Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench: Which is Best for Your Needs?


Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Purchasing and employing the correct drill/driver for a particular job is typically a position of confusion. Most drills appear really equivalent, and it can be easy to select the mistaken drill for the task at hand.

Influence drivers and affect wrenches are instruments that Do it yourself-ers are likely to add to their arsenal after they come across a process also huge for their regular cordless drill/driver.

By examining the essential variations of these essential tools under, you will be way ahead of the sport when the time will come to make this purchase.

Impact Driver Overview

Have you ever been driving a screw into a wooden framing member, only to have your cordless drill stall out? If so, an affect driver might have been in a position to total this job for you. As a rule of thumb, affect motorists are normally in a position to exert twice the torque of a common cordless drill.

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Impact Driver Basic Functions

A good starting up level to developing a sturdy comprehension of an impact driver is a easy comparison to the standard cordless drill/driver. An impact driver has a similar physical appearance to a cordless drill, but an affect driver uses speedy concussive rotary power to enhance the torque output of the instrument.

Improved Torque

A common impact driver can exert 125 inch-lbs . (in-lbs). of torque. A common cordless drill utilizes rotary power by itself, with out the concussion, and they can generally only exert around 60 in-lbs. of torque.

An effect driver can full a lot of of the same duties as a common cordless drill nevertheless, the influence driver is much better suited for tasks that set its added torque to excellent use, this kind of as driving in extended screws into hardwood or drilling massive diameter holes.


Rates for affect drivers are fairly reasonable, with most versions coming in close to $60 to $a hundred for the device alone.

Impact Driver Chuck

The chuck of the effect driver is another differentiating factor amongst other drill/drivers. An effect driver functions a ¼-inch hex collet as a chuck to hold bits. This is an critical attribute, as this chuck enables for better torque than a standard cordless drill. Unique ¼-inch hexagonal drill bits are necessary for impact motorists. To install or adjust drill bits, slide the collet of the drill ahead, while at the same time pulling out the drill bit.

Impact Driver Pros
  • Great for driving in long screws
  • Great for drilling large holes in lumber
  • Incredibly versatile, can be used for a wide assortment of tasks
  • Affordable
Impact Driver Cons
  • Lacks the torque capabilities of an impact wrench

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Impact Wrench Overview

If you do a good deal of your very own automotive operate, you may want to think about acquiring an impact wrench. Impact wrenches are utilized for getting rid of and setting up big nuts and bolts. Influence wrenches are generally employed in automotive shops to eliminate and install the lug nuts that maintain on wheels. As a rule of thumb, effect wrenches can generally supply twice the sum of torque as an affect driver.

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Impact Wrench Basic Functions

Similar to an effect driver, an affect wrench makes use of quick concussive rotary pressure to rotate the shaft of the device. Affect wrenches are typically only employed for large nut and bolt removal and installation. This is a essential distinction between influence motorists and effect wrenches.

Heavy-Duty Torque

Impact wrenches can exert an immense quantity of torque they produce about 250 in-lbs. of torque on common. This makes affect wrenches way too strong to travel screws or comparable duties. Most impact wrenches function on compressed air, but some models are created as electrical, both corded and cordless.


Rates for impact wrenches mirror the extra torque they are in a position to exert, with most types fetching a price of $200 to $three hundred.

Impact Wrench Socket Connections

The socket link for effect wrenches is yet another area exactly where they vary from effect drivers. Whilst influence drivers employ a chuck, effect wrenches are manufactured with a mounted ½-inch drive. This push easily accepts a amount of sockets, but it is essential to only use sockets that are rated for effect wrench use. These sockets are created with a thick wall to accommodate the powerful concussive forces from an affect wrench.

Impact Wrench Pros
  • Exert an impressive amount of torque, approximately twice that of an impact driver
  • The best tool at removing stubborn nuts and bolts
Impact Wrench Cons
  • Are suited for a much narrower range of tasks compared to an impact driver
  • Much more expensive than an impact driver

Which Option is Right for You?

Soon after looking through the sections previously mentioned, it is effortless to see that these equipment are created to total quite different tasks. Impact drivers are designed almost as an extension of cordless drill/motorists. An affect driver provides significantly a lot more torque and is very easily in a position to total responsibilities such as driving long screws or carriage bolts. If you are seeking to assemble a deck on the side of your residence, an impact driver is the right tool for you.

Affect wrenches offer you even a lot more torque than impact drivers. Nonetheless, this additional torque will come at a value. Affect wrenches are usually constrained to taking away or setting up weighty-responsibility nuts and bolts. They are basically too powerful to truly travel screws or drill small holes. Normal jobs that ended up produced for impact wrenches contain eliminating lug nuts on cars and weighty industrial work these kinds of as bolting down mechanical products to the flooring.


Impact motorists and impact wrenches are fantastic tools, and they are a fantastic addition to any individual’s toolbox. If a particular person can only select one particular of these instruments, they have to first look at which tasks they are commonly carrying out. If someone is mostly performing household or light-weight industrial building work in which they find on their own regularly driving lengthy screws or carriage bolts, an impact driver is a logical selection. On the other hand, if an individual is locating by themselves mostly operating with cars or weighty machinery, an affect wrench is possibly the best option.

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