What Are Attic Fans? How Do Attic Fans Work?

You have possibly observed that a lot of properties have a admirer related to their roof or gable wall. These attractive followers are referred to as attic fans, and they support your attic remain great, fresh, and dry throughout the year. There are many kinds of attic fans, and every single 1 gives an effective solution that will serve you for more than a decade. They perform by simply pushing humid, stale, and sizzling air out of the attic and drawing in clean air from the outside.

If you are pondering how just these attic fans perform to preserve your attic amazing, maintain reading through the post underneath we consist of an intriguing and beneficial clarification.

How Does It Work?

The goal of an attic enthusiast is to go awesome and refreshing air into your attic, with no windows. This method offers the required ventilation and airflow to your attic as an addition to your HVAC system. The attic enthusiast operates by pushing in the air from the outdoors into your attic and drawing the stale and very hot air exterior through attached dormers.

Attic followers have to be set up in the attic, particularly throughout summertime when temperatures in attics exceed 160°F. Numerous home owners decide to install an attic supporter considering that it is a durable and strength-successful remedy, supplying your attic with all-natural airflow and cooler air.

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What Does an Attic Fan Do?

Attic supporters serve a critical position in maintaining a healthier atmosphere in your attic. In the course of winter times, these air flow methods permit the normal circulation of outside air to enter the attic, maintaining it warm adequate to avoid ice dams from forming on the gutters or the roof. A supporter retains your attic ventilated during summer time days, drawing humid air outside. This is essential for your attic since moist and stale air can trigger a number of issues in your attic, partitions, and roof.

What Are the Different Types of Attic Fans?

Electric Attic Fan

The electrical attic enthusiast is the most generally utilised simply because of its excellent power-successful houses. You can see these enthusiasts installed on roofs or gable walls because they are electric powered, they are hardwired into the electrical technique. The followers are normally connected to a thermostat.

If you set the thermostat to preserve the attic at a certain temperature, the attic supporter will turn on as quickly as the temperature exceeds the environment. The electric powered attic supporter stays off until it wants to work, which will save vitality and funds.

Non-Mechanical Attic Fan

Non-mechanical attic fans are generally identified in older residences, and you could also know them by the identify “gable vents.” These attic followers are set up on the gable wall, which is the attic’s wall in close proximity to the roof’s peak. Even though the enthusiasts are extremely effective at supplying excellent airflow in the highest airspace of the attic, there are sometimes hot spots that form with a lack of air motion. This is why these non-mechanical attic followers are generally paired with other sorts of attic enthusiasts.

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Solar Attic Fan

Solar attic enthusiasts are quite related to electric supporters, except they do not operate on your home’s electrical program but on built-in photo voltaic panels. Given that these supporters run on photo voltaic energy, they generally really don't have a thermostat related and keep turned on as extended as there is daylight to supply them with adequate strength.

If you choose to go for solar attic fans, you will want an unobstructed sunlight resource to provide sufficient electrical power. The solar attic followers could be a bit a lot more high-priced, but they are a fulfilling improve for the long operate, saving you from any future electrical expenses.

Wind-Powered Attic Fan

Wind-driven attic followers are an excellent answer for property owners searching for a lower-cost, passive resolution. They are mounted on the roof, operating without having impacting your expenses. These attic followers are driven fully by wind, which supplies motion to the exterior turbine, major awesome air into the attic. Wind-run attic enthusiasts are much far more reasonably priced than any other attic enthusiast. Although they are considerably less potent, they are nonetheless extremely effective at providing ample airflow into the attic.

Advantages of Attic Fans

There are several helpful qualities of attic fans. These exciting contraptions give your attic adequate airflow and fresh air to preserve a healthier atmosphere. When you allow for organic airflow throughout your attic, you offer cool and new air, which will, in flip, great the temperature during your total property. Installing attic supporters will substantially increase the overall top quality of your residence, decreasing the danger of mildew advancement, wall and roof injury, and hurt to your gutters and shingles throughout winter.

Even though they supply your attic with effective air flow, they nonetheless stand as one particular of the most value-efficient choices. This long-long lasting remedy will keep your roof and attic healthy for a prolonged time.

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Disadvantages of Attic Fans

Even though setting up attic enthusiasts in your residence has solid rewards, some downsides could be considerable. The initial essential point to keep in mind is that for the attic fan to operate correctly, your attic have to have decent insulation. With no adequate insulation, the attic admirer won’t perform as successfully.

Another downside is that these gizmos are inclined to be high-priced relying on the attic supporter you want to put in. If you are installing an electrical or solar-run supporter, you may possibly need to have to commit a lot more money, though you will save energy in the long term.

It is essential to install attic followers correctly to prevent mildew from developing. If your attic followers are not effectively set up, they can turn out to be the entryway for pests, h2o, and even carbon monoxide gasoline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should You Keep Your Attic Fan on During Winter?

Attic enthusiasts have several advantages, which includes maintaining your residence protected throughout wintertime. When your attic turns into way too scorching or humid throughout winter season, with a drastic temperature distinction to the outdoors, snow will start melting on the roof. The problem will occur when that snow drips down your gutters and freezes at a specified stage, creating an ice dam. That is why it is crucial to maintain a awesome attic, even throughout wintertime, with the aid of attic followers.

How Long Do Attic Fans Last?

Attic enthusiasts can have a life span of about fifteen years. For a tough, prolonged-lasting attic admirer, it is vital to bring in an HVAC technician to do any repairs required, clear the supporter shutters, and clean the admirer blades.


Attic followers are superb energy-preserving installments that a lot of homeowners love. These followers are well-liked due to the fact they offer cool and fresh air to your attic, even during the summer. They also support keep a wholesome, mould and ice-totally free attic for the duration of winter, all even though becoming expense-successful. After you put in attic fans, you will not have to be concerned about your month-to-month electrical bills, as attic supporters are effective and dependable remedies.


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