Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Both Kobalt and Ryobi are well-recognized electrical power device makes. Neither of them is specifically a higher-finish model, but they aren’t extremely low cost manufacturers either. If you are looking for a mid-selection device, then 1 of these makes could be what you’re hunting for.

Nonetheless, deciding on amongst these brands can be tough. On the floor, they can seem remarkably related. The good news is, we’re here to help you out. We will search at the two of these firms, including factors like their production place and warranties. Hopefully, this info will help you figure out which brand is greatest for you.

A Quick Comparison

Image Product Details
Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022 Kobalt
  • Established: 1988
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Product lines: Power tools
  • Parent company/ major Subsidiaries: Lowe's Companies Inc.
    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022 Ryobi
  • Established: 1943
  • Headquarters: Japan
  • Product lines: Power tools
  • Parent company/ major Subsidiaries: Techtronic Industries

    Brief History of Kobalt

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    As significantly as tool organizations go, Kobalt is not that previous. Lowe’s launched this off-shoot brand name in 1998 via a partnership with J.H. Williams. Kobalt was supposed to be a competitor in opposition to other suppliers like Sears and Property Depot, who equally had their very own tool manufacturers at the time.

    Sooner or later, Danaher Corporation started producing the greater part of Kobalt energy instruments in 2003. In 2011, that arrangement ended, and Lowe’s switched to distinct suppliers for its hand instruments. Even so, diverse equipment ended up then produced by diverse businesses – not any person key company.

    In 2011, the business also expanded to include cordless energy tools, which are made by Chervon. Rexon Industrial Corp. manufactures their existing miter saws as of 2020.

    Brief History of RyobiKobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    Ryobi is a Japanese business that helps make all types of issues which includes cars, electronics, telecommunications, and printing products. This company also produces a line of electricity tools, which we will target on in this report.

    This business was founded in 1943 and at first marketed die solid merchandise. In 1961, they commenced making printing presses. The production of electricity equipment did not begin right up until 1968. The Ryobi resources brand name was detailed in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. One particular Globe Systems, Inc. manufactures all of Ryobi’s electricity resources. This firm also manufactures the equipment for Milwaukee, AEG, and a few other energy tool companies.

    Right now, in the United States and Canada, Ryobi energy tools are mainly marketed through Residence Depot and the net. In Australia and New Zealand, you can only locate them at Bunnings Warehouse.

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Manufacturing


    Most Kobalt mechanic’s resources are produced in the United states of america. Nevertheless, the energy tools are made in either Germany or China. The organization appears to be shifting more and far more of their generation to China, so anticipate much more and a lot more electrical power resources to occur from there as time progresses.

    Usually speaking, even so, the Chinese manufacturing does not seem to be to impact the top quality of the Kobalt electrical power tools. In a lot of situations, they don’t look lower-quality.

    Above time, Kobalt has sourced from a lot of various places, so we would not be stunned if they switched yet again in the future. Considering that numerous Kobalt tools are created by different people, the precise quality will vary from a single instrument to one more. They aren’t all manufactured by the very same particular person, so maker warranties and that sort of factor may possibly be various as well.

    New power resources are likely to be produced by Chervon equipment presently, which is dependent in Germany. Even so, significantly of this brand’s manufacturing is completed in China.


    In the past, Ryobi instruments had been created in the United states. Today, they have 12 various services unfold above six diverse firms. Some are made in one region, even though other tools are manufactured in a diverse business. They presently only have 1 facility in the U.S., which is situated in Shelbyville, Indiana. For this cause, most of their tools are not produced in the U.S.

    Back in the eighties, most of their tools were produced primarily in the U.S. Some of that has carried more than to right now, with numerous individuals assuming they are even now a U.S. business. Even so, their instruments are now mainly created in China.

    Presently, their a single U.S. plant only tends to make components for some of their equipment. No actual energy resources are manufactured there. Therefore, you can believe that all of their electricity equipment are created elsewhere – mainly in China.

    We expect that they will keep on to manufacture their instruments in China in the foreseeable future.

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Product Line


    Kobalt at present helps make a line of hand instruments, power equipment, and device storage merchandise. They are mostly created for buyer use, and the top quality and value mirrors this. They are most properly-identified for their energy equipment, which is what they started out producing to begin with. However, their hand resources are turning out to be ever more well-known.

    They also make some accessories for their numerous resources. They also manufacture some greater equipment, like air compressors.

    Usually, they make all of the electricity resources that you may possibly count on. They have drills and motorists, as nicely as batteries and saws.


    Ryobi is ideal known for their resources, but they also make a variety of other goods. The larger business they are a portion of really helps make numerous diverse goods, which includes die-forged merchandise and printing products.

    On prime of the electrical electricity tools, Ryobi also tends to make lawn and backyard garden gear. They make leaf blowers and that sort of factor. They emphasis intensely on electrical tools, so most of them are battery-run.

    They also make resources and tools for builders and development employees.

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Price

    Cost is an vital consideration for most purchasers. Most men and women really don't have hundreds to commit on electrical power instruments, specifically if you are just a property owner.


    Usually, Kobalt is regarded as to have a minimal to medium price tag stage. Several of their products are much less costly than high-end manufacturers. They marketplace most of their equipment to the regular home-owner, who usually doesn’t have hundreds to spend on a drill.


    There is not a important distinction amongst the Ryobi and Kobalt value. Of program, some of their merchandise are heading to be mismatched price-smart. Nevertheless, in basic, these are the two center-tier companies with center-tier rates.

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Warranty

    Prior to buying a resource, you must consider its guarantee. You ought to look at the warranty’s particulars, these kinds of as how numerous several years it covers and what it addresses and how straightforward it is actually to use the warranty. An unusable warranty isn’t going to be value significantly.


    Kobalt provides a five-12 months instrument guarantee and a three-yr battery warranty on most of their electricity tools. This guarantee only handles problems, not injury thanks to regular put on, abuse, or poor upkeep. Due to the fact of this, the Kobalt guarantee is a bit tough to use.

    The components Kobalt makes with their tools at times come with a pleasure promise. Some of their resources come with a 1-12 months danger-cost-free ensure, which enables you to get your income back again inside the very first 12 months following buy.


    Ryobi will fix defective top quality or faulty areas within ninety days of purchase. Even so, they do not have a guarantee for each se.

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Customer Service

    Consumer services is one particular of the number of things that each and every business has immediate management over. Because many businesses outsource their solution production, they can not usually handle their tool’s top quality. Nevertheless, customer service is totally up to them.


    There are several grievances involving using the warranties connected to Kobalt instruments. Many folks experienced issues returning a resource that experienced occur defective. Really a couple of men and women claimed that the problem wasn’t well worth the cost of their instrument. A lot of of these complaints look to concentrate on Lowe’s in certain, as you typically have to return your resource to one particular of their merchants.


    In our research, we located that Ryobi resources really don't often keep up as you’d assume. This qualified prospects to several clients searching for to return the resources, specially if they crack in the 90-working day window. However, Ryobi does not always see the breaks as flaws and does not usually accept the returns.


    Kobalt vs. Ryobi 4-tool Combo Kits

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    Equally of these businesses have a 4-tool combo kit. If you’re looking to get started in house Do it yourself, then 1 of these kits can support you get commenced relatively swiftly.

    The Kobalt cordless combo package does incorporate four equipment – sort of. It arrives with a power drill, round saw, LED light-weight, and a charger. As you can see, half of the resources incorporated are hardly equipment at all. The Kobalt electrical power drill also functions as an influence driver and is a rather high-good quality resource.

    The circular saw is one more good inclusion. But it only has a six.five-inch blade, not the common seven.twenty five-inch blade. Maintain this in thoughts when purchasing it. The other two “tools” are an LED light and a charger. We’ll allow you determine if individuals are tools or not.

    On the other hand, the Ryobi combo comes with four products: a energy drill, round observed, reciprocating saw, and an LED light-weight. A charger is also provided, but they really do not depend it as a device. The Ryobi kit is the much better price, as it will come with 4 resources.

    Our verdict: Ryobi

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    Head-to-Head: Lawn Mowers

    Kobalt 21″ Electric vs. Ryobi 20″ Battery

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    On leading of electricity equipment, both of these businesses are well-identified for their building of garden equipment, such as lawn mowers. They each have a battery-run electric lawnmower, which is what we’re going to be looking at below.

    The Ryobi garden mower includes a brushless motor and is really straightforward to function and maneuver. The cutting peak is adjustable to 7 various ranges, and you can use it to mulch if you buy various add-ons. The 40V battery can run the mower for up to forty eight minutes. Nevertheless, it will consider 4 hrs to charge.

    On the other hand, the Kobalt lawn mower is a little bit much more expensive than the Ryobi – occasionally twice as costly depending on in which you’re buying. It is marginally greater, but not by sufficient to matter. For the elevated price, you get only 30-minutes of recharge time, which is one of the shortest on the industry.

    On one particular charge, you also get eighty-minutes of runtime. The motor is also brushless.

    Our verdict: Kobalt


    Kobalt vs. Ryobi Sliding Compound Miter SawsKobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    Equally the Ryobi and Kobalt sliding compound miter saw appear to be virtually similar on the outside. They are an outstanding resource to assess the two firms, for that reason.

    The primary big difference amongst these two saws is the guarantee. Kobalt delivers its standard five-year guarantee, although Ryobi delivers a 3-yr warranty from the maker. For this purpose, you could choose to go with the Kobalt just for the improved guarantee.

    In common, the two of these resources are really comparable. But the Kobalt has a better guarantee, so we had to charge it a little bit larger.

    Our verdict: Kobalt

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

    Overall Brand Reputation


    Edge: Kobalt

    Typically, Kobalt tends to have marginally greater equipment than Ryobi. This isn’t usually accurate, though, so do not assume a single certain resource is far better than yet another just because it is a Kobalt.


    Edge: Ryobi

    Ryobi tends to be significantly less expensive than Kobalt. In numerous instances, they do have quite comparable rates, although. It looks to be the notably a lot more high-priced objects the place Ryobi wins.


    Edge: Kobalt

    Kobalt equipment look to keep collectively far better, as does their lawn gear. In addition, even if their equipment split, they provide a company guarantee, which Ryobi does not.


    Edge: Tie

    When searching at all of their instruments, we can’t price 1 firm previously mentioned the other, just primarily based on their style. Sometimes, Ryobi wins. Other instances, Kobalt wins.

    Kobalt vs. Ryobi – In Conclusion

    From a birds-eye view, we really do not truly feel comfortable position possibly of these brand names in excess of the other. Kobalt has a considerably far better guarantee but tends to be a little bit more high-priced. In some situations, Kobalt tends to make greater resources. In other cases, Ryobi is the way to go, specifically when it comes to conserving income on larger-stop items.

    For this explanation, we advocate comparing these two organizations on a instrument-by-device foundation.