Is The Ford F-150 Reliable? Is It The Right Car For Me?

Automobile repairs can be tense and expensive. One of the worst emotions to encounter on the street is when you know some thing is mistaken with your vehicle. Main problems can go away you stranded on the facet of the highway and guide to repairs that strap you with a huge monthly bill. For all these causes, trustworthiness is a single of the most significant factors that folks consider when acquiring a new vehicle.

The Ford F-a hundred and fifty carries on to be 1 of the most popular cars in American background. It sells properly 12 months following 12 months and has a prolonged heritage of currently being prime of its class stretching again to the forties. But are Ford F-150s reliable? Does the F-one hundred fifty have great sufficient dependability to fulfill your needs? We pulled a pair of trustworthiness scores from reputable buyer watchdogs and go over some of the figures guiding the general dependability of the F-a hundred and fifty so you know just what to anticipate if you determine to purchase 1 for by yourself.

Ford F-150 Reliability Scores

For as properly as the Ford F-a hundred and fifty sells, it does not have the best reliability scores. In simple fact, Ford F-150 is basically regular when it comes to scores that measure the overall reliability of a car.

Ford F-150 Lightning
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JD Power – 77/100

JD Electrical power costs the F-a hundred and fifty a seventy seven out of one hundred for reliability. They say that 70 to 80 is regular so the Ford F-150 is easily typical. JD Electrical power rated the F-one hundred fifty overall as a 79 out of one hundred which is good but nevertheless not excellent. JD Power’s formal suggestions for ranking reliability reads as follows:

“Measures the level of defects, malfunctions, and design flaws skilled by motor vehicle house owners. Covers the whole automobile from motor to infotainment technique. A higher rating implies less issues.”

Sadly, they do not break down exactly what areas of the F-one hundred fifty scored inadequately and which components scored far better on the way to the aggregate score of 77.

US News – #2 Full-Sized Pickup

US Information ranks the Ford F-a hundred and fifty as the 2nd-ideal truck on the industry. The F-150 finishes 2nd to the 2022 Ram 1500 and will come forward of the Chevy Silverado 1500. Out of the 5 regular total-sized vehicles on the industry Ford again lands earlier mentioned regular but not the greatest which is a development that carries on to display through numerous rankings and rankings.

Ford F-150
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Repair Pal – 3.5/5

Mend Pal is a site that tracks the regular restore fees for a variety of vehicles. They keep track of how usually, how massive, and how high-priced specific repairs are for vehicles of all sorts and keep keep track of of that information. Restore Pal offers the Ford F-150 a rating of three.five out of five which they also claim is above typical but not the greatest. They stated that the common score for trustworthiness is 3 out of 5 giving the Ford F-150 a slight edge above the common automobile. Repair Pal’s score lands the F-a hundred and fifty at 7th out of seventeen vehicles that they preserve data on which is in the leading 50 % but not the best 5.

Total Average Score: 69/100

Carrying out some mathematical wizardry, we can get all of these scores and get a composite score out of 100. The average rating comes out to be 69 out of a hundred based on these scores. That is in line with the traits and information bordering the F-a hundred and fifty. Ford’s flagship truck is not the most reliable automobile on the street, but they are not inherently unreliable possibly. Absolutely a rating like this will produce some regrettable lemons but overall, the truck performs well, it just doesn’t perform incredibly.

Average Repairs and Lifespan

In spite of not obtaining the best dependability scores Ford F-150s still routinely very last up to two hundred,000 miles. At an average of fifteen,000 highway miles per year, the F-a hundred and fifty ought to reliably previous over thirteen several years on the street with standard driving and great servicing. That is a lengthy time and can offer a affordable return on your investment decision from a financial standpoint. Some Ford F-150s can previous up to 300,000 miles which would improve the lifespan to twenty several years.

Restore Pal says the common yearly servicing value for the F-a hundred and fifty is $788 which is higher than the regular cost of $652 for all automobiles. However, the value is considerably lower than the average expense to preserve a total-sized truck which they say is normally $936. The Ford F-one hundred fifty is not prone to key concerns but relatively a series of little small concerns that include up. If you are concerned about losing your truck to a catastrophic breakdown the F-150 prices effectively in terms of keeping away from main repairs. Significant repairs are exceptional for F-150s which is why the annual maintenance cost is lower than other vans.

Ford F150
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Is The Ford F-150 Right For You?

All of that currently being said, is the F-a hundred and fifty the appropriate truck for you? It depends. If your quantity one criterion for a truck is general reliability and longevity then there are vehicles that score much better than the F-150. The Toyota Tundra frequently normally takes the top location for overall reliability followed closely by the Ram 1500.

Even so, the Ford F-a hundred and fifty is America’s ideal-marketing truck for a purpose. It is effortless to resolve, simple to sustain, incredibly well-known, and can simply final more than a ten years on the highway. If you are partial to Ford and are seeking for an excuse to get an F-a hundred and fifty, the trustworthiness score must not hinder that choice. If you are seeking for the most reliable truck on the street and ended up pondering if it was the F-150, it is not. Reliability is just a single issue that goes into buying a truck and no matter whether you make a decision to get the F-one hundred fifty will rely on how important reliability is to you in comparison to other factors this sort of as cost, towing potential, and passenger quantity.


Like most characteristics of the Ford F-a hundred and fifty, the trustworthiness scores are good bordering on great. If Ford could just eke out a number of a lot more points on any of their dependability scores they would comfortably be in close proximity to the leading location. Alternatively, they are mired in the center of the pack. These vans are by no implies unreliable but as they get on in age there is a chance that upkeep and tiny repairs will become more and more regular.



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