Roof Window vs. Skylight: What’s the Difference?

A roof window or skylight can be a fantastic way to increase the quantity of all-natural light in your residence. This extra mild can assist cut energy charges because you will probably want fewer electrical lights, and it may also help heat the home, minimizing your heating invoice. The initial factor that you will need to have to decide is whether you will use a roof window or a skylight. Given that a lot of men and women may possibly not know the variation amongst the two, below, we seem at equally to discover far more about them. Keep reading as we examine dimension, use, expense, and a lot more to support you make an informed decision.

Overview of Skylight

What Is a Skylight?

Most skylights are stationary home windows that generally do not open, and their principal goal is to give organic lighting in the house. Some skylights can open and near to allow or prevent the gentle from entering, and some could even open up enough to permit a modest amount of airflow. These home windows are typically not reachable from inside the property, so you will usually need to have to climb onto the roof to achieve entry if they do open.

Roof Window vs. Skylight: What’s the Difference?
Image Credit: Alexandar Todov, Unsplash


There are two varieties of skylights: deck mounted, and suppress mounted. Deck-mounted skylights will have a square or rectangular shape, whilst a control-mounted skylight will have a tubular form.

What It’s Good For

The skylight is excellent for adding normal light to the inside of your home. Considering that it is in the direct line of the solar, it will help lessen energy charges in the course of the wintertime, and as a luxury product, it will assist boost the value of your house.

  • Increases home value
  • Increases natural light
  • Reduces winter energy cost
  • More installation options
  • Doesn’t provide adequate ventilation
  • Doesn’t open or close from inside the house

Overview of Roof Window

Unlike the skylight, you can open up and shut a roof window from within the property, and it not only raises the volume of natural light coming in but also provides air flow to the interior of your home. These windows provide you with a far better check out of the outside, and you can use them to search at the night time sky. Since these windows open extensive, they often supply entry to the roof, but the downside is that you can only install them when there is at least a 15-diploma angle, so you cannot place them on a flat roof.

Roof Window vs. Skylight: What’s the Difference?
Image Credit: Thanos Pal, Unsplash


Roof windows are related to casement home windows, and you can get them in a wide selection of styles, so there are many much more options accessible than for a skylight. However, given that a roof window demands a least of a 15-diploma angle, you can place a skylight in a lot more locations.

What It’s Good For

The primary gain of a roof window is that it provides normal lighting and air flow to your house, increasing its benefit. Like the skylight, the roof window can support lessen vitality charges during the winter.

  • Increased ventilation
  • Good view of the stars
  • Provides access to the roof
  • Increases the home’s value
  • You can open it from inside
  • Minimum angle requirements

Which One Is Right for Me?

The type of gentle that you choose will depend on several factors. The 1st issue to establish is if you have a flat roof. If so, you can only set up a skylight. If you need or want accessibility to the roof to search out at the weather and see the stars and moon, you will need to have a roof window. If you are anxious that the immediate daylight could bleach your interior, you will need to have to install a skylight for diffuse lighting, and you will also need one if you want to set a window in which you can not achieve it.

When to Use a Roof Window
  • You need access to the roof
  • You want to see the sky
  • You require additional ventilation
When to Use a Skylight
  • You’re installing on a flat roof
  • You want diffuse light


There is no clear winner right here, as each types of windows serve different needs, in spite of their similarities. For illustration, skylights are largely for incorporating an improved amount of diffuse all-natural light-weight to your property, although you can open up some designs for air flow. Even if your skylight does open up, it’s not enough to climb through, and most of these windows are out of attain. Roof windows supply obtain to the roof and further lighting and air flow to your house, but they are fairly large and have a bare minimum angle requirement, so you cannot put in them in as several areas as a skylight can be.