Screw Gun vs Drill: What is the Difference?

Screw Gun vs Drill: What is the Difference?Screw guns and drills seem to do very equivalent jobs. As you might imagine, they can typically get blended up for this cause. Nevertheless, there are some differences among them. A screw gun is suited for jobs that drills are not automatically fantastic at, and the reverse can be said as properly. Deciding on the appropriate instrument for your initiatives can be the variation among a simple Diy fix and a annoying, several hours-extended task.

With that mentioned, it can be tough to these two aside, and therefore also difficult to select the best option for your toolbox. We’ll help you make a decision which choice is very best for you in this write-up.

Although numerous men and women may make a decision to purchase equally resources to cover all of their bases, you nevertheless require to know when to use one particular tool rather of the other. This post will aid you determine that out.

Overview of Screw Guns

A screw gun looks a good deal like a drill. Nevertheless, it has a “nose” as an alternative of a chuck. The nose holds specific bits that are utilised for drilling. These are often referred to as “tips.” The most common idea is the 1-inch alternative. However, other guidelines are available as well. The one particular you need to have depends mainly on your particular requirements and what assignments you are doing. They are usually pretty inexpensive, so most end users have a lot more than 1 tip.

A screw gun is very equivalent to a nail gun in that it feeds screws from a clip. You do not have to line up every screw as you do with a drill. This allows you to work significantly more quickly, placing screw guns previously mentioned drills when it comes to driving screws.

Of system, that is all a screw gun can do. They are significantly less adaptable than other options just because they can only generate screws. Most power tools have a few diverse utilizes, but that is not the real truth with a screw gun. They aren’t affordable possibly, so you need to have to generate a lot of screws to justify the cost of this power instrument.

Screw Gun vs Drill: What is the Difference?

Types of Screw Guns

There are two principal varieties of screw guns: corded and cordless. As the title implies, corded screw guns have a wire that plugs into a wall. They require electric power to operate, so they are ideal employed by home owners who in no way move as well far absent from their workshop. They are considerably less portable, but they are also decently light-weight.

Corded screw guns are the “default” selection. Most screw guns you discover will in shape into this group.

Cordless screw guns count on a battery for their power. They can be utilized pretty much everywhere as prolonged as their battery nonetheless has some juice left. Since batteries are typically really large and pricey, they do weigh down the tool fairly a little bit. These are much heavier than other choices on the market. They also are inclined to be far more costly since you have to pay out for the battery as nicely. Batteries are not low-cost!

Since they don’t depend on a cord, cordless options are a lot a lot more portable than corded options. They are rarer because most individuals do not need a quite moveable screw gun. Cordless possibilities are only developed for professionals who could be functioning absent from electricity.

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A screw gun can only be used for driving screws. It are not able to drill holes or something of that kind. It only drives screws. As you may think about, this limitations its employs quite a little bit. Nevertheless, it can be useful in some circumstances. For instance, these guns often let you to handle the precise drive depth. This is perfect for situations that involve drywall given that drywall demands screws to be placed at a certain depth.

Screw guns are also quite beneficial for putting collectively furniture. They are ideal if you like to obtain products from IKEA and similar organizations. They are best for DIYers who need to have to travel a good deal of screws.

With that mentioned, even though, if you aren’t hanging a bunch of drywall or putting furnishings jointly, you probably do not need to have a screw gun. You are not going to get significantly out of it.

  • Very good at driving screws
  • Can set the exact drive depth
  • Self-feeding belts
  • Allow you to work very quickly
  • Not particularly versatile

Overview of a Drill

A drill is mostly employed for making spherical holes or driving screws. They are much more flexible than most other possibilities just due to the fact they can perform the two work quite effectively. They are fitted with a bit, which is secured by a chuck at the tool’s front. Some of them have a “hammer” perform, producing them far more strong and even more flexible.

Drills vary a lot. Some are made for certain needs, while other people are far more multipurpose. They are frequently corded, but cordless alternatives exist as properly. Drills are used in woodworking, metalworking, construction, and a range of other conditions.

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Screw Gun vs Drill: What is the Difference?

Types of Drills

There are a couple of methods you can break up the distinct sorts of drills accessible. To begin with, you have corded and cordless drills.

Corded drills are the most common possibilities. They are generally some of the most powerful simply because they are plugged straight into the wall. They have a extremely large excess weight to electrical power ratio. In other words, they are comparatively minimal excess weight while also getting very potent. They are typically considerably less costly as well because you really don't have to acquire a battery.

Cordless drills are a lot newer. Nonetheless, they are ever more becoming far more well-known. As you might think about, these drills are considerably a lot more moveable because the wire doesn’t restrain them. They do need the use of a battery, which tends to make them really a little bit heavier than their corded cousins. The runtime of the battery also limits you.

Hammer drills also exist. These are in their personal group. They appear very equivalent to the usual drill. Nonetheless, they have a drilling motion that makes it possible for them to drill masonry. They are quite market resources, which indicates that they are also not as favored by any means. They are only suitable for situations that involve masonry. If you really do not function with masonry extremely often, then you most likely don’t need one.

Rotary hammers exist as well. These merge a hammer mechanism with a individual rotation system. They are also utilized for dealing with significant supplies, like concrete.


Drills are very adaptable. You can use them to push screws and drill holes. Numerous bits are accessible, so you can drill holes of a lot of various sizes and push all sorts of screws. You can make very small holes and massive holes in a variety of distinct resources. Some can even be utilised with metal, however most are developed to be employed with wooden.

On leading of screws, you can also travel bolts and velocity up the assembly of home furniture considerably. Drills can even be utilised to combine paint and concrete with the right insert-ons. They can also get rid of rust and grind metals with the proper attachment.

To make these equipment flexible, you will require to commit money to components and attachments. This can price very a little bit, so it is important to preserve in thoughts. You will not be in a position to make use of your drill with out investing a bit of funds entirely.

  • Versatile
  • Many types available
  • Easy to find
  • Can drive just about everything
  • Doesn’t allow you to set drive depth
  • Add-ons can be costly

What Are the Differences?

There is one substantial big difference among a screw gun and a drill. Screw guns are only ideal for driving screws. They do this extremely swiftly and satisfactorily. You can even uncover some that have self-feeding belts, which enable you to perform extremely rapidly. They allow you to set the depth for the screw you’re driving, generating them quite ideal for drywalling.

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However, their utilizes aren’t adaptable sufficient to make purchasing 1 really worth it except if you function with drywall a whole lot.

At the same time, drills are extremely versatile. They can drill holes and drive a total host of items. This can make them significantly much more suited for house owners who might locate themselves undertaking a broad assortment of various Do it yourself repairs and upgrades.

This is the major big difference in between the two instruments and must be your principal thought when deciding on in between them.


Each of these resources can be handy in specific scenarios. If you are searching for one thing to preserve about the house, then a drill is the greatest option for you. It can perform a great deal of work, and you will most likely find your self needing a drill a lot of distinct instances, specially if you do a lot of Do-it-yourself. If you like to perform your house repairs, then a drill is the ideal alternative.

Even so, following acquiring a shipment of IKEA household furniture, you would be much better off with a screw gun at your side. They function a lot faster and are significantly less annoying to use when assembling furniture. For drywalling, screw guns are significantly better than a drill will ever be.

Some individuals may choose to have the two on hand just in scenario. If you have the additional income, there is absolutely nothing improper with investing in the two. However, for most property owners, you ought to stick with a drill. You probably will not be utilizing a screw gun adequate for it to matter a lot.

Quick Look: Our Top Choices

Our Favorite Screw Gun: DeWalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun

Screw Gun vs Drill: What is the Difference?

Our favourite screw gun by significantly is the DeWalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun. It is completely cordless and has a brushless motor for leading-notch performance. It has a quite extended runtime with the correct battery and is extremely ergonomic. We favored the relaxed take care of and well balanced layout, which aided avoid exhaustion.

The LED gentle was really vibrant and easily lit up most dim regions. It is costly, even so, and a battery is not integrated.

Our Favorite Drill: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Screw Gun vs Drill: What is the Difference?

The BLACK DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill comes with a vast number of accessories. You can do virtually something with this drill, many thanks to the enormous number of components it will come with. It is also reasonably affordable and should in shape into the funds of most users.

The package also arrives with a 20V lithium-ion battery, so you won’t have to commit further cash acquiring it independently.


Drills are a lot more versatile than screw guns. Even so, screw guns are the go-to alternative if you’re putting up drywall. Each are great for any house owner who likes to do their Do it yourself. The option you pick rests on what you need to do.

For putting jointly home furniture and drywall, get a screw gun. For every thing else, a drill is heading to be your greatest selection.