What Is The Best Wood For Countertops? (With Pictures)

Any individual pondering about reworking their kitchen area has doubtlessly appeared at their aged, worn-out countertops and questioned which substance would be a deserving replacement. As far as wooden goes, there is no one ideal wooden most suitable for countertops. The great news is that numerous sorts of wood can make lovely, durable countertops.

Stone countertops have turn into quite well-liked, but you shouldn’t neglect what wood counters have to supply. From richly grained maple, gorgeously red cherry, enduringly traditional oak, and more, there are plenty of options for any kind of kitchen aesthetic.

The 6 Best Types of Wood For Countertops

1. Walnut

Often disregarded, walnuts have some of the finest coloration versions in the wooden planet. Some walnut is a prosperous golden hue, whilst other individuals are nearly indistinguishable from ebony. Regardless, walnut counter tops can perfectly enhance any kind of kitchen. Use darkish walnut for a far more up to date aesthetic or go classic walnut for a much more quaint feel.

Unlike softer woods like pine and maple, walnut is really durable and will previous a extremely extended time if taken treatment of. Supplied you really do not minimize directly on the counters, walnut will only call for periodic oiling and resealing in places that grow to be worn or broken.

2.  Maple

What Is The Best Wood For Countertops? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Lisaphotos195, Pixabay

Maple is a single of the most common alternatives for wood counters, and it is not challenging to see why: maple is an affordable wooden that goes with practically anything. The light, refreshing tones of maple shine by means of whether or not you choose curly maple slabs that demonstrate off knots or hard slabs with distinct grain.

Maple is reasonably durable, especially considering its moderate pricing. It is not the hardest wooden out there, but it’ll final as extended as any costly wood if you handle it properly. If you just require something inexpensive that won’t just take also much consideration absent from current focal details, maple is just the wood for you.

3. Cherry

Cherry is considered a high-stop wood for any variety of project, and counters are no exception. Per square foot, cherry is the most pricey sort of wooden for counters, but it is also one of the most sturdy. Cherry has an innate luster that tends to make it the focus of any place, so you may wish to have an island with a cherry counter whilst, say, maple tends to make up your primary countertop room.

No matter whether you’re making use of it liberally or sparingly, cherry will brighten up any kitchen area. In contrast to more affordable woods like pine, you really do not have to worry about harming cherry and can count on it to very last at the very least a 10 years or two.

4. Hickory

Hickory is the single hardest domestic hardwood in North The us, which earns it a spot on this list. Lighter sapwood hickory has an appearance related to maple, even though darker heartwood or aged hickory has a quite dark, rustic feel excellent for a farmhouse kitchen. If your kitchen area sees a great deal of hard use, you must absolutely consider going with hickory counters.

What else can we say? Hickory is extremely tough, not prone to water damage, and resists scratches and gouges much better than any other wooden out there. If supreme sturdiness is what you are looking for in a countertop surface area, begin seeking into hickory.

5. Oak

What Is The Best Wood For Countertops? (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels

Oak is the 2nd-hardest wooden, behind hickory, and is a classic household staple recognized for its longevity. From richly dark pink oak wood to lighter maple-esque white oak, not to mention aged oak, you have mild and dim options that can suit any sort of kitchen area. Consider mixing and matching oaks, too, and possessing equally white and purple counter tops for diverse parts of the kitchen area.

Oak is a fantastic match for a naturalistic kitchen with a lot of greens or blues, specifically if you pair it with a moderately darkish hardwood ground. Oak is normally heat, so you are going to want to offset that with some cooler tones.

6. Iroko

Iroko is an African import, so it arrives at a increased price tag tag than other entries previously mentioned. Nonetheless, iroko is an incredibly special wooden that commences as a mild golden colour, then as it matures it turns into a darkish bronze reminiscent of teak. To speed up the transformation, standard oiling is necessary.

Iroko has a in a natural way large oil material, like teak. This makes it quite water-resistant even before it is sealed. Iroko’s declare to fame is its fascinating grain, which seems to interlock. Each piece of iroko timber has a distinctive grain pattern, which is part of the wood’s charm.

Stone vs. Wood For Countertops: Which Is Better?

Although stone countertops will by no means die since of their toughness, wooden is a price-efficient and gorgeous content in its own correct. While neither wood nor stone is essentially the best of all alternatives, they every have pros and cons that are worth thinking about when you remodel your kitchen area.

Wood Pros Wood Cons Stone Pros Stone Cons
Easy to install, can be DIY’d Less heat-resistant than stone Unmatched durability Very heavy
Easily stained to change or accent the natural wood grain Easy to mark, scratch, or gouge with knives Heat-resistant Difficult to install and requires a professional
Antibacterial Light woods stain very easily Can last 25+ years Gets cold very easily


There are so numerous different sorts of wood with varying qualities that you are specific to uncover one that suits your kitchen area and your eyesight for its future. From hardy hickory, wealthy cherry, and unique iroko, a picket countertop can be just the issue to quickly reinvigorate a boring, boring kitchen area.

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