What is a Garden Tub? What You Need To Know!

Just set, a garden tub is further than a standard tub. Backyard garden tubs can appear in all different styles and dimensions. Some of them have jets, and some do not. Even so, their major draw is that they are deeper, which makes it possible for end users to soak in them simpler. With a single of these tubs, you can soak your whole physique in the drinking water.

If you are interested in really soaking in a tub, then you possibly want a backyard garden tub!

Even so, that does not indicate that garden tubs are routinely the greater option out there. They are normally much more pricey and get up far more area, which may make them out of get to for some individuals. You have to have the area and added income on hand to install one particular of these baths.

Outside of this, this garden tub makes use of components that are indistinguishable from any other bathtub. For instance, they have a drain, spout, and faucet—and you can often buy customizable components to go with them. Usually, your typical bathtub hardware can suit on these tubs, which leaves you with a good deal of diverse personalization choices.

Why is it Called a Garden Tub?

Of course, no one particular is leaving these tubs in their backyard these days, so the place did the identify occur from?

Backyard garden tubs originated in eighteenth-century France. Back then, it value a lot of income to have indoor plumbing, so it was generally only a factor in upper-course houses. Typically, the elite would area their big bathtub in close proximity to a window exactly where they could see their garden even though they bathed.

Then, modern day designers stole the nickname and used it to refer to any freestanding tub. Soon after that, it was utilized for only large-end tubs, which have been typically whirlpool tubs. Numerous designers even based their tubs on the old French fashion, with clawfoot tub types and minimalistic alternatives getting quite well-known.

This expression is employed interchangeably with “Roman Tub.”

In all probability, the tubs we have today are not like the historical Roman or French tubs, but the time period has caught.

What is a Garden Tub? What You Need To Know!
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Why Shouldn’t You Get a Garden Tub?

Even though these tubs could seem like a aspiration, there are plenty of motives not to get one particular.


These tubs are really pricey. Typically, they’re considered a luxury item that you possibly are not heading to uncover in the regular house. Consequently, they may not be in your value selection.

Nevertheless, there are some methods you can decrease the price, these kinds of as using more affordable supplies for your tub. With that mentioned, even if you do decide on a cheaper tub, you have to take into account the higher installation value and utility payments as properly. Not only will the tub price a lot more upfront, but it’ll also value more above its lifetime.

What is a Garden Tub? What You Need To Know!
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As a larger tub, you can expect a yard tub to get up significantly much more area than a common alternative. Consequently, you’ll need a more substantial lavatory overall to accommodate these incredibly large tubs. Numerous smaller sized loos simply simply cannot manage it.

You will require to contemplate regardless of whether you are prepared to give up the place in your property for this huge tub. Even if you can in shape it in, is it worth the space?


Yard tubs are not terribly functional. Certain, they allow you soak your total human body in them, which might be comforting. Nevertheless, which is exactly where their practicality finishes.

These tubs are not suited for kids, for instance. They are simply as well challenging, and it’s tough for an grownup to reach into the tub to assist the child bathe. Even more mature youngsters might be unable to use them independently just simply because they simply cannot get in or out. These with mobility troubles can often have difficulties as effectively.

What is a Garden Tub? What You Need To Know!
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Backyard garden tubs are more difficult to place in than your normal tubs. For that reason, you are going to typically spend a lot more income on skilled set up, and you can assume the installation to get a little bit lengthier way too. Most plumbing in the house is basically not designed to accommodate these tubs, so it frequently has to be re-routed, which is a substantial price.

Additionally, this work is more hard to do oneself given that you have to have some understanding of plumbing to attain it.

Why Should I Get a Garden Tub?

While there are plenty of reasons to keep away from garden tubs, there are also a few reasons you could want to get one.


Most yard tub designers have ease and comfort in mind when creating their tub designs. Therefore, these tubs are frequently more comfy to lounge in than standard tubs, making them best for these that like to soak. You can pick from a extensive variety of alternatives too, so there is confident to be anything that you locate relaxed.

Additionally, these tubs allow you to totally submerge in h2o, which is something that other tubs just really do not do.

What is a Garden Tub? What You Need To Know!
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Due to the fact they are far more pricey, these tubs are also of larger quality. They are generally created using much better resources, which may provide in an further design component to your house. There are several various substance options, so you ought to be in a position to decide on one thing that fits the all round design of your property.

In addition, a lot of of these arrive with a lifetime warranty, which ought to make you really feel assured in their longevity. These tubs are genuinely created to very last without end.

Aesthetically Appealing

On leading of experience extremely cozy, these tubs are also stunning to look at. A backyard garden tub can simply be the focal point of your bathroom, making an inviting room that you want to devote time in. These tubs are deluxe and can actually brighten up a bathroom.

In addition, these tubs also add really a bit of resell value—not just since they are comfortable, but they also make bathrooms look relatively wonderful.

What is a Garden Tub? What You Need To Know!
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Are Garden Tubs Outdated?

While garden tubs have been about for a extremely extended time, they are not out-of-date. Some of the distinct designs have altered. You will uncover that yard tubs tend to be a little bit more minimalist today. Nonetheless, they nonetheless insert fairly a little bit of resell worth to a home, even if they have an more mature design.

Of system, it does rely on the sort of yard tub you have. Some can be a little bit too significantly for the modern day market. If you have a single that appears like it was plucked out of the 80s, you might not uncover a lot resell price there.

Nevertheless, freestanding, clawfoot garden tubs are nonetheless really well-liked these days.


Yard tubs are essentially just oversized tubs that allow you to soak in them entirely. Nevertheless, these tubs are also focal factors in a toilet owing mainly to their large measurement. They ooze luxury and appear in numerous good quality types.

Nevertheless, that does not indicate that they are routinely a greater decision. They consider up a good deal of place, so you have to think about whether or not you really want to devote that considerably space to a bathtub. In addition, they also value far more money than other tubs and require more set up time.

Nevertheless, if you want to soak and relax in a bathtub, it doesn’t get a lot greater than this!

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