Teak Shower Floor: Pros and Cons & What You Need To Know!

Teak shower flooring are straightforward to Do it yourself and are a well-known addition that provides the space an wonderful tactile. The aesthetic is great and offers any shower a hint of Hawaii, Asia, or somewhere tropical. Alas, for all its excellent characteristics, it is also higher upkeep.

If the inserts are not cleaned regularly and polished at the very least after in a blue moon, gross mould and bacteria that can even be harmful to your well being will grow. So, it’s a little bit of a trade-off—if you want nice, pretty-looking issues, often you must place in the work. Whether you want to do that or not is of system – up to you.

We’re below with professionals and downsides to support you make up your head. These are a lovely addition to the toilet and are extremely functional as a shower ground. In situation you aren’t certain what we’re conversing about just but, enable us clarify.

What is a Teak Shower Floor?

A teak shower ground is a type of insert for your shower flooring. It is produced of ultra-high-high quality wood, which is exactly where it gets the title from. This wooden comes from tropical regions of Asia and is by natural means very difficult, and oily.

That might sound like a awful good quality for a shower ground to have, but it is not! Not in this case, in any case. Which is simply because this variety of oil is in the wooden itself, not secreted into pools for you to slip on, and it has some fantastic rewards, also. This oily top quality of the teak wooden helps make it resistant to pests like pine beetles, tends to make it essentially water-resistant, and offers the lumber a non-adhere good quality. It is a by natural means awesome sort of wood!

This also tends to make it very sought after—and you know what that means. Teak is a really high-priced, exotic hardwood, so for many individuals, the combination of pricey and high maintenance is an automatic no.

There are also a lot of who really do not brain having to pay the additional money and carrying out a little bit of work if it is a excellent product, which begs the issue:

Is Teak Good for Shower Floors?

There is only one genuinely definitive answer to this question, and that is: it depends. If you really do not brain cleansing your high-priced inserts routinely then they are awesome. It is really going to count on the values of the person audience and what they want. What do we consider? That it is completely justifiable to invest a minor further and do a minor more perform if it adds one thing to the place.

To that finish, teak shower flooring really do add a marvelous experience to the shower. They are the essence of the word tactile, currently being visually attractive as properly as attractive to the sense of touch. Of system, it’s a make a difference of personal style. There are numerous men and women who will understandably disagree and discover it to be impractical.

Talking of practicality, one particular issue springs to mind:

How Long Does Teak Last in the Shower?

This is normally a make a difference of how well looked right after they come about to be, but as a generalization, you can assume a good 10–15 years out of a teak shower ground.

So, we have presently started to paint a picture of this design of shower floor insert. Now, let us dive in and get to the meat and potatoes of what is wonderful, and what is not so fantastic about teak shower floors.

Pros and Cons of Teak Shower Floors

If you are not certain if you want to invest in teak shower ground inserts, then professionals and negatives are a wonderful way to aid you choose. We split down the strengths and weaknesses of teak shower flooring for you beneath.

  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Highly Durable
  • Retains Heat
  • Comfortable
  • Expensive
  • High Maintenance
  • Requires Special Cleaners
  • Prone to mildew


Aesthetically Appealing

There is no denying the elegance of this darkish, prosperous-colored hardwood. A single of the biggest functions of the wood is its magnificence.

Highly Durable 

This by natural means pest and dampness resistant hardwood is exceptionally difficult and will not break down until neglected.

Retains Heat 

As a substance, the teak is nicely suited to the shower. This wooden retains on to the warmth from the shower, making them great to stand on.


Teak is incredibly comfy to walk all around on and stand on. It has far more ‘give’ than tile and boosts the shower knowledge in a delicate, however visible way.



Currently being extremely sought following, teak arrives with a pretty steep price tag.

High Maintenance 

One particular of the primary causes you could not wish to install teak shower flooring inserts is the quantity of function it normally takes to maintain them clear. If you do not wash them typically, they will develop micro organism and mould. It’s not only unappetizing, it’s undesirable for you. If you are not prepared to put the routine maintenance in, teak flooring aren’t for you.

Demands Special Cleaners

Teak floors do not answer well to regular toilet cleaners, so you will also want to go a small out of your way to find unique cleaners for the wooden. These, like the substance alone can be pricy, but they will keep it long lasting for considerably for a longer time, so they are justifiable in that sense.

Teak shower flooring are wonderful if you adore them—but if you worth low-upkeep things in your residence as many of us do, you could want to give these a move. So, what does cleansing a teak flooring entail?

How to Clean a Teak Shower Floor 

The great news, for individuals who truly want these inserts, is that cleaning a teak shower flooring isn’t truly as well difficult if you have the right resources. All you need is your cleaner and a delicate-bristled brush. Even a clean old toothbrush will do.

Pull the inserts out and clean them with the materials described. Then, just clear the rest of the shower and beneath the teak with your regular bathroom cleaner.

How to Polish a Teak Shower Floor 

An crucial piece of keeping your teak shower floor is or would be polishing it often. The wooden is resistant to humidity, but over time, some does get in. Polishing the teak replenishes the oil which is the barrier amongst the moisture and the materials.

If you want to polish your teak shower floor, then you will initial need to thoroughly clean it, pursuing the easy recommendations earlier mentioned. To polish it, nonetheless, you will need to get a particular teak oil polish. You should wait around until the wood is completely dry, so it’s recommended to cleanse it the night before and allow it dry in the morning.

Then, you use a brush to apply the oil. Make sure you have a great volume of coverage but don’t use so significantly that it is working off the wood. Then you need to permit it sit for about two hrs to let the wooden soak up all that oil.

Now, it is time to polish it. Put in some elbow grease and glow it up with a soft aged rag in tiny circles. That glow is heading to explain to you when you need to have to polish the wooden – each time it starts to seem uninteresting, it’s time to strike it once more!

Where Do Teak Shower Floors Come From?

Teak shower floors came from South-East Asia, initially in the location about Sri Lanka. It was used seriously in picket ships due to the fact of its water-resistant and resilient attributes which made it best for the occupation. Of course, today you really do not see numerous wooden ships.

The origins of employing teak for issues in the residence such as a shower floor came about when ships began to be largely constructed out of metal. As the old teak ships have been decommissioned, the wooden was salvaged and used in numerous house things like outdoor furnishings and moist regions in the residence.


It just is dependent on what you are seeking for. If you want something you really don't need to have to often sustain, then teak shower floors might not be your first choice. On the other hand, it is dependent how you think about it. Teak shower flooring are equivalent to vegetation – they insert a real sense of existence to the area but call for some upkeep.

You could consider of it as offering the lovely wood a second existence. It all comes down to what design and style ideologies converse to you. If the routine maintenance is a labor of really like and value is no situation – then you’ll love your teak shower floors! Ideally, this details will assist you arrive to get to the determination that is very best for you.

Highlighted Image Credit: Ekaterina Kolomeets, Shutterstock