What is a Catalytic Converter? What Does it Do?

Emissions requirements are obtaining more and a lot more rigid all the time. A single important way your automobile controls emissions is via the catalytic converter. All the exhaust from your engine passes via it ahead of exiting the tailpipe.

The catalytic converter is a honeycomb chamber of palladium, rhodium, and platinum. As the exhaust passes through this chamber, a chemical reaction takes place in between the cherished metals and the exhaust. This reaction reduces the volume of nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the exhaust. The last phase in the catalytic converter’s occupation is an O2 sensor that relays how considerably oxygen the gasoline has to your car’s Eu. This allows the engine to change the air-to-gas ratio, thus bettering the emissions top quality.

Your automobile would function without having the catalytic converter. Nonetheless, it is a essential element of the emissions system. Without having it, your automobile will be undertaking critical damage to the environment—especially an more mature automobile. Not only that, but because of exactly where the catalytic converter is situated, the chance of other components of your exhaust system slipping off is higher if you push with out it.

Where is the Catalytic Converter Located?

The catalytic converter is located in different spots dependent on the car, but it is always amongst the motor and the muffler. As a general rule, it is situated approximately one particular-3rd of the way between the two—usually nearer to the engine side.

If you appear below your auto, you will discover one thing that looks almost like a second muffler this is the catalytic converter. On most vehicles, it’s fairly straightforward to access. This ease of entry leads to a higher charge of theft.

Amongst the change of sound and a examine engine gentle, the probabilities are pretty high that you will know as shortly as you fireplace up your automobile if it goes missing. However, being aware of the place the catalytic converter is situated will allow you to rule that out rapidly if you are not sure.

What is a Catalytic Converter? What Does it Do?
Image Credit: Ulianenko Dmitrii, Pixabay

Why is Catalytic Converter Theft a Thing?

Odds are rather large that the catalytic converter possibly won’t use out even if you very own your motor vehicle for a lot more than 10 several years. And plenty of instances it will get also filthy, you can truly buy kits that assist cleanse it out to give it far more life. Theft, on the other hand, is a different story.

Catalytic converter theft is prevalent for two principal reasons. These factors are pretty expensive to replace, so burglars will steal them from autos and then promote them to illegally operated automotive outlets. These stores will then promote them at a reduced expense to men and women who really do not care exactly where the components arrive from.

The other explanation they are eye-catching for burglars is the excessive benefit of the cherished metals they have. These metals can fetch 1000's of pounds on the market place for only ounces of the metallic. Prior to you begin pondering that catalytic converter theft is a good facet hustle, you have to realize the amounts of these metals in the catalytic converters are really modest. You would also need to have a way to extract the metals. It takes a dedicated criminal to make that take place.


Now, you know where the catalytic converter is situated and what it does. It is honestly quite extraordinary that this kind of a seemingly straightforward method can make these kinds of a enormous distinction. Simply by harnessing a organic reaction among exhaust chemical substances and precious metals, researchers have figured out a way to make the air cleaner. And now, with the push into battery-powered automobiles, they are using this even even more!

Highlighted Picture Credit: Ulianenko Dmitrii, Shutterstock