What is Good Mileage for a Used Car? What You Need To Know!

There are many factors to purchase a used vehicle. A important reason is to keep away from the depreciation strike that transpires as before long as a model new car is driven off the whole lot. Another would be to preserve money on a second car, probably. Other than wondering if there is anything naturally mistaken with the automobile, numerous men and women question how numerous miles it has on it. But what would be very good mileage for a employed automobile?

Good or Acceptable Mileage

The standard rule of thumb accepted by most mechanics or vehicle product sales experts is the “12,000 miles for every calendar year rule.” In essence, this implies that you multiply the age of the automobile by twelve,000.

For instance, if you are hunting at getting a 2010 automobile, then your method would be as follows:

  • 12 (age of car) X 12,000 (miles per year) = 144,000 miles.

This would be regarded as the average variety of miles you would count on to see on the vehicle in issue. This is not a exact system, but if you see that the used automobile has in excess of two hundred,000 miles right after performing the math, then you know that it has a lot higher than average mileage.

Maintain in head that larger or decrease than common mileage doesn’t necessarily imply a very good or negative deal. Other elements enjoy into an appropriate mileage on a utilized vehicle.

What is Good Mileage for a Used Car? What You Need To Know!
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How Much Mileage is Too Much?

There are many aspects that figure out no matter whether larger than regular mileage is an appropriate chance. A couple of of these elements to be informed of are freeway mileage vs. city mileage, all round maintenance of the motor vehicle, and brand name.

Highway Mileage vs. City Mileage

Generally speaking, freeway driving is less difficult on automobiles in comparison to town driving. With highway driving, there isn’t a good deal of stop-and-go in contrast to town driving. Also, there is usually a lot of idle time in town driving, which is truly not good for most automobiles.

So if the majority of mileage on a vehicle was from highway driving, then there likely was not as much difficult put on on the vehicle.

Overall Maintenance

Several individuals are reactive in correcting their automobiles. That is that they repair something when it breaks down or needs to be replaced. If a proactive method is taken and the manufacturer’s advisable routine maintenance and replacements are all accomplished on plan. Then, often, a car can reliably last much longer than the regular.


Some makes have a track record for making prolonged-long lasting cars. Two examples are Honda and Toyota. Both are known to make autos that last considerably lengthier than average. Nevertheless, even when hunting at these varieties of brands, it’s nevertheless crucial to make sure correct upkeep was carried out.

What is Good Mileage for a Used Car? What You Need To Know!
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Could Low Mileage be Bad?

As a basic rule, low mileage is not a poor thing. If offered a decision between the identical two vehicles, the a single with the lower mileage will usually be the best selection. Even so, this is not often the scenario. Occasionally, the low mileage is lower for adverse factors.

It is achievable to change the odometer in a vehicle—illegal just about everywhere, but attainable. By accessing the historical past report of a vehicle, often you will be in a position to figure out if the odometer looking through is precise by way of a little bit of detective function. One more way to do this would be to have a mechanic seem at it. A trained eye will frequently be in a position to choose things out that could reveal an inaccurate odometer.

One more instance exactly where low mileage could not be great is if the motor vehicle has been in a significant accident. It could nonetheless be operable, but it could be beginning to have troubles due to the fact of the incident, and now the existing owner is making an attempt to offer it. Suppose you find a reasonably new employed motor vehicle with reduced miles for an unusually minimal cost. In that situation, this can sometimes show that the whole tale is not getting shared.


So you see, there is no 1-dimensions-suits-all answer to this query. Nevertheless, armed with an common system for judging mileage, you are armed with sufficient expertise to make an informed selection. If there is at any time any question when buying a used motor vehicle, often have a trusted automotive mechanic search at it. Any vendor with practically nothing to hide will not object to getting a expert go over the auto to make a sale.

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