Roof Shingles vs Tiles: Which Is Better for My Home?

While most residences in the US have shingle roofs, they are not the only choice. Tiles are one particular option. Whilst tiles are likely to be a lot more pricey and tougher to substitute, they are also longer lasting and provide much better defense towards undesirable climate.  Despite the fact that equally these sorts of roofing do execute the same standard duties, there are differences, and the design of your house and budget, as properly as the look you are going for, will determine which is the better option for your house.

Study on to understand far more about the differences between these two roofing resources and to see which is the far better option for you.

Overview of Roof Shingles

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Roof shingles are a single of the most widespread roofing materials in the US since they are economical, relatively lightweight, and appear in a good variety of designs and types. Though they can be produced from a selection of resources, asphalt shingles are the most common for their watertight abilities and affordability.

What Are Shingles?

A shingle is a rectangular piece of material that is slender and light-weight. The shingles are overlapped on the roof so that water passes over them with out becoming capable to get into the roof of the property. Asphalt shingles are the most widespread variety, but some are created from other materials, including plastic and fiberglass. They occur in a extensive selection of shapes, dimensions, and finishes to match the design and style of your residence.


Shingles are light-weight, which indicates that they can be set up on most qualities without having fear of damaging the roof or the house structure. It also tends to make set up less complicated and possibly considerably less costly.

Price is yet another cause for the popularity of shingles. They are created from much less costly resources than the alternate options and this means that they value much less to purchase. Shingles also have a reduce set up expense.

Even though they do not have the identical long existence as tiles, shingles can nonetheless very last up to thirty many years just before they need to have changing. Nonetheless, they do want some cleansing and upkeep. Otherwise, the shingles can deteriorate from moss expansion.


Shingles are lightweight and simple to shift around. They are also easier to repair to a roof body and most homes have a roof that is able of supporting shingles. The prevalence of shingles signifies that much more companies specialize in their set up and expenses are normally reduced than with roof tiles.

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and relatively inexpensive to install
  • Good variety of materials, styles, and designs to choose from
  • Not as long-lasting as tiles
  • Fewer designs and styles than tiles

Overview of Tiles

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Roofing tiles also appear in a extensive range of components from normal clay to aluminum. They can be shaped or straight and they have a tendency to boast a more time life span than shingles, as properly as arguably becoming more appealing. However, they are heavier and may call for some structural modifications to a house, are much more pricey, and can become destroyed in negative weather.

What Are Tiles?

The most common resources for roofing tiles are clay, concrete, or slate. They overlap, like shingles, but are generally curved in condition, rather than flat. Organic slate tiles are flat, however, and the shape and profile of the tiles count on the material used and the layout you’re searching for.


All-natural tiles are generally produced from clay, slate, or sometimes concrete. In all cases, these supplies make hefty tiles, and when you set up ample tiles to protect an whole roof, you are incorporating a whole lot of weight on prime of the residence. If you are changing from a shingle roof to a tile roof, you will require to have the roof and the property structure assessed to ensure that it can take care of the additional excess weight.

Tile roofs can final up to one hundred several years, despite the fact that most manufacturers provide a fifty-yr ensure. They do a excellent work of withstanding intense climate circumstances, as effectively as debris, though any hurt that does arise can be costly to repair. Due to the fact they are fairly simple to crack or crack, it is not often possible to wander on the tiles, which implies that any repairs can be much more tough to make. The good news is, minor common routine maintenance is essential for organic tiles, so there shouldn’t be a lot result in to stroll on the roof when mounted.

Tiles are a lot more pricey than shingles and installation fees also tend to be larger. If the roof needs to be bolstered ahead of set up, this adds more expense, and acquiring replacement tiles, if essential, will also value much more. However, a lot of these fees are offset by the simple fact that the tiles can last up to a few times as prolonged as shingles.


Tiles are tougher to set up, and their weight implies that you will very likely have to have your roof and home inspected to guarantee that they are structurally capable of holding the tile excess weight. There are also much less organizations capable of installing roof tiles and the difficulty signifies it normally takes longer and charges more than with shingles.

  • Attractive and luxurious appearance
  • Can last up to 100 years
  • Stand up well to extreme weather
  • Little ongoing maintenance required
  • Expensive
  • Heavy weight means tiles may need additional structural support

Factors to Consider

Your Climate

The fat of roof tiles indicates that they endure wind nicely. They are not likely to blow down even in storms. However, it is value noting that if a tile does blow off the roof, it can be challenging and potentially costly to fix or change.

Tiles do need managing and sealing if you reside in a extremely wet region, even so: in any other case, they can demonstrate too porous and might take up the h2o. Equally, sealing the tiles can assist protect in opposition to freezing problems. Excessive warmth can negatively impact asphalt shingles, although composite shingles will withstand the warmth much better. It is a excellent thought to discuss climatic wants with a roofing business so that they can recommend on the greatest roofing merchandise for your home.

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Weight Matters

Shingles, and specifically individuals created with asphalt, are extremely light-weight. This signifies that they can be put in on most residences without having the need to have to fortify the roof construction or the building. And, due to the fact most installations are changing present shingle tiles, this need to be especially accurate.

Roof tiles weigh a great deal more than asphalt and composite tiles. They are thicker and the all-natural clay weighs a lot more than asphalt so a tile roof can be many times heavier than a shingle roof. If you’re replacing current tiles, the roof body should have been strengthened already. In any other case, it may be necessary to have extra and probably pricey perform done to your residence to make certain it can withstand the tiles.

Roof Design

Shingles and tiles come in a selection of types, styles, and colours. You can even get shingles that goal to mimic the appear of natural clay tiles. And, due to the fact shingles are so commonplace, most folks expect to see them on roofs. Nonetheless, clay tiles have a distinctive appear and if that’s the appear you’re going for, it is hard to just replicate the visual appeal even with higher-high quality shingles.

Roof Life

Replacing a roof is pricey and needs a whole lot of operate, so you want a roof that will last a lengthy time. Shingles will generally very last among fifteen and thirty several years but if you’re looking for genuine longevity, it is tiles that just take it. Most makers guarantee their tile roofing products for 50 a long time, and some have been known to last as extended as a century.


Servicing specifications for shingles and tiles are equivalent and the precise needs will depend on the local weather in your spot and the standard problem of your roof. Equally roofs require to be checked regularly for harm and use and cracked shingles and tiles ought to be changed as soon as feasible. The most significant distinction comes in the fact that clay tiles are generally way too brittle to walk on, so routine maintenance can be much more demanding in this regard.

Environmental Consideration

Most shingles are produced utilizing asphalt and asphalt is petroleum based mostly. The manufacture of these tiles is not regarded environmentally welcoming. Tiles, this sort of as clay tiles, can typically also be recycled and due to the fact they very last so significantly longer, they won’t want to be thrown absent as typically. For these reasons, tiles are normally regarded much more environmentally pleasant than asphalt shingles.


There are two methods to search at your price range: short-time period and prolonged-time period. Tiles can cost all around 5 times as much as shingles, like set up costs. But they can also last 4 or 5 instances more time. Overall, the fees are comparable, but you will require to commit a great deal a lot more originally if you have tiles equipped.


Shingles are the most common kind of roofing content in the US but tiles, including clay and cement tiles, supply a unique appear and should final decades for a longer time. They do have larger installation fees, though, and not many property owners truly need to have a roof that will very last 100 years. Although the two do perform the very same process, they do so quite in a different way, and we have coated the major differences amongst these two roof styles above to help you determine which is suited for your property.



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