What is Purpleheart Wood? Properties, Characteristics & Uses

Purpleheart wooden is an unique hardwood species that is widely utilized for a variety of indoor and outdoor initiatives. It is praised for its dense characteristics and gorgeous purple colors, making it a favourite lumber species on the market. Its unique qualities make this wooden special and great for crafting assignments this sort of as musical devices.

Since it is hugely resilient and sturdy, it is also exceptional for household furniture and flooring. Let’s search at some a lot more makes use of and qualities beneath.

What is Purpleheart Wood?

Purpleheart wood—often referred to as amaranth, violet wood, and peltogyne—is tropical hardwood originating from central and South The us. It thrives in tropical climates, most generally in the Amazon rainforest but also in the tropical locations of Central The usa. It is popular for its spectacular purple hue, which starts as pale gray but progresses into deep, eggplant-purple as the wood ages.

This tropical hardwood has been utilised for many years just because of its amazing power and longevity. Purpleheart wooden is so sturdy and durable that it is considered to be one of the very best on the market when it arrives to density.

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Purpleheart Wood Properties


The grain pattern of purpleheart is generally straight, even though there are situations when it is wavy or interlocking. The neat and straight grain designs make this type of wood excellent for flooring, partitions, and household furniture.


The heartwood of purpleheart is grayish-purple and brown when freshly lower, but within a handful of days, the color changes to deep purple. The older the tree gets, the darker the coloration is, so you can normally arrive throughout a dim brown wooden with only hints of purple. You can reduce the modifications in coloring by using a UV inhibiting complete, as repeated UV publicity can also impact the wood’s shade.


Purpleheart is extremely tough and excellent at resisting rot and decay. Even however purpleheart is excellent at repelling insects this sort of as pests and termites, it can be vulnerable to maritime borers.


Purpleheart has excellent density and toughness. Its hardness is very best measured using the Janka scale, which offers purpleheart a rating of 1860.


Purpleheart wood is a little bit challenging to function with. It leaks a sticky, gummy resin that can clog resources and produce further complications when using resources that minimize and heat the wood.


Even though purpleheart wooden allergic reactions are unusual, some reactions may possibly arise, these kinds of as eye and pores and skin irritations or nausea.

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Purpleheart Wood Characteristics

Scientific name: Peltogyne spp
Family: Fabaceae
Wood type: Tropical Hardwood
Origin: Tropical rainforests of Mexico and southern Brazil
Color: Brownish-purple
Tree height: 100–170 feet
Tree trunk diameter: 3–5 feet
Average weight when dry: 56 lbs
Janka hardness rating: 1860

What is Purpleheart Wood Used For?

Purpleheart wood is highly praised on the lumber marketplace since of its longevity, exotic origin, and visible charm. Purpleheart wooden is frequently used to manufacture tough household furniture, paneling, and flooring. It’s also employed for structural components this kind of as columns, arches, industrial flooring, heavy building, and even in boat manufacturing. Purpleheart is a extremely in-demand from customers wood, even however it remains expensive, with prices growing constantly.

This tropical hardwood is also quite valued for crafting musical instruments, these kinds of as acoustic guitars or violins, however it is not that widespread in that sector.

Some other purpleheart wood common uses include:
  • Tool handles
  • Decorative veneers
  • Indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Bridge-building
  • Heavy outdoor construction projects
  • Stairways

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Final Thoughts

Purpleheart is an desirable unique hardwood that is very functional and useful in use. It can provide as structural assistance but can also be manufactured into musical instruments and other specialty wood merchandise. Purpleheart wooden is well-known for its fine texture and wonderful purple hues, producing it a favored unique lumber for resilient furniture. Its houses make it high-priced on the market, but quite well-liked even so.



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