Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Equally Makita and Bosch are tough electrical power tool companies. In numerous ways, they are reasonably related – just like most other energy tool brand names on the market place. It can be hard to pick in between them merely simply because they are so similar.

The two manufacturers make related instruments. Bosch can make a huge range of power instruments, like 12V, 8V, and 36V cordless electrical power instruments like their drills, drivers, and saws. Bosch is especially identified for its drills and rotary hammers.

Makita has 1 of the premier choices on the market. They make 12V, 18V, 36V, and seven.2V electricity tools that range from lawnmowers the radios. Each organizations offer you a line of out of doors products as effectively.

This write-up will look at the organization behind every single brand name and evaluation some of their most popular instrument choices. By the conclude, you should effortlessly choose which electricity instrument brand name is correct for you and your specific predicament.

A Quick Comparison

Brand Name Makita Bosch
Established 1915 1886
Headquarters Anjo, Aichi, Japan Gerlingen Germany
Product Lines Power tools, outdoor equipment Power tools, outdoor equipment
Parent Company None; they only sell tools under their name Robert Bosch

Brief History of Makita

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Mosaburo Makita founded Makita in March 1915 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. He commenced by repairing lights products, motors, and transformers. In the beginning, this company did not have any of its resources. Rather, they repaired resources manufactured by other companies.

In 1958, Makita developed and promoted a transportable electric powered planer in Japan and began to company more power instruments only a yr afterwards. In April 1969, they released the very first rechargeable drill on the marketplace, which had a 6500D battery. In December 1978, they released a 6010D rechargeable drill, which also happened to be the first nickel-cadmium battery instrument. As you can see, this firm is included in many firsts.

In August 1997, the 6213D rechargeable drill was released at the company’s Chicago Components Demonstrate. It was the initial nickel hydride battery tool accessible on the marketplace. In February 2005, they also released the 1st lithium-ion battery resource.

Makita is also identified for its creative stacking box program. They ship their equipment in stackable packing containers, allowing them to prevent damage to the instruments and get up less space for every package deal. Their “Makpac” style is registered.

Brief History of Bosch

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Bosch does not just make equipment. This multinational engineering organization also helps make a assortment of other objects. Robert Bosch launched this firm in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. Nowadays, Bosch is owned 92% by Robert Bosch Stiftung, which is a separate, charitable business.

The history of this firm is very huge. They have created a lot of distinct things all through historical past, ranging from magneto ignition gadgets for automobiles to windshield wipers. Of training course, they also make a line of energy resources, which is what we’ll be concentrating on in this report.

The 1st Bosch factory was opened in 1901. In 1906, this was one particular of the first companies to introduce the 8-hour workday. In 1910, they opened an additional factory close by and started generating headlights. They ended up transformed into a corporation in 1917.

Robert Bosch died in 1942 right after many of the company’s aspects experienced been taken over by the Nazi government in Globe War II.

This company has invented fairly a number of items above the a long time, like oxygen sensors, electrical motor management, and a traction management method. Significantly of the technological innovation we have these days would not be the exact same with no this organization.

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Makita vs. Bosch: Manufacturing


Some of Makita’s tools are produced in the United states. They have had a facility just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, given that 1985, exactly where they make several of their tools. Some Makita equipment are manufactured in Japan, which is only to be anticipated provided that they are a Japanese company.

In reality, this organization operates factories in a assortment of areas, like Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Thailand and the United States. Several of their instruments will incorporate areas from close to the world, however a handful of are fully produced in certain firms.

Some tools are produced in a number of spots. A certain drill might be manufactured in each Japan and China, for instance. Some of the resources will say “Made in China,” even though other folks will say “Made in Japan.” There does not look to be a difference in top quality dependent on exactly where the resource is produced.


A modest choice of Bosch’s resources are created in the United states of america. Like many other instrument businesses, however, Bosch does outsource several of their producing to other countries, including China.

Various instruments are most likely created at diverse factors, and one particular resource could really be manufactured in a couple of various areas. Resources that are labelled as “made in America” may possibly truly have elements that are made elsewhere.

We anticipate that Bosch will carry on to run factories in a range of nations like most other instrument makers out there.

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Makita vs. Bosch: Product Lines


Makita makes a range of different equipment. They are best acknowledged for their cordless energy resources, of which they have several. They have different traces at distinct voltages. Nowadays, many of their power equipment are cordless with higher-good quality batteries.

As significantly as power instruments go, they also make saws, woodworking products, dust extractors, measuring instruments, and drills.

They also make a variety of accessories, including drill bits, slicing blades, and firm tools. Several of their add-ons are manufactured to operate on their tools, so they will not essentially function on other company’s instruments.

Makita is also nicely-known for outside electricity equipment. Most of these are cordless and electronic as nicely. They make weed eaters, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and essentially something else you’d need to have to carefully care for your yard. They are one particular of the top producers of outdoor electrical equipment.


Bosch helps make tons of various merchandise. Of program, Bosch equipment primarily just helps make power resources, hence their identify. Their energy device choice consists of cordless power resources, drills, hammers, measuring resources, grinders, metalworking gear, and routers. Basically, if it is a instrument, they most likely make it.

They also make a line of add-ons for their power equipment. Factors like drill bits and blades are likely to be most typical, but they make a assortment of other components as well. They also make “attachments,” which are essentially just accessories beneath an additional identify.

In the stop, this organization focuses primarily on power tools, a lot of of which are cordless.

Makita vs. Bosch: Price

Normally talking, Makita will be far more high-priced than Bosch. Often, they are in excess of twice as expensive. Other instances, the price might actually be fairly close collectively. In the finish, it is dependent mostly on what you are acquiring and what offers you occur to snag.


Makita is not the most high-priced tool firm out there by any means. They are normally significantly more affordable than some of the “premium” manufacturers on the marketplace. Nevertheless, they are usually considerably more costly than Bosch, which is known as a budget-model.

In basic, if the value is very essential to you, you’ll almost certainly want to steer distinct of Makita.


Bosch is substantially less costly than Makita on most events. Some of their more effective tools may possibly be capable the exact same, but most of the time, you’re likely to get a deal if you choose a Bosch. Even so, this doesn’t imply that the Bosch is lower-quality at all. Their merchandise just have a tendency to be less costly.

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Makita vs. Bosch: Warranty

Both these firms supply a equivalent guarantee, like most instrument brands on the marketplace. The little print on each warranty is what’s really crucial, so we took the time to study it in buy to assess.


Makita provides a fairly typical warranty as much as power tools are anxious. They have a three-calendar year constrained warranty on most of their items. This warranty addresses failures that are the outcome of faulty supplies or craftsmanship. In other words and phrases, they will not protect the instrument if you fall it and break it – only if it is defective owing to some thing they did incorrectly.


Bosch has a slightly shorter guarantee at only a yr. This warranty is minimal, which means it covers only defective components and craftsmanship that could have affected the high quality of the instrument. If the resource breaks due to the fact of one thing they did, it is covered beneath guarantee. Nevertheless, they are not going to substitute a instrument since you dropped it or broke it appear another way.

Even so, Bosch also delivers a one particular-calendar year support defense program. This prepare addresses electrical, security, and functionality checks for free. It will also cover lubrication and alternative of elements worn underneath standard use. It will not repair your tool if you crack it, but it will cover some of the upkeep for you. You will have to consider it to a certified service centre, even so.

Makita vs. Bosch: Customer Service

If you want to get advantage of either company’s guarantee, you will have to deal with their buyer support. Regrettably, client service in the device sector is typically lacking.


Makita has different consumer provider centers for various international locations. Since they are an international brand, many of their tools are offered all over the globe. To help all of their buyers, they require to have multiple support facilities.

How each and every middle operates varies, as does the high quality. In our research, we identified that Makita buyer services representatives have a tendency to be easy to get to and helpful. Most are knowledgeable about the merchandise. However, issues are challenging to get settled. The business seems to try almost everything to get out of the warranty.


Bosch looks to have a related client support office. They are effortless to reach and pleasant. Nevertheless, they did seem to be to know less about the items than Makita client services did. Issues have been settled at a greater rate, nonetheless.

Bosch consumer service is susceptible to providing out incorrect data and striving to use services phone calls to offer new products. There are reports of folks getting sales calls after contacting in for a services-relevant problem.

Head-to-Head: Combo Kits

Makita XT263M vs. Bosch PSB7MM3C

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

Both Makita and Bosch have equivalent combo kits. The Makita package involves a six.five-inch round observed, two batteries, a charger, a perform light-weight, a reciprocating noticed, and an angle grinder. It is labelled as a 6-piece kit, but most of the factors integrated are not technically “tools.” It does arrive with a bag to have almost everything in, as do most combo kits.

On the other hand, the Bosch will come with a grinder, cordless jigsaw, round observed, reciprocating observed, flashlight, three batteries, and a charger. It will come with more things and is less costly. It also will come with a bag to carry every thing in.

All round, we identified the included Makita resources to be larger high quality, but not so a lot so that it made up for the fewer provided resources and larger expense. For this reason, we just could not rate the Makita larger than the Bosch, although it was a close contact.

Out Verdict: Bosch

Head-to-Head: Cordless Drills

Makita XFD131 vs. Bosch PS32-02

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

In standard, Makita equipment are typically greater-top quality than Bosch. Nevertheless, when it came to the company’s cordless drills, this was not the case.

The Bosch drill done very well right out of the box. The Makita was ok, but it seemed to require further add-ons to truly get the work done. The Makita drill expenses much more anyway, and the added equipment only insert a lot more to that cost. The Bosch is less costly and doesn’t require anything at all extra to operate awesomely.

The Bosch is a lot lighter than the Makita as nicely. It weighs only 2 lbs ., which is virtually half the weight of the Makita. This is a considerable difference when you’re operating over an extended period with the exact same device.

Both equipment are rather compact, so it was a tie in this office. Nevertheless, the lighter fat of the Bosch did make the compact frame simpler to manage, although.

The Bosch drill is also a increased RPM. It can attain up to one,three hundred RPMs max, which is about four hundred more than the Makita. It packs fairly a bit of oomph for the value and smaller sized dimensions of the resource.

Our Verdict: Bosch

Head-to-Head: Cordless Impact Drivers

Makita DTD153Z 18V LXT 1/4″ vs. Bosch 18-Volt (Li-ion) 1/4″

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022

This is a rare situation where each the Bosch and the Makita effect motorists expense extremely comparable quantities. The Bosch is at any time so a bit less costly, but the difference is so small that we doubt you’ll be employing it as a selecting aspect.

The Bosch is a little bit heavier than Makita by a small considerably less than a pound. This is a big sufficient distinction to get note of, but it should not be this kind of a large big difference that it’ll turn into your determining issue. Both of these equipment are decently gentle, so you should not have to fret about the fat.

The Bosch is a minor much less powerful than the Makita. However, it is less difficult to use. The socket is a lot a lot more consumer-pleasant than practically any other impact driver on the marketplace. You do not need to have to use a socket adaptor nearly as much, and the socket matches tightly into the tool, guarantee that it is not going to flop all around.

Even though the Bosch is rated at a larger tension than the Makita, it doesn’t in fact carry out up-to-snuff in real-entire world circumstances. It would seem to peak at just over 15,000 bolt tension, which is a minor considerably less than Makita.

In the stop, it is very difficult to draw out a sure winner in this regard. The Makita is more potent, but it is a little bit pricy. The Bosch is heavier, but it is simpler to use. There is no true winner in this regard since each equipment had many areas exactly where they need to increase.

Our Verdict: Tie

Overall Brand Reputations


Edge: Tie

It would seem that the phrase on the street is that Makita crafts the more strong tools. However, this does not seem to truly be the circumstance when out each company’s tools up coming to every single other. In some cases, the Makita model does make far more potent possibilities. In just as numerous situations, although, the Bosch clearly wins.


Edge: Bosch

When you assess the two brand’s costs, the Bosch is nearly constantly more affordable. There are some occasions when the value is quite shut, but the Bosch is typically nonetheless a handful of pounds cheaper in these situations. In all instrument comparisons we checked, the Bosch was always the more affordable option.


Edge: Tie

We did not locate substantial longevity differences in between possibly of these brands. Equally of them have equipment that are relatively reduce-quality and probably to break. The two of them have tools that will almost certainly outlive you. There does not look to be a clear consensus on a single manufacturer becoming much more sturdy all round than the other 1.


Edge: Bosch

In all the tools we appeared at, the Bosch model appeared to have greater attributes. Bosch instruments are usually decrease fat and have a larger energy turnout. For this reason, we had to give Bosch the edge in this segment.

Makita vs. Bosch: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022


General, Bosch seems to be the much better instrument company. Their instruments are much less costly, but they are often just as very good as Makita’s instruments. They are usually lighter fat and create far more power, all while costing a lot less than the competitors. There are a handful of resources in which Makita will edge Bosch out, but this is unusual ample that we can confidentially declare Bosch the winner.

It is crucial to notice that this is a relatively close acquire, however. Bosch is not significantly greater than Makita – just sufficient to edge in advance.