What Is Passive Solar Heating? How Does It Work?

Passive Solar Heating is an superb strength-productive heating strategy that doesn’t require pricey solar panels or boilers on your roof. It employs the sun’s power for heating by using benefit of the weather, resources, and constructing site to reduce power use. That is why you need to feel about the layout and supplies you will use for your house.

Passive photo voltaic heating does not generate greenhouse gasses, so it is a great choice for each you and the surroundings. Residences developed with this heating strategy are normally bright and warm, which boosts convenience. We’ll give you with data and information about passive photo voltaic heating, alongside with the rewards and down sides. With any luck ,, this article will support you to familiarize oneself with passive solar heating and probably even select it as a heating technique for your property.

How Does Passive Solar Heating Work?

You want to achieve several different steps for passive photo voltaic heating to perform. Here’s what you ought to know about passive photo voltaic heating programs and their functionality.

Energy efficiency

For a home to be made for passive photo voltaic heating, you want to make investments in energy effectiveness. 1st of all, the property should be properly insulated and have properly-sealed home windows and doors. The residence wants to be sealed to be a lot more resistant to air leakage to keep the warmth inside of. Properly-sealed home windows and doors will allow scorching air to remain inside the residence relatively than be unveiled outside. Correct insulation can preserve up to 20% of your property heating costs.


The place of the home windows is vital for passive solar heating to function appropriately since they act as collectors.  That’s why it is very best to have huge, south-experiencing windows that will let sunlight to enter your residence. That way, they will soak up the most sunlight in the course of chilly months. If it’s summer and the residence feels too heat, you can set up shades or other coverings for cooling.

If you dwell in a colder spot with constrained sunlight exposure, it may be far better to have tilted glass this kind of as skylights. That will assist you accumulate more sunlight than regular windows.

We pointed out that the windows ought to be effectively sealed, and a normal window kind for passive photo voltaic types are triple-glazed home windows. Your home windows must have 6 hours of undisturbed gentle publicity for suitable heating. The area amongst glazing levels will help stop heat decline.

Thermal Mass

Another crucial issue for passive photo voltaic heating is thermal mass. Thermal mass signifies surfaces that sustain warmth these kinds of as stone, brick, or concrete. It absorbs light-weight and retains heat, which will make your home warmer throughout the cold months. When the sun is brilliant, the thermal mass will soak in the warmth and transfer it into your residence. It’s best to go for a thermal mass material which is darker in colour simply because dim colours take in far more sunlight. The thermal mass will stabilize the temperature in your home and make it relaxed during winter season.

Distribution and air circulation

For passive photo voltaic heating to perform without having troubles, you need to have to ensure that your air circulation is operating well. Heat is transferred to your property by convection, conduction, and radiation. Effectively created passive photo voltaic heating houses will not need any unit for air circulation because the design will enable air to circulation through the property, but you could also have tiny enthusiasts and blowers to support you distribute warmth through the property if required. Air circulation will also deliver new air with minimum heat loss into the house.

Control of the temperature

Yet another vital step for passive photo voltaic heating to operate is managing the temperature. Since the temperature in houses that use passive photo voltaic heating depends on the outdoors temperature, you need to have some changes to assist with temperature administration. Which is why you need to have to have roof overhangs that are properly sized or other digital-sensitive units that manage heating. Also, you can established up shades on home windows when you need to have cooling during hotter months.

To sum it up, these are the five elements of a passive solar design:
  • Collector
  • Absorber
  • Thermal mass
  • Distribution
  • Control

What’s the difference between active and passive solar systems?

Active and passive solar techniques are completely different. Even though lively solar systems need to have a unit that will convert the sun’s energy into usable energy, passive photo voltaic methods do not need to have any sort of gadget. Energetic photo voltaic techniques are trustworthy on a unit, whereas passive photo voltaic techniques count on the home’s design. So the success of passive solar heating depends on the thermal mass and orientation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of passive solar heating?

Passive solar heating has a good deal of rewards, but of system, it has some flaws as properly. If you’re thinking about passive solar heating for your property, you should be common with the professionals and disadvantages of the complete method. Under you can uncover the positive aspects and drawbacks of passive photo voltaic heating methods.


Passive Solar Heating Setup

Not like energetic photo voltaic heating techniques, passive photo voltaic heating performs with no any equipment. It relies only on the home’s style, and as a result, the first set up for passive photo voltaic heating will price considerably less than energetic solar heating programs. You won’t want to buy any specific gadgets, and as prolonged as your property is properly created, the heating ought to be functioning without any issues.

Value savings

You will currently preserve a great deal more income on passive photo voltaic heating methods than on energetic ones simply because you do not need to have to get any units. Also, as soon as the passive solar design and style is set up, your vitality usage will be reduced by twenty five% or much more. Your electricity payments will be decrease, even though your property will be warm during the cold months.

Promotes renewable strength

Passive solar heating methods advertise renewable vitality, which is our future. Your home will be warm and lovely while significantly impacting the atmosphere all around you. Passive photo voltaic heating methods depart no carbon footprint, so it is an superb heating answer that promotes photo voltaic vitality in its best sort.


Demands professional setup

House layout is the most crucial point when environment up passive solar heating. That’s why you will have to include pros to develop the design and style and setup. That may well be dear, but they know the ideal methods to make the most out of the design for your passive photo voltaic heating methods to operate appropriately.

Efficiency is dependent on the weather

The efficiency of passive solar heating systems relies upon on the weather conditions. This can be a drawback due to the fact it can be cold inside if your house isn’t acquiring enough sunlight because of to the temperature. Also, if your residence is acquiring also significantly daylight, there can be an overheating problem. That’s why you must constantly take into account the local climate you dwell in when environment up passive solar heating systems.

No immediate heat

Given that passive photo voltaic programs soak up the sunshine to warmth the residence, the heat won’t be quick. It will take some time for daylight to achieve the residence and unfold through it to warmth it. So if you are searching for a quick heating solution, passive solar heating might not be for you.

How much does passive solar heating cost?

There is no immediate cost of passive photo voltaic techniques simply because they rely on the home’s layout. The value can vary dependent on the windows you choose, thermal mass material, and other design elements. So, the best way to locate out the cost is to feel about the style and seek the advice of with an professional to give you an estimate when you decide how you would like the property to look as soon as completed. They will offer you with all the details, along with design and style possibilities you can decide on from.

Is passive solar heating popular?

Passive photo voltaic heating is becoming much more and far more well-liked, but there are folks who nevertheless haven’t read of it. There’s no question that once we elevate consciousness about the positive aspects of passive solar heating, folks will start using this heating program more. Until finally then, try to educate by yourself and other individuals about this amazing eco-friendly residence heating strategy.


Passive solar heating is a exclusive program developed to help you lessen charges, preserve strength, and heat your residence. There is no need to have for expensive gadgets and products, and all you require is a sustainable property design that suits into passive solar heating needs.

So if you’re contemplating heading solar, try out the passive solar heating method in addition to an lively solar heating program. You are going to be amazed when you see how properly the system features and how much cash you will preserve on expenses.

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