Rotorazer Alternatives: Reviews & Comparisons

Rotorazer Alternatives: Reviews & Comparisons

The Rotorazer has become one of the most common compact round saws. It is prized for its compact dimension, its light-weight create, and its flexibility. Even though much of its popularity has been driven by the accomplishment of infomercials and adverts. It is a practical power instrument that can be utilised for a great assortment of products, but it is not infallible.

There are equivalent choices to the Rotorazer: other compact round saws that may possibly supply improved characteristics or be accessible at a decrease cost. There are also alternate options for people that need to have anything greater and a lot more effective, in the form of entire circular saws, and there are even products like oscillating multitools that are far more compact and can be utilized for even smaller sized reducing employment.

What Is the Rotorazer?

The Rotorazer is a mini circular noticed. It is lighter and much more compact than a standard round observed. It can also be employed to cut corners and curves and offers some of the characteristics of a jigsaw, circular saw, hacksaw, and more. The authentic Rotorazer weighs considerably less than 3 lbs ., arrives with a storage case, and characteristics a dust extraction tale.

Rotorazer Alternatives: Reviews & Comparisons

Uses for The Rotorazer

The Rotorazer is made as a lightweight instrument. It is not ideal for weighty-duty use, but it can be employed for:

  • Cutting Decking and Flooring
  • Building Fences
  • Repairing Drywall
  • Cabinetry and Furniture Making
  • DIY Projects


The Rotorazer has turn out to be a common device for Do-it-yourself and property renovation, and also with some skilled contractors, for its selection of advantages:

  • Lightweight – The Rotorazer weighs less than 3 pounds. This, combined with its ergonomic grip, means that it is easy to pick up and use. You should be able to finish most jobs without suffering user fatigue.
  • One-Handed Operation – The lightweight nature and small size of the device means that it is highly compact. You can use it with one hand, which also makes it suitable for cutting into tight spaces, dark corners, and other areas that would be impossible to reach with a circular saw or even a jigsaw.
  • Easy Storage – Circular saws are large and powerful machines that can make short work of even the deepest cuts in the thickest worksheets. However, they are large and cumbersome. Not only does this make them unwieldy to use, but difficult to store. The Rotorazer is not only smaller and lighter, making it more convenient to fit under the stairs or in the tool shed, but it comes with its own hard storage case.
  • Combination of Features – The flexibility of the Rotorazer is a big reason for its popularity. You can cut in any direction, like a jigsaw, and you can make long and deep cuts like a circular saw. You can even use it for DIY jobs like cleaning between tiles.

Rotorazer Alternatives: Reviews & Comparisons

Reasons to Look Elsewhere

For all its benefits, the Rotorazer is not the perfect resource for every occupation, and it does have a amount of possible pitfalls that could trigger you to appear in other places.

  • Not Battery Operated – One of the benefits of the device is its portability. It is lighter and a lot easier to lug around than a circular saw. But it isn’t battery operated. This means that you are still restricted by power cords.
  • Blades Dull Quickly – The blades of the Rotorazer tend to dull quite quickly, especially when used for heavy-duty work. You do get replacement blades, some of which are job-specific, but if you use the Rotorazer tool regularly, you will need a fairly constant supply of replacement blades.

Rotorazer Alternatives

Regardless of whether you want a related substitute to the Rotorazer, or one more kind of electric saw, there are several possibilities on the industry. Underneath are 5 of the most frequent and common alternatives.

Dremel SM20 – More Uses and Functionality

Dremel has grow to be synonymous with the oscillating multitool. They are the name that most men and women change to. While the Rotorazer arrives with three blades and is clearly meant as a portable noticed, the Dremel is considerably far more multi-goal. Depending on the kit you get, you can get as many as one hundred instruments or far more that do every thing from grinding to sanding and engraving to sawing.

Rotorazer Alternatives: Reviews & Comparisons

If you are specifically seeking for a portable circular observed, the Rotorazer is your greatest alternative, but if you want a one compact resource that is lightweight, can get into limited spaces, and that can carry out a extensive assortment of different tasks, the Dremel SM20 could be the much better option.

Rockwell RK3440K – Less Expensive

The Versacut Circular Observed from Rockwell is powerful and it is a portable circular saw, so is closer to the Rotorazer than the Dremel, in conditions of performance. It charges considerably less than the Rotorazer, also, although it does have a tiny considerably less energy – the Rockwell has three,500 RPM no-load pace, in contrast to the Rotorazer’s 4,two hundred RPM. The laser guides are useful, even so, and the Rockwell is a sturdy device for the price tag.

Rotorazer Alternatives: Reviews & Comparisons

It is a pound heavier than the Rotorazer and, all in all, it feels like a slight step down but so too is its price tag. If you’re an rare consumer or are doing work on a tight budget, the Rockwell is a reliable different to the far more high-priced Rotorazer.

DeWalt DWS535 – The Circular Saw

While the Rotorazer is a compact round observed with a seven ¼ inch blade. It has a four,800 RPM no-load speed and it will perform with substance up to 2 ½ inches vast. As a dedicated circular noticed, it is a good deal a lot more effective than the Rotorazer. It is also heavier, weighing fourteen pounds, and is not suitable for a single-handed use.

Rotorazer Alternatives: Reviews & Comparisons

It is larger, getting up far more space in the course of storage, and it expenses more than the Rotorazer, despite the fact that since this product is a few several years outdated, it is one particular of the less costly round saws accessible. The DeWalt round saw will make extremely fast operate of most capability cutting function, but it is unwieldy, considerably less practical, and serves less needs than the Rotorazer.


The Rotorazer has obtained a sturdy subsequent, many thanks to its range and features. It is compact and lightweight, but even now provides a lot of power for the common Do it yourself and residence renovation task.

Alternatives do exist. The Dremel can be regarded as its major like-for-like contender, despite the fact that it has a wider selection of features and access to a a lot greater assortment of equipment and heads. The Rockwell is a less high-priced option to the Rotorazer, while the DeWalt DWS535 is more effective and far more expensive.

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