The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

Cutting aluminum can be a headache. With no the right tools, you can find your self having difficulties to do even easy cuts really efficiently. Or worse, you may well wreck your workpiece all jointly.

The good news is, we dove into the world of aluminum for you, crafting this write-up that handles almost everything you want to know about cutting this fairly difficult materials. No matter whether you need to have to minimize some sheet aluminum or handle your gutters, this article will give you the info you require to get the job accomplished proper.

Comparison of our Favorite Picks for 2022

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall

The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews
The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews DeWalt DW717 Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • Accurate cutting
  • Easily adjustable
  • Solid fence support
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews Craftsman CMES510 Circular Saw
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Compatible with non-ferrous blades
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews TACKLIFE 10-inch 15-amp Table Saw
  • Powerful
  • Precise
  • Compatible with non-ferrous blades
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews Genesis GES40
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Triple-bladed to reduce distortion
  • Cuts up to 14-gauge metal thickness
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit
  • Versatile
  • Can be used on various materials
  • Great for small spaces and detailed cuts
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews DeWalt DWHT14676 Aviation Snips
  • Clean cuts
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • long cutting life
    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews Milwaukee 48-22-1903 Utility Knife
  • Carbon steel blades
  • Durable construction
  • Easy-to-change blades

    The 7 Best Ways to Cut Aluminum

    1. Miter Saw – Best Overall

    For most assignments, a miter noticed is heading to be the ideal way to reduce aluminum. This equipment provides equally power and accuracy, making certain that you slide via your aluminum simply and speedily. You can use it to lower virtually each and every aluminum substance, such as sheets and gutters. You can also use a miter observed to cut other materials, so it isn’t heading to collect dust in between initiatives. For these factors, it is our preferred approach for slicing aluminum.

    Of system, you will require to do a few preliminary measures to lower aluminum effectively with a miter noticed. You ought to use oil or blade wax to avoid the blades from acquiring clogged. We also advocate double-checking to guarantee you are utilizing the appropriate blades as effectively. Go slowly to guarantee a cleanse-minimize, particularly if you are doing work with thicker aluminum.

    There are a lot of miter saws on the market. Most must be in a position to take care of aluminum. However, if you are in the industry for one particular, we recommend the DeWalt 10-inch sliding compound miter noticed.

    DEWALT 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DW717)

    • Exclusive bevel detent system with 7 positive stops delivers fast accurate repeatable cuts for the 10-inch miter saw blade
    • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 11 positive stops improves productivity and ensures cutting accuracy for the mitre…
    • DEWALT miter saw optimizes cutting accuracy

    • Versatile enough to cut through most aluminum
    • Powerful
    • Minimal setup
    • Safe
    • More expensive than other methods

    2. Circular Saw

    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

    Round saws can cut aluminum. Although the desired approach is a miter saw, if you previously have a circular noticed lying around, there is totally no cause not to use it alternatively. A round noticed will be in a position to reduce through most types of aluminum as long as you do it accurately.

    You can use normal woodworking blades, as long as they have carbide ideas. However, this requires added precautions. The ideas of the blade are probably to appear off, and you really do not want them flying throughout the space. The safer alternative is to decide on a company blade that is especially made to minimize non-ferrous material. Some firms even have distinct blades for slicing through the aluminum alloy.

    You’ll require to lubricate the blade to prevent the blade from grabbing the materials, which can lead to harm. You ought to constantly lubricate the blade no make a difference what sort of blade it is. We recommend observed blade wax sticks for this purpose, as they are the easiest way to achieve this. You will also require to consider other simple precautions as effectively, such as clamping the substance and sporting security.

    For these seeking to acquire a circular saw, we recommend Craftsman Round Noticed.

    CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, 15-Amp (CMES510)

    • High performance motor runs at 5, 500 RPM's for aggressive fast cutting
    • 71/4inches 18T Carbide tipped blade with up to 21/8inches Capacity for 2x material
    • Tool-free BEVELING shoe pivots up to 55 deg. For angled cuts with detents at 22.5 and 45 Degree for ease of use

    • Fast
    • Accurate
    • Non-ferrous blades available
    • Lubrication required

    3. Table Saw

    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

    You can also use a table saw to lower by way of most aluminum. This is not always the greatest approach, but it can work. Desk saws have loads of electricity and precision for most grades of aluminum. Like the other techniques, there are a couple of elements you’ll need to have to keep in thoughts when slicing aluminum with a desk noticed, nonetheless.

    You will require a blade particularly made to cut via non-ferrous metals. If you can get it, select a blade that is exclusively created for aluminum. Numerous companies make these for their table saws, but not all of them do. You must also lubricate the blade whilst you’re chopping. You don’t want the aluminum to stick to your observed blade while you are chopping, as this can be dangerous.

    Even though you are cutting, the aluminum will probably get quite very hot as properly. Aluminum also produces dust, which may possibly be hot from the friction of the blade. You must change off your dust collection program whilst chopping aluminum. You really don't want a very hot piece of aluminum dust landing on your normal sawdust and starting a fire.

    We choose the Tacklife Table Saw for most employs.

    • Blades specifically designed to cut non-ferrous metals available
    • Precise
    • Powerful
    • Can make aluminum very hot

    4. Electric Shears

    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

    The best a few methods are the ideal way to minimize tons of aluminum in a quick amount of time. Nonetheless, if you only want to minimize a bit of aluminum and do not have any of the previously mentioned tools accessible, you can use a pair of electric shears. They’re more affordable than likely out and getting a total table saw, but they even now can reduce by means of aluminum effectively.

    This resource is very adaptable and excellent for creating tiny cuts you can’t do with bigger equipment. They are light-weight and transportable, making them excellent for reducing tiny designs and obtaining the particulars just appropriate. They’re also quite great with uncomfortable angles and in-the-field chopping, where a miter observed may not be appropriate.

    Most electrical shears can work on aluminum up to fourteen-gauge. This should operate for most projects, but it will not be ideal for thicker items of aluminum. You will have to cut little by little with electrical shears as properly, although this can be stated for nearly all resources utilized to cut aluminum.

    The worst part about these equipment is that they depend entirely on your precision. To get a straight line, you are going to require to have a meticulous hand and a effectively-skilled eye. We recommend the Genesis GES40 four. Amp Corded Swivel Head Variable Steel Shears.

    Genesis GES40 4.0 Amp Corded Swivel Head Variable Speed Electric Power Metal Shear, original version

    • Quickly cuts metal roofing, flashing, and other sheet metal up to 14 gauge – Compare the Genesis metal shear to other drill attachment…
    • Powerful 4.0 amp motor
    • 360° swiveling head for cutting control and convenience -cut circles and curves with the Genesis electric metal shear

    • Inexpensive
    • Versatile
    • Works for awkward angles
    • Not accurate
    • Only works on up to 14-gauge aluminum

    5. Dremel Rotary Tool

    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

    If you need precision overpower, then a Dremel tool is the ideal selection for you. There are a couple of distinct approaches you can do this. First of all, you can use a tungsten carbide suggestion blade to drill small holes and get rid of small parts of materials. This is wonderful if you’re concentrated on accuracy above speed. You can also use an attachable observed blade to make cuts. Even so, you’ll need to use the blade at a extremely gradual pace, so you nevertheless will not be doing work quite successfully.

    This instrument cuts by way of aluminum like butter, so that won’t be a dilemma at all. However, they tend to toss off aluminum wildly – a lot more so than the other methods we have pointed out therefore considerably. As a result, you are going to need to have to put on plenty of protecting clothing and goggles. You have to be watchful with this approach, but it is doable with the right precautions.

    This approach is ideal for these who presently have a Dremel or who require to minimize precisely. We recommend the Dremel 561 Multipurpose Slicing Bit in specific for reducing aluminum. It can also lower via plastic, wood, fiberglass, and other resources, creating it a reliable guess for most projects.

    Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit, Medium

    • The product is Spiral Cut Bit
    • Steel shank cutter
    • Cuts wood, plastic, fiberglass, drywall, laminate, aluminum, etc.

    • Precise
    • Plenty of power to cut through aluminum
    • Slow
    • Not best for thicker pieces of aluminum

    6. Aviation Snips

    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

    For those who are reducing thinner sheets and on a serious price range, a established of aviation snips may possibly be loads suitable for your wants. These shears are the tried-and-accurate, “traditional” strategy. They get the job carried out, though they are quite gradual going. These shears are only heading to be as exact as your hand, nonetheless. They call for customers to be quite sluggish with their cuts. This can be a issue for some people, specifically newbies who are a bit far more inexperienced.

    These possibly operate ideal for scaled-down tasks. They can result in your hand to fatigue quite swiftly. You almost certainly aren’t heading to be cutting a great deal of aluminum with these, but they are suitable for chopping a handful of sheets of thinner aluminum.

    A lot of of these shears are shade-coded based on what type of line you are attempting to make. Yellow is typically for straight traces, although environmentally friendly is for cutting to the right, and green is for reducing to the still left.

    Make sure you use gloves when making use of these as nicely given that the steel can be very sharp following it has been reduce. If you require a established of aviation snips, we advocate the DeWalt DWHT14676 Aviation Snip Set 3 pack.

    DeWalt DWHT14676 3-piece ERGO Aviation Snips Set (1-set per Pack)

    • Includes: Straight, Left and Right Ergonomic Aviation Snips
    • 18-22 gauge cutting capacity
    • Serrated cutting edge prevent materials from slipping

    • Inexpensive
    • Suitable for smaller sheets
    • Only as accurate as your hand
    • Fatigues your hand quickly
    • Only suitable for small projects

    7. Utility Knife

    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews

    If you have no other choices, you can lower aluminum with a utility knife. This is one more classical approach that is not very as efficient as other alternatives. Nevertheless, it does perform. All you want is a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Use the knife along some straight edge to rating the aluminum on both sides and then snap it apart.

    As you might envision, this only really performs for some cuts. A lot more comprehensive function is not going to be doable with this method, and you probably are not heading to want to do it too considerably. This strategy isn’t going to work for items like gutters or thicker sheets. Nevertheless, it is the most cost-effective approach if you require to cut straight on a thinner sheet.

    We do not advise this method for individuals who strategy on reducing tons of aluminum. Nonetheless, if you need to minimize a sheet or two in 50 percent, this is a reputable option to attempt. You will need to have a utility knife that is strong adequate and tough adequate to rating aluminum. For this, we advocate the Milwaukee forty eight-22-1903 Fastback 3 Utility Knife.

    Milwaukee 48-22-1903 Fastback Flip Utility Knife with Blade Storage, Press and Flip Opening, 4 Blade…

    • Press and Flip Opening, 4 Blade Storage
    • All Metal Body, Quick Blade Change
    • Gut Hook, Wire Stripper, 6.75" Length

    • Cuts straight lines decently well
    • Not as accurate as other options
    • Some safety concerns
    • Slow

    Buyer’s Guide – What is the Best Way to Cut Aluminium

    Cutting aluminum can be a little bit more difficult than you may consider. This material can be decently sharp when it is freshly lower, which can lead to injuries if you are not cautious. It can also be substantially more difficult to reduce than resources like wood. That is the character of metallic, soon after all.

    Fortunately, you can cut aluminum easily with the correct instruments. There are numerous approaches which we have currently discussed. Of program, deciding on the appropriate technique for you can be noticeably challenging. Beneath, we’ll help you kind out which device and technique would be very best for you.

    Type of Cut

    The variety of reduce issues substantially when you are picking the right approach. Some of these approaches are wonderful for far more sizeable cuts, but cannot execute smaller, a lot more in depth work. Some resources do exactly the reverse. They can do more compact cuts good, but can't efficiently perform far more significant cuts.

    Know the sort of cuts you want to complete when getting your instrument or choosing your strategy. You cannot use a massive noticed to make very small cuts. It just won’t perform. Rather, you are going to require to use a pair of electric powered shears. At the very same time, a pair of electrical shears is not heading to be appropriate for creating many substantial cuts. It would consider much lengthier than it would if you utilised a observed.

    The Thickness of Aluminum

    Most smaller sized instruments are not able to reduce via quite thick aluminum. For that, you are going to require a far more sizeable instrument. If you perform primarily with thinner aluminum, you may be able to get absent with a more compact tool. However, thicker aluminum is heading to require greater saws of some kind (and likely a lot more protection safeguards as well).

    If you operate with aluminum of various thickness, you may possibly need to have to invest in two various equipment or even 3 diverse tools to make all the cuts you want to make effectively and precisely. Luckily, several of these instruments are flexible and can be utilised for other issues as effectively, so you won’t just be paying money to lower aluminum.


    Some of the equipment we described in this write-up are expensive. If you’re planning on utilizing them to cut aluminum, you most likely do not have the price range to go out and acquire a table noticed. However, if you have the cash, then, by all signifies, acquire 1 of the more significant equipment.

    For individuals on a funds, you will almost certainly want to make investments in some smaller sized tool. These are typically inexpensive and can do smaller sized jobs just wonderful. If you aren’t heading to be doing much with aluminum, you probably really don't need to splurge on a miter saw.

    The Best Way to Cut Aluminum – Which Tool to Use? – Top Picks & Reviews


    There are several techniques for cutting aluminum. Typically, the exact same tools you use to lower wooden can be adjusted to reduce aluminum. Miter saws are the go-to alternative for most aluminum cuts. If you require to, you can use a circular saw or desk saw as well.

    For smaller cuts, there are a number of more compact, handheld instruments you can use. Numerous of these are excellent for detailed operate and challenging-to-get to angles. The tool you choose mainly is dependent on what you’re making an attempt to accomplish.