Toyota Sequoia vs. Land Cruiser: Which One’s Best For Me?

If you are making an attempt to decide which automobile to purchase and have narrowed your alternatives down to Toyota Sequoia and Land Cruiser, we can help you decide the automobile that fits your wants best. Although the two of these autos are sophisticated and powerful, some modest distinctions can influence your determination.

Since both of these versions have their benefits and disadvantages, in this post, we will dig a small further and weigh all individuals qualities up to choose which product is the correct one particular for you.

Toyota Sequoia vs. Land Cruiser: At a Glance

Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser side by side
(Left) Toyota Sequoia in the Philippines | Image Credit: Captainmorlypogi1959, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0; (Right) Image Credit: Nikolas Noonan, Unsplash

Toyota Sequoia
  • Family-friendly
  • Comes with more modern features and tech
  • A contemporary yet practical vehicle
  • Can seat up to eight passengers
  • Smooth and comfortable interior
Land Cruiser
  • A dominant off-road car
  • It can handle challenging terrain
  • Leather seats
  • Modern tech, including a bird’s-eye-view camera
  • Can seat up to eight passengers

Overview of the Toyota Sequoia

2023 Toyota Sequoia
2023 Toyota Sequoia | Image Credit: Blueck, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0

Toyota Sequoia is a modern day, 3-row motor vehicle and the company’s largest SUV design. It is excellent for touring due to the fact travellers can vacation with maximum comfort and ease and a lot of legroom in all a few rows. The Sequoia is constructed with a truck-derived composition, consequently, it has decent towing capacity. It has a substantial cargo potential as it can carry up to 120.1 cubic ft of cargo. Since it has a 26.four-gallon fuel tank, it can cover about 448.8 miles of driving ahead of needing refueling.

  • Large cargo area
  • Comfortable and practical
  • Has room for eight people
  • Second-row seats can tilt and slide
  • Great infotainment system
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Lacks “road feel”
  • Cheap-looking interior design

Overview of Land Cruiser

side view of toyota land cruiser
Image Credit: ArtisticOperations, Pixabay

Though the Toyota Land Cruiser has a famous reputation for off-roading, the more recent designs are created to be more magnificent and classy than bold and adventurous. The interior is lined with luxurious leather seating, which provides the vehicle a wonderful physical appearance and tends to make any lengthy-ranged travel amazingly cozy. Even however the Toyota Land Cruiser is a little bit much more costly, it is a one particular-of-a-kind mix of exceptional quality and dependability. According to most evaluations, it has no rivals for off-street encounter and functionality.

  • Exceptional power and durability
  • Superb towing capacity (up to 8,100 pounds)
  • Three-row seats, with a total capacity of eight passengers
  • Extensive safety package
  • Back-row entertainment system
  • Quite expensive
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Small fuel tank

Comparing them side by side


Edge: Sequoia

Both of these two effective SUVs are pretty high-priced. When evaluating their costs aspect by side, the Toyota Land Cruiser commences at a increased cost, although the Toyota Sequoia is far more inexpensive.

Toyota Sequoia Limited 2016
Toyota Sequoia Limited 2016 | Image Credit: RL GNZLZ from Chile, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0


Edge: Tie

When it comes to the warranty of these two vehicles, it is difficult to examine considering that each and every Toyota car arrives with a twelve-month/twelve,000-mile restricted guarantee. Each of these cars will also receive a seven-12 months/a hundred,000 minimal powertrain guarantee. When it comes to a fundamental warranty, it will include all elements and upkeep things for 36 months/36,000 miles.


Edge: Sequoia

Evaluating Toyota Sequoia and Toyota Land Cruiser, their performances are tough to compare considering that both automobiles have robust engines, though the Sequoia has a slight edge. Toyota Sequoia has a sturdy motor that provides clean acceleration. Critics very praise the enhanced automatic transmission. With a sleek-shifting transmission and a sensitive gas pedal, the Sequoia is fairly fast for drives close to city.

The Land Cruiser is geared up with a powerful engine and an automatic transmission with eight speeds. It supplies relaxed driving dynamics in a clean and effectively-planted ride.

Exterior and Interior Design

Edge: Land Cruiser

When we appear at the design of these two automobiles, an vital big difference is that the Sequoia is a a lot larger SUV than the Land Cruiser. Even though the Sequoia is a greater car, its inside layout is a bit considerably less desirable. The Land Cruiser comes with leather-based seating that presents the vehicle excellent comfort and an stylish seem, although the Sequoia’s interior appears a bit plastic and cheap.

rear of toyota land cruiser during winter
Image Credit: Ty Feague, Unsplash

Which one is better for me?

The Sequoia has an impeccable reputation for becoming a family members-friendly SUV. The Land Cruiser is for people searching for a bold and adventurous car, risk-free for far more prolonged travels. In purchase to select amongst these two cars, you need to believe about which elements are most crucial to you. If you are seeking for a modern and magnificent design with higher-top quality leather-based seating, then the Land Cruiser is the automobile for you. On the other hand, if you are hunting to help save some income, and have the biggest SUV product, then the Sequoia is the correct decision.

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Final Thoughts

This write-up went above the most crucial variances in between these two incredible automobiles. Although each SUVs’ are very strong, there are important distinctions when it arrives to their appearance. You will have to decide between these two cars while considering which elements are important to you—a household auto that can provide a relaxed journey geared up with numerous modern day features, or an adventurous vehicle that will provide you with a great off-road knowledge.



Showcased Impression Credit score: (Still left) Toyota Sequoia Constrained 2016 | Picture Credit rating: RL GNZLZ from Chile, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2. Image Credit: pasja1000, Pixabay