New Construction Vs Replacement Windows: What Are The Differences?

New development and substitute windows are two varieties of home windows that can be bought and installed when possessing glazing fitted. Although they provide the identical purpose, and can seem and be built from identical resources, they have extremely distinct functions, and the choice of which you call for is virtually a definite solution.

House owners decide on substitute home windows when they are changing present home windows while new development home windows are used in new builds. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions: times when you are replacing a window but could be better served with a new construction installation, rather than substitute.

Study on to find out more about these two types of windows and to decide which of the two is very best for your task.

Overview of New Construction Windows:

New building windows are, as the identify suggests, developed for new constructions. They have a special frame feature referred to as a nail-fin frame. The body can be nailed immediately into the property’s frame and this function is not identified on alternative home windows.

New building home windows could have a lower ticket cost than replacement windows, but once you take the cost of changing the body and restoring the encompassing house frame, they are far more expensive. They demand a whole lot of additional use, but they are necessary in new builds. They also come in the exact same variety of types, shapes, colors, and materials as substitute home windows.

New Construction Vs Replacement Windows: What Are The Differences?
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The fin about the new building window is used to keep the window body firmly in area but it also delivers waterproofing and security towards undesirable weather conditions. It is an vital element of the new window installation, although it is the only actual big difference among new design and substitution windows.

It is not normally safe to get rid of moulded pins, but an growing amount of producers are making use of detachable pins. This implies that if you are hunting for a substitution and you discover a new construction window more affordable, the fin can be properly taken out. Even so, you do require to make sure this is the situation before sawing the nail fin absent.

In any scenario, installation of a new design window requires that there is no window frame in the wall. The stud wall or sheathing wants to be exhibited, since this provides one thing for the nail to protected to.


The most obvious and common use for new construction windows is in recently constructed buildings. However, there are other makes use of. If you are getting an extension built, there will not have been a window prior to so this will call for a new construction.

Equally, if you are introducing a window to a wall that did not earlier have a single, this wants a new construction window. If an present window frame and surrounding location are badly broken, and require repair ahead of the window can be fitted, this will typically call for this variety of window as effectively.

  • May be cheaper than replacement windows
  • Suitable for new constructions
  • Can be used in extensions and where there was no window before
  • Comes in a full range of materials, colors, and styles
  • Difficult to install
  • Not suitable in most renovation or window replacement projects

Overview of Replacement Windows:

Substitute windows are people that we most typically believe of when speaking about new windows in an present residence. They exchange the authentic new building windows, and they are also utilized to exchange other substitute home windows. They do not have the nail fin and they merely slide into the window gap horizontally.

They do not cause any modifications or damage to any other components of the window or surrounding wall. Their deficiency of aa wall fin implies that they need to not be employed for a new development or where no window has been prior to.

New Construction Vs Replacement Windows: What Are The Differences?
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Substitution windows do appear with a window frame, but they slide into the hole remaining behind by the earlier window. They are set up in this way so that you do not need to have to injury or otherwise alter the partitions or the stud to install them. As a result, they are less difficult to put in than new development home windows and their installation costs significantly less, although the home windows on their own may possibly expense a minor much more to purchase.


You must not use replacement windows in a new develop, but you will want to use them when replacing existing glazing, if the wall and encompassing location is even now in very good problem. You may possibly also use a replacement window if a new building partially makes use of an present wall and existing window hole.

  • Easy to install
  • Do not cause damage to the wall
  • Available in all materials, sizes, and styles
  • Cannot be used on a new build
  • Usually unsuitable for extensions

Choosing Window Type

Deciding on the appropriate variety of window will count fully on the kind of installation and the type of creating or refurbishment undertaking you are enterprise.

Windows For New Houses

You ought to never use a replacement window when constructing a new property. This is the quite reason that new design home windows exist.

Windows For an Extension or Addition

Similarly, if you are having a model-new extension or an additional building additional to your residence, you will, in the greater part of circumstances, use new building home windows. The only time you can contemplate utilizing replacement home windows is if there is an existing partial wall that is becoming constructed on.

Replacing a Damaged Window

If the window, siding, drywall, and studs close to a window are terribly damaged, it is most likely that they will want repairing when the previous, destroyed window is out. In these circumstances, new development home windows are the proper option. Nonetheless, if it is only the window and its body that is destroyed, and every little thing else is structurally sound, you can choose for substitute home windows.

New Construction Vs Replacement Windows: What Are The Differences?
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Replacing An Existing Window

Replacement home windows are utilized when outdated home windows are removed, the wall has previously been created and it need to not be disturbed or broken in any way. The new window just slides in and leaves all other factors intact.


Substitution windows are utilised, as the title indicates, to substitute existing windows, assuming that other aspects like the siding and drywall stay undamaged. Normally, if the wall is new or if there has never ever been a space for a window before, the new building window is the ideal choice. Generally, there is only one proper selection of which sort of window to decide on, and it must in no way purely arrive down to a question of value or relieve of set up.

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