What is the Best Wood for Bending? (With Pictures)

Wooden bending can be a tiresome method, and not each woodworker will find pleasure in it. Nevertheless, some extraordinary assignments and patterns can be created with wooden bending. The actuality is that nearly all wooden can be bent with one particular approach or yet another. As a common rule, you will want to locate a hardwood with a straight grain and reasonable density. The method you are bending with will determine the best hardwood.

Under we will record a few typically used hardwoods in wooden bending. Then we will go above a pair of frequent inquiries encompassing this distinctive and aged exercise.

The 3 Best Woods for Bending


What is the Best Wood for Bending? (With Pictures)
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There are a assortment of various species of oak trees, but overall it is a easily available hardwood. Crimson oak arrives in as 1 of the most frequently utilized types of wood for all wood bending. Not only is it very simple to get, but it is also moderately priced. Due to the fact it is usually mass processed, it usually requires a good deal of abuse when becoming kiln-dried. Make sure you examine your piece meticulously to make sure there are no defects.

A close follower in popularity for oak wooden is white oak. Although not quite as frequent as the pink assortment, it is still fairly straightforward to get. One particular common complaint is cracking, which is more than very likely an situation with drying. This highlights the relevance of appropriate drying for any pieces being utilized for wood bending.


What is the Best Wood for Bending? (With Pictures)
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White ash is a wonderful wood to use when steam bending because of to how properly it bends. When bent, white ash maintains its power. As this sort of, it is frequently employed in purposes that will get a little bit of abuse, this sort of as hockey sticks or snowshoes.

Like any other wood, you want to make positive you choose parts that have as couple of imperfections as possible such as knots or cracks. If you use kiln-dried parts, give added focus to this inspection approach. Select high quality parts, so you are are not dealing with breakage in the middle of a massive venture.


What is the Best Wood for Bending? (With Pictures)
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Even though hickory is typically employed in wooden bending, it can be a wonderful encounter or a terrible one particular. This is owing to there currently being several subspecies of hickory that fluctuate wildly in their bendability. Some are wonderful to work with and yield nicely when steamed, whereas other individuals are incredibly stubborn. These other folks can sometimes just take more pressure than your jig or bending procedure is all set for.

Different Types of Wood Bending

There are a number of strategies to achieve wooden bending. Some ways are reserved for an advanced DIYer or professional, although other people are simple to learn and do safely. These are the most frequent three techniques of wooden bending:

  • Water: Out of all the ways to bend wood, using water is the most beginner-friendly method. With water, the pieces of wood cannot be overly thick, though. The wood fibers need to be able to soften with soaking.
  • Steam: Like water, steam is also very common, but it requires a little more know-how and a more advanced setup. Board thickness is not as critical with steam because hot steam seems to penetrate the wood more easily.
  • Kerf-Cutting: Unlike the other two methods mentioned, kerf-cutting doesn’t require water or steam. All you need is an adjustable circular saw and wood glue. The downside to kerf-cutting is you are a little bit more limited to the type of bending you can do. But for many applications, it’s an excellent option.

Inspecting and Preparing Wood for Bending

There are two primary issues to seem for when selecting wooden parts for bending. The 1st is spending attention to the tannins in the wood. If you are working with a high-tannin wood, it will most likely discolor at the position in which it bends. This may not be a big deal, but it could be a determining issue in your wooden selection, relying on the preferred result.

The other critical issue to contemplate is the moisture content material in the wood. Ideally, you want the wood you are working with to have a moisture content material of about 20%–30%. The only way to accurately get this data is with a wood moisture meter. These equipment can be bought at most developing centers or many places on the internet.


If you choose to try your hand at wooden bending, you will quickly realize that it is an art. It’s completely attainable that your very first handful of attempts will not function how you intend them to. But if you stick with it and discover the craft, you will be on your way to making some spectacular woodworking creations.

Numerous how-to videos are offered on-line that will give you phase-by-stage directions on a variety of techniques. When finding out these new strategies, shell out specific interest to the protection suggestions that are created as wood bending can include some more unsafe elements as considerably as equipment and chemicals go.

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