget that if you’ve place the blade on the saw correctly, it will only lower on the ahead stroke. So, use constant pressure on the entire stroke forward and carry the noticed up to reset or simply slide it again without having force.

As you get momentum, this approach speeds up. For your initial few of cuts, just take your time with the sawing movement and speed it up as you get more cozy.

5. File Cut

Whenever you lower steel, the lower end will be razor-sharp. It’ll be sharp even if you are employing a higher TPI blade that leaves a clean cut. In reality, these cuts are normally the sharpest. So, after you have concluded, just take a file and spherical the edges to eliminate any burrs or jagged items.

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Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a reduce with your hacksaw securely, it is time to practice. Don’t worry as well a lot if the very first couple come out crooked. It takes a little bit to get the cling of trying to keep a versatile blade straight as it cuts.

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