What is Mango Wood? Properties, Characteristics & Uses

As a house owner, selecting long-lasting wooden for development, furniture, and other property styles is essential. Sadly, most people rarely consider other hardwood trees apart from oak, maple, and cypress. If you fall in this category, you need to take into account using mango wood. Though famously acknowledged for its fruit, this hardwood tree can be used in building.

Mango wooden, which goes by its scientific identify, Mangi Indica, normally grows in tropical places exactly where the temperatures are not as well chilly. It grows productively in places this sort of as Asia, Mexico, and Australia. A single of the factors you ought to consider employing mango wood instead of oak, maple, and mahogany is that it takes only 7–15 years to mature totally. It also has a special sample that can make it interesting when utilized to make furniture.

In this write-up, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this wooden, like the qualities, qualities, and uses of mango wood that can make it a wonderful selection in construction and home furniture-producing. Let us dive in!

The 5 Properties of Mango Wood

Mango wood is excellent for design and household furniture since of its distinctive homes, most of which are well-known with other hardwoods.

1. Appearance

When compared to other hardwoods, the visual appeal of mango wood is quite special. When unprocessed, it has a dark brown outer bark. When utilised in its unprocessed sort, the home furniture has a tough golden brown look. On the other hand, the inner component is paler than the exterior and seems to be a lighter shade of pink/ brown.

2. Grain

Most of the time, mango wood has irregular spaced dim spots and traces that are constant all through the area of the wooden. These styles constitute the grain, which is exclusive to mango wood and is hardly ever found in other hardwoods.

3. Toxicity Levels

There are no described situations of deadly poisoning from mango wooden, unlike Rosewood and Teak, which can cause nausea and bronchial asthma when inhaled. The toxicity levels are really low and only direct to irritation in delicate pores and skin.

However, get in touch with with the sap or uncooked bark can consequence in dermatitis, discomfort, swelling, and blistering. To avoid this, the wooden ought to be processed prior to being utilised for development.

4. Hardness

Since it ranks 1070 on the Janka hardness scale, mango wood is regarded as a soft hardwood. It is at the very same degree as black cherry wooden and ash wood, generating it ideal for creating durable furnishings. Despite the fact that it is difficult to form and reduce because of to its hardness scale, it is one particular of the softest hardwoods, generating it suitable for development.

5. Colour

Mango wooden has a golden brown core or heartwood. Nonetheless, it could be a pink or pale red, at times accompanied by black or brown streaks.

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The 3 Characteristics of Mango Wood

Some of the Mango wooden traits that make it best for building consist of durability, lower servicing, and a lower maturity period. Here’s a swift overview of these qualities.

1. Durability

Because mango wood is a hardwood, it can go for a long time with no obtaining damaged, creating it resilient when compared to other hardwoods such as Ashwood and Oak. It also does not use out speedily and ages wonderfully, so your furniture will look very good soon after several years of use. This mango wood attribute is why numerous home owners favor to use it.

2. Water-Resistant

To a huge extent, mango wood is h2o-resistant, generating it best for generating an outdoor deck, lavatory furnishings, flooring, and any other outside furnishings. Polishing the wooden tends to make it a lot more drinking water-resistant.

3. It Has a Short Maturity Period

Not like hardwood trees such as oak, which get a lot more than twenty a long time to experienced, mango wood only requires a number of many years.

If you are involved about the affect of growth, tree slicing, and CO2 emissions and are considering likely green, then this is an outstanding choice for you. Mango wooden trees are reduce down after they have stopped bearing fruit and get to virtually twenty meters, which requires about fifteen many years.

Mango wood is primarily grown for the fruits, so it can have a number of utilizes instead of planting the trees solely for wooden.

The 7 Uses of Mango Wood

As opposed to some hardwoods these kinds of as oak, mango wood is pretty effortless to carve and shape, making it great for generating household furniture and house decor. Some of the leading utilizes of mango wood consist of:

1. Outdoor Furniture

Employing mango wood to make outside furnishings is a perfect shift owing to its drinking water-resistant good quality. It decreases the probabilities of the benches, picnic tables, and other outside household furniture obtaining waterlogged and building rot.

2. Large Furniture

Mango wooden is quite mild for hardwood and is excellent for making big pieces because transferring them is simpler. Beds, dining tables, and exhibit parts made from mango wooden are also aesthetically satisfying. It is also an superb expenditure since it’s certain to very last longer than other wooden kinds.

3. Doors and Window Frames

Your entrance door and window panes make a significant effect on the standard physical appearance of the property. Employing mango wooden ensures that the doors have a unique color and unique sample, making them stand out.

4. Kitchen Accessories

The hardness and density of mango wooden make it best for producing chopping boards, bowls, serving trays, and salad serves. It is also perfect for creating kitchen area counter tops because of to its longevity and drinking water resistance.

5. Musical Instruments

Mango wooden is simple to form and can be utilized to make musical instruments this sort of as flutes and guitars. The longevity of mango wooden also signifies that they are guaranteed to very last a long time with out harm.

6. Flooring

Given that its h2o resistance, mango wood can be manufactured to make each outside and indoor flooring. You ought to, even so, note that it is not lengthy-lasting when used for flooring.

7. Veneers

Mango wood is utilised as a veneer for items produced from lower-top quality wood to give them a large-quality hardwood search. The reason for performing this is to enhance the appearance of reduced-high quality household furniture.

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The 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Mango Wood

Not sure whether mango wood is best for you? Here’s why you must contemplate it:

1. It is Affordable

Since mango wooden is sustainable and largely grown as a fruit tree, it is more affordable than other hardwoods. Most farmers offer it to distinct land to plant a new batch of mango trees, and you can obtain 1-inch-thick mango wood for as reduced as $5. Also, as soon as the tree is felled, it does not require much processing, reducing generation fees.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

The grain and shade of the mango wood are extremely distinct, which helps make the furniture stunning. Also, furnishings with a organic pale purple or pink shade stands out in any setting.

3. Low Maintenance

In contrast to most softwoods and some hardwoods, mango wood does not require pricey processing. Cleaning is also quite simple, particularly after it’s polished and waxed all you have to do is move a moist fabric on the furniture’s surface.

4. Stains Well

Mango wood is an outstanding substance to use if you intend to stain your décor or furniture. It responds wonderfully to wooden staining, highlighting its organic shade and defining its most pleasing patterns. Also, the truth that it is densely grained implies it can be polished nicely.

5. Has a Vintage Look

Its mottled and curly grain sample can make mango wooden seem light, excellent for producing antique-hunting home furniture. Any parts produced from this wood search straight out of the Victorian region.

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Common FAQs on Mango Wood

Is it difficult to properly care for mango wood?

No. On the opposite, when compared to other types of wooden used in furnishings-producing, caring for mango wooden is relatively simple.

Do termites attack mango wood?

Termites assault most unprocessed wood, and mango wooden is not an exception to this. To avoid your home furniture from being attacked by termites, deal with and wax it before employing it.

Are there any drawbacks when using mango wood?

As with other hardwoods, there are a handful of downsides when using mango wood. For one particular, it is hugely probably to get dehydrated during dry temperature when this happens, the household furniture can form cracks and split easily. It is also inclined to assault from fungus and triggers skin irritations and allergies for these with sensitive skin.

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Final Thoughts

Making use of mango wood for building may well be the most cost-effective alternative if you live in a tropical region. Furnishings produced from mango wooden is tough and can previous numerous generations. It is also an eco-pleasant decision since farmers harvest mango wooden soon after seven to fifteen years.

Mango wooden can also be shaped and carved very easily in accordance to certain recommendations and tastes. The simplicity of shaping paired together with the exclusive aesthetic elegance of household furniture from mango wood makes it a popular selection.



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