Is The Ford Focus Reliable? Is It The Right Car For Me?

Obtaining a new vehicle can be fascinating, and as there are numerous available choices, picking the excellent automobile for you can be challenging. You have probably already heard about Ford Concentrate, as these vehicles are really popular. If you’re considering acquiring one of these cars, you need to have to be effectively educated about their performance and trustworthiness.

This write-up will supply you with far more details on the Ford Target versions, particularly showcasing their dependability to support you establish if it is the appropriate car for you or not.

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Ford Focus – Pros & Cons

Before we get into the matter and supply additional particulars about Ford Target and its dependability, verify out the pros and negatives listing to see the good and not-so-excellent in our Ford Focus design 12 months comparison chart.

Ford Focus
Image Credit: kagumedia, Pixabay
Model year Pros Cons
2000 ●     Sharp handling


●     Unattractive trim and interior



●     Smooth ride

●     Sharp steering

●     Big interior

●     Unwanted suspension movements

●     Not ample grunt






●     Smooth ride

●     Roomy interior

●     Sharp steering

●     Wonderful variety of features and configurations

●     Low reliability

●     Unpleasant seats

2006 ●     Simple controls

●     Cozy seats

●     Excellent steering

●     First rate ride quality

●     Excellent variety of functions and configurations

●     Reliable

●     Not the best build quality

●     Not enough storage

●     No cupholders

●     No rear head restraints


2007 ●     Quality ride

●     Responsive steering

●     Comfortable seats

●     Straightforward controls

●     Split-folding rear seats

●     Reliable

●     Not enough storage

●     No cupholders

●     No facet curtain airbags

●     Sloppy finish



●     Quality ride

●     Responsive steering

●     Straightforward controls

●     Excellent gas economy

●     Cost-effective

●     No rear headrests
2010 ●     Good fuel economy

●     Unique protection functions

●     Reliable

●     Excellent dealing with dynamics

●     Engine could use more power

●     Awkward back again seat

●     No telescopic steering wheel

2011 ●     High safety scores and reliability rating

●     Great common safety features

●     Excellent mileage

●     Engine could use more power

●     Interior wants enhancement

●     No telescopic steering wheel




●     Excellent handling

●     Substantial-quality, appealing inside

●     Exceptional gasoline economic climate

●     Peaceful experience

●     Difficult infotainment controls

●     Problems with the automatic transmission

2014 ●     Stylish cabin

●     Sporty trim

●     Agile handling

●     Comfortable experience

●     Low reliability rating

●     Puzzling infotainment characteristics

2015 ●     Sporty handling

●     Exceptional inside

●     Silent trip

●     Poor reliability rating

●     Restricted rear-seat legroom

2016 ●     Good handling

●     Outstanding cabin

●     Low reliability rating

●     Not the greatest transmission

●     Underwhelming acceleration

2017 ●     Smooth ride

●     Agile dealing with

●     Turbocharged motor attributes

●     Below-average reliability rating

●     Inconvenient twin-clutch automatic transmission

●     Restricted rear-seat legroom


2018 ●     Two turbocharged engines

●     Excellent trustworthiness rating

●     Agile managing

●     Cramped seats

●     Inconvenient dual-clutch automated transmission

●     Underwhelming acceleration

2019 ●     Spacious cabin

●     Great engines and excellent managing

●     Not enough storage

Ford Focus Models To Avoid

We want to point out some Ford Concentrate designs you ought to try out to avoid if attainable. Although they are not all that poor, they have concerns that reduced their trustworthiness ranking, which implies your security could be put at chance.

Ford Focus
Image Credit: DanRais , Pixabay

2012 – 2016 Ford Focus

Some of the worst types selection from 2012 to 2016, and they had many concerns that decreased the dependability score of these vehicles. Most versions from this period have transmission troubles, and which is why numerous of these types ended up on lists for the worst cars in those a long time. The twin-clutch technique was an concern on its own but adding the PowerShift was a negative mixture for these cars.

They also have confusing infotainment systems, so the touch screen would attract your focus away from the road, leading to feasible problems and incidents.

2017 Ford Focus

Although this is a sweet, compact motor vehicle, it has troubles with a faulty canister purge valve which can end result in a unexpected reduction of electricity. Which is absolutely not some thing you’d like to happen in the middle of the street, which is why we really do not recommend this model.

Common Ford Focus Issues

Even though the track record of the Ford Target is pretty respectable, this model encounters a variety of issues that lower its efficiency and dependability. Under are some of the most frequent troubles end users with Ford Target expertise.

Transmission Problems

A lot of individuals who travel a Ford Concentrate had grievances about the transmission troubles in this car. These troubles are popular in Ford Target types from 2011 to 2016. In 2011 Ford Focus added the “PowerShift” computerized transmission to their vehicles, which triggered problems in between the dry clutches and twin clutches. Simply because of this dilemma, in 2014, the Ford Concentrate was amongst the worst autos of the yr.

Ford Focus
Image Credit: AutoPhotography, Pixabay

Issues With The Engine RPM Fluctuation

More recent Ford Concentrate versions have surpassed the transmission issues, but they have encountered engine problems that also influence the trustworthiness of this automobile. After you shift the equipment into park method, the engine’s RPM can rise, no matter of releasing the clutch pedal.

Exhaust and Fuel System Problems

Numerous users also noted that they skilled exhaust and fuel method troubles with the 2012 to 2018 Ford Focus types. In a lot of of them, the exhaust system experienced a bad purge valve that threatened the vehicle’s gas tank. Simply because of that, issues these kinds of as electrical power loss, stalling, incapacity to start off the motor, and gasoline gauges malfunctioning had been widespread.

Engine Stalls

This problem was quite widespread with the 2000 Ford Focus, and the motor would die while operating. One more concern that was common for this motor vehicle was the motor blowing, major to large fix charges.

driver starting the car engine
Image Credit: lzf, Shutterstock

Steering Issues

Though steering concerns weren’t frequent in all Ford Emphasis designs, they ended up repeated in the 2012 Ford Target design. The biggest issue with the steering technique was that the method would randomly stop performing whilst a individual was driving, rising the risk of feasible incidents. One more widespread issue was the steering technique locking alone when a consumer would change on the vehicle.

Low-Speed Pre-Ignition

The Ford Focus ST was quite trustworthy, and it had turbochargers in the motor that enhanced the pressure. This variety of motor was useful, but it arrived with a pair of problems, this sort of as lower-speed pre-ignition that can damage inner areas of the vehicle.

How Reliable Is The Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus is not the most dependable vehicle out there, but if you hold up the typical routine maintenance and stay away from models with PowerShift transmission, this vehicle may not be a poor option. Attempt to decide on designs with increased trustworthiness scores, these kinds of as the 2018, 2011, 2010, 2007, and 2006 models.

Though some versions have a tendency to have concerns, each design from 2013 to 2018 received a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA.

Is The Ford Focus The Right Car For Me?

If you’re hunting for a compact automobile that performs decently and has a medium reliability rating, you must check out out some of the Ford Target models. They are affordable, and their routine maintenance is affordable, so you can usually hold your auto in excellent form to avert feasible accidents and injuries.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Ford Focus is not a poor automobile, but you will require to examine all the models to make a decision which 1 will fit your requirements. Like each and every other motor vehicle, the Ford Emphasis has some excellent and poor years, so it is essential to learn far more about them and discover a automobile in your cost assortment that will fulfill your dependability expectations.


Featured Image Credit history: AutoPhotography, Pixabay